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  1. Welp, we're last in the table lol, the only server with forfeits, that's saying something... Lol we need more people in this server or it's going to end up like Zatoishwan..
  2. Yo, not gonna lie we legit got destroyed, so many stupid mistakes, apologies, we'll try to up our game on Wednesday! Thanks to everyone that made it, means something! <3 good luck to everyone, try to have fun, don't take it serious, not like we're gonna advance to top 16 with a throwaway team lol. <3
  3. 2 days left, still no training gg
  4. hhhhhh who said that rosal has a chance of doing better than rushu in goult? I'm actually rooting for rushu cus it's the only international server that has a chance you idiot lol.
  5. Isn't he also main xel? rip rushu he's just gonna dq his team rip. Potato boy has done it again!
  6. You'd make some great memes man.
  7. Yo guys, I just added up the amount of spell points I need to level all my spells to 6, and I need exactly 147, any lending hand that would like to volunteer please? Much appreciated. Due date : 18th 11:59 pm dofus time. -Kabaym
  8. All good :o
  9. Ianthe where did you find that? Link pls?
  10. Congratz to all that made it yay, now, are we going to figure the team compos? We don't have much time guys...
  11. Right, this will be even funnier if you understood french, but basically the rogue was trolling. Then the sac in the other team decided to swap unmovable panda, the rogue noticed it and then after 10 secs forgot about it and failed, lmao it starts at 19:46
  12. LOL i just got to the part where he destroyed the team with 15ap rip. Btw rogue could've killed the eliotrope ez idk why he didn't.
  13. This thread is full of nice memes. jk but tbh it's actually pretty cool that you guys have a lot of option and are discussing the voting and everything, meanwhile in rosal, we almost didn't make it into goult cus we were missing masq but fixed it last second, lel send help.
  14. Time to class change back LOL.