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  1. Well said Dan. I'll make sure others to read it aswell if they haven't yet. In my opinion this is the 2nd worst update of them after 1.29.. -> 2.0.. I can't believe that they think it makes sense to force everyone to grind and pvm all the time "just to obtain their spells". I've heard that they abandoned this unnecessary update. If so, it's perfect. Although if they release it i know too many people that'll quit instantly. #stopwithyournonsenseankama
  2. So exciting
  3. Wish you all the best with your life brother
  4. What the fuck again. I know that you've been working a lot on your sets Leaf, sorry for your loss man and the others aswell..
  5. What the fuck
  6. Loved it, good work
  7. Izmar said sacs will have unlimited coop+trans and ero spells as soon as they reach max prestige level and there won't be a sac revamp. Rip
  8. Lmao nice
  9. Nah we don't keep players like you inside guild. Nice try tho, carry on
  10. Rip. It was supposed to be transferred after maintenance. Send ticket to support
  11. If i say the truth now about this guy and what he actually does/did for a long time to many people in server with this "leeching service", fuhrer kiba will give me another warning.. Just not suggesting this "service" from that guy. Peace.
  12. Exactely, that was the main idea and they've been succesful.
  13. Well they've already mentioned that there will be no mods and fixes for those 1.29 servers so seriously, deal with it