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Everything posted by Oxisius

  1. Yes but now you are assuming sacs aren't paired up with classes which empower them similiar to iop/xel/x. If you have been following dofus cup you'd see how common sac/eca/panda is. They just +5 range the sac and give him like 10 mp for coop. The panda can even avoid sac getting grav'd. But my point isn't sacs vs xels. It's that if they were aiming to nerf coop strats, then they didn't do it thoroughly.
  2. You came across as trying to justify the nerf because of xel's coop potential. The class ring nerf had it coming as 7 range tp is dumb, but as long as there exists a one click coop in the game (sac), I don't see why they should nerf the only other coop class. And for some reason you are assuming that all xel players just team kolo and use iop/xel/x. The nerf affects people who like to solo kolo as well.
  3. Ok please let me know how Xel/Sac/Insert blitz char is not broken now that sac can just coop rewind.
  4. Yeah I wasn't expecting that nerf in the least. Tbh xelors were the only reason I was still interested in dofus, and now they've taken that away too. Reduced co-op potential, and potential synchro detonation range reduced, fucked by gravity state and whatnot. Add xelors to the list of classes an osa can fuckup every other turn with gobball.
  5. Glad that the community is excited about the update. But seriously all they could think of while nerfing Osas was to reduce gobbal fire res?
  6. After weeks of shitfests with double osas, double sacs, double enis, double xelors, I thought I was finally rank 1 rosal. But nope, there comes this ninja osa with 5k rating. So I'll settle for second best. Disclaimer: I know rosal is shit server, but I don't pvm and this is the only form of achievement I can post.
  7. I think they're doing the people who have quit and would like to come back to this game in the future a huge favor. Stay away from this game for good peeps :)
  8. Can i buy your sac for leech
  9. rich
  10. he wants a build for a panda
  11. Would like to report for misleading title. Some of the latter drawings are actually good.
  12. 12/6 is tempting, but i'd rather not use a cloudy on a masq. this set looks great for a pushback fogg though :) bow can maybe be replaced by something else
  13. Class: Masqueraider Build: Pushback or Cha/Agi whichever is better Budget : Unlimited All help is appreciated :)
  14. Why do you guys read so much into it? The man has just finished a set and is pretty proud about it, let him have his moment. No need to scrutinize every single aspect of it :) After all, all anybody needs to have a good day is a little acknowledgement from their fellows.
  15. can close, hardly any stuff left.
  16. Catseye Cape,Boots and 1k Cloak Sold.
  17. allister ring sold
  18. catseye cape, boots and 1k cloak sold. gogo rosal
  19. edited prices
  20. added more stuff to my merch. [-1,0]
  21. Thank you! I will likely tweak nidas hat for vortex hat for the extra ap red :)
  22. Class: Eni Build: Int and Ap Red Budget : Unlimited Should have decent res, feel free to use exo res gear. All help is appreciated
  23. sold. can be closed
  24. Hi, I wish to sell it for 230mk. Items I can consider as partial payment: 1. Atcham Sabres 2. Atcham Cape 3. Atcham Hairs 4. Cloudy dofus 5. 220+vit perfect dreggon helmet 6. Near perf stats tritun ring exo 7. Near perf stats nomarow ring exo