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  1. lol jeri how are you so bad
  2. wtf sibee you are back?
  3. can close
  4. Nothing shabby. 22 - 25m.
  5. you're better off not playing slow. too much new shit released and it'll take you forever to gear upto pvp standards. sucks for solo accounter.
  6. He's one of the few people I've seen who's playing the game for the sake of fun/challenges rather than copying youtube videos. Aren't all video games a waste of time anyway? :)
  7. he was reputed for being a beggar, now he is reputed for being a scammer. atleast he's making progress in some aspect of the game. also like any smartass i must say this "Sharing is against ToS".
  8. enjoyed the stream goat :) i dont have a twitch account so couldnt chat much. lol'd at you calling that sadi an idiot and then realizing your fault and calling yourself an idiot xD
  9. Yes but now you are assuming sacs aren't paired up with classes which empower them similiar to iop/xel/x. If you have been following dofus cup you'd see how common sac/eca/panda is. They just +5 range the sac and give him like 10 mp for coop. The panda can even avoid sac getting grav'd. But my point isn't sacs vs xels. It's that if they were aiming to nerf coop strats, then they didn't do it thoroughly.
  10. You came across as trying to justify the nerf because of xel's coop potential. The class ring nerf had it coming as 7 range tp is dumb, but as long as there exists a one click coop in the game (sac), I don't see why they should nerf the only other coop class. And for some reason you are assuming that all xel players just team kolo and use iop/xel/x. The nerf affects people who like to solo kolo as well.
  11. Ok please let me know how Xel/Sac/Insert blitz char is not broken now that sac can just coop rewind.
  12. Yeah I wasn't expecting that nerf in the least. Tbh xelors were the only reason I was still interested in dofus, and now they've taken that away too. Reduced co-op potential, and potential synchro detonation range reduced, fucked by gravity state and whatnot. Add xelors to the list of classes an osa can fuckup every other turn with gobball.
  13. Glad that the community is excited about the update. But seriously all they could think of while nerfing Osas was to reduce gobbal fire res?
  14. After weeks of shitfests with double osas, double sacs, double enis, double xelors, I thought I was finally rank 1 rosal. But nope, there comes this ninja osa with 5k rating. So I'll settle for second best. Disclaimer: I know rosal is shit server, but I don't pvm and this is the only form of achievement I can post.