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  1. All prices lowered by ~10% until monday!
  2. Hello Prices are negotiable Merch at [-1,1]
  3. AP tash ring(19mk) and dregg helmet(18,5mk) are in market
  4. updated
  5. Hey. I have few exos for sale Items are in merch at [-1,1] Prices are negotiable. Contact me by PM or leave your IGN in reply.
  6. Hey Prices are negotiable. Contact me by PM or leave IGN under this topic.
  7. ap bearbaric band for around 30mk [BOUGHT] 240+vit 56+int 56+str 32+wis 4ch 10+neu damage 11+earth damage 11+fire damage 7% water res 7% air res 3+lock mp king playa signet ring for around 22mk 240+vit 47+int 47+str 32+wis 3ch 1 range 10+neu damage 11+earth damage 11+fire damage -5 dodge 5+ mp reduction 10% fire res mp kringlove for around 15mk[BOUGHT] 190+vit 47+int 50 agi 40+wis 3 ch 1 range 5+ damage 9+ heals 10% neutral res 6+neutral res ap hairsh bracelet for around 28mk 290+vit 48%+ power 4 ch 2 range 8+ earth damage 9+water damage 10% neutral res mp bearb wedding ring for around 25mk[BOUGHT] 240+vit 56+cha 50+agi 34+wis 1 range 11+ water damage 10+air damage 370+ini 3+lock 7% neutral res 7% earth res 7% fire res I don't care about values of stats that i didn't mention. I'm also looking for any inky veil for about 20mk Contact me here or in game: Arc-Girl.