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      Server Merge and Changes to Imps Village   04/30/17

      The old server sections will still be viewable at the bottom of the forum list under Legacy Servers, but read only. If you wish for any thread to be moved to the new sections, please report your own thread to bring it to our attention and tell us where you need it to go.


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  3. moved to [-1,1]
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  6. All prices lowered by ~10% until monday!
  7. Hello Prices are negotiable Merch at [-1,1]
  8. AP tash ring(19mk) and dregg helmet(18,5mk) are in market
  9. updated
  10. Hey. I have few exos for sale Items are in merch at [-1,1] Prices are negotiable. Contact me by PM or leave your IGN in reply.
  11. Hey Prices are negotiable. Contact me by PM or leave IGN under this topic.