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  1. ok so prices are fucked so just come offer if you want something, merch under -1.0 vikander
  2. prices lowered, all items in merch (Vikander) map under dojo at village
  3. Prices lowered, Kasha cape remaged to 3 crits-50om vit.
  4. Someones in love
  5. if i haven't found someone before that is* thanks!
  6. Great, pm ig or message here when your ready. i'm not geared at the moment, will that be a problem?
  7. As the title says 3-5mk? its a fight vs x8 mobs lvl 200 in xelorium on a fairly small map
  8. As the title says no idea on price so i'll say 6-10m? pm me ig or here, thanks
  9. As the title says, Prices: Tal Kasha Boots 100 om vit 25m Tal Kasha Hat 50 om vit 26m Tal Kasha Cape 50 om vit 22m Meno Belt 3% air 18m Ockloth 3% str 13m Pathos 3% str 13m Tread Amy -1 22m Tread Amy -2 20m Ringaling AP Exo 32.5m Hungry Pendant 17.5m Nileza 3% fire 10m All items can be found in markets. Can nego on prices within reason, leave a message here or pm in IG Teign Also taking orders for any items exo res, om vit etc no exo ap, mp, range or summon.
  10. still got ringaling tash and wedding
  11. Bought, can close.
  12. As the title says, paying 1.5m each
  13. It's such a shame that Timeless decided to go down the road of scamming, he had the skill to be one of the biggest players in the game not only on international servers but also on French ones. I know he was poor but as we all saw he still had some friends that were prepared to help him get on his feet before Goult (myself, erisen, tamamo etc) I hope he thinks about what could of happened if he just gave the items back and where he would be if he did. a lot of people have lost a lot to him but when I think about it he's lost more because as we all know this game is no fun without friends. sorry for all those who lost items to him it does put you off the game a lot when something like this happens, I for one am now glad I lost some of my items in the Goult scam. it gave me that extra push to break the addiction and move on with life (now addicted to battlefield ><) anyway gl to everyone on restoring your accounts. Cheers, A
  14. prices lowed, merch under dojo.