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Everything posted by Machiavelli

  1. https://www.dofusplanner.com/4ocvq/ - you can use this one for now. There are going to be more int/cha/agi or int/cha items after the update, so we can do something better :)
  2. It's always a good way to make kamas whenever you do more quests. I did around 6mk + triple costume from ohywaii quests on three characters.
  3. Int/Cha/Agi one that gives you 150 vit/1000 ini and 1 AP bonus with 3 items. Also you can use the new Int bow on your Rogue to deal damage - it might be good. There you have topic with new items that they are going to add in next update:
  4. https://www.dofusplanner.com/75VsZ/ - Rogue with medium resists, nice damage and really high vit. You can even over vit to reach like 5400-5500. https://www.dofusplanner.com/JSup9/ - Panda in Cha/Int/Agi build since there is new really op set coming soon after update. For now you can build this and over resists to make 30%+ all. I'm not sure how much kamas you can spend on sets, but best will be to add Abyssal on Rogue and Panda in PvP in the future. Also there are many other options for panda that I can make for you.
  5. Cool one! You should make a beach party here.
  6. Your combo is pretty fine for PvM, you can always add Enu for bonus mp rapes. About PvP Rogue/Panda/Elio should be really op I have seen Rogue/Sram/Elio and they did fine. I did mention this some time ago, just place a bomb wall on back with portal inside or near it, than wait till like turn 3-4. Meanwhile you should add MP bonuses to your Elio, so he can get to enemies and move one enemy into portal. This tactic is pretty solid and the only thing that can break it is Sac or Xel in enemy. It's better to have Sram instand of Panda since you can invisible your Elio and surprise opponents, but Panda is fine here. Rogue and Panda should be Int with healing weapons - it will make your game easier with those heals and Elio can be any element probably. I'm not a fan of Cra, but it's really cool in PvM and PvP, the damage you can deal on buffs to enemy team is nearly unhealable. Good luck with your team and have fun for sure :)
  7. My luck on good skins totally dropped. First I had legendary skin to Ezreal and few other good skins. Now I got forest Ashe and one for Zilean.
  8. Sac with Rogue or Iop should be fine here. The best way might be Int one with healing bow or wand just to keep your damage dealing character alive.
  9. I'm using Dofusplanner for a really long time and it's the best thing you could make - thanks :) Also I would like to ask, when are you going to add 2.43 items here?
  10. https://www.dofusplanner.com/Vppb4/ - Cra Cha/Agi/Int no exos, but ochre here. You can later add exos and change few items for something better. https://www.dofusplanner.com/0D50M/ - Eni Cha/Int no exos also. Just add some over resi on both sets so you can kick for example resi trophy (12% fire one) from Enis set :)
  11. Can you mention what you need this alt for? In PvP you can try Sram/Sadida/Feca or something similar like this. It's a cancer comp on most of the maps you have in kolossium.
  12. They did it with one of amakna quests where you have to kill three monsters ( around 40kk ) right?
  13. I was Sac some time ago, maybe I can help you somehow?
  14. Hi

    Welcome back Quabro, you are back only on forum or also in game?
  15. Hi and welcome back to Dofus. I don't remember you probably or we didn't know each other. My IGN is Salomea/Kilim and Mirabelka, whenever you need something contact me. I'm off till September, because of practics from Uni (got no time for Dofus). Also I'm online on forum from time to time, so leave me messages here.
  16. Yeah, but can you link them here? I think he wanna know how they look like.
  17. How much would you pay and what class are you? Still Eca?
  18. Fogger isn't that hard, it's just about the turrets. Ankama did nerfs to dungeons and nearly every single one is easy to do. Just go for the fun class instand of braindead shit :)
  19. I can recommend you Rogue - it's abit complicated sometimes to play it, but still fun. Also Foggernauts are really cool. They can deal a lot of damage and heal with spells/turrets. Like you said that single element is something for you, just go for Int Fogg with healing bow. There are more classes like this - for example Eniripsa that is easy to play. You can go Int and become a healbot or Cha/Agi and hit a lot + heal allies/yourself with spells.
  20. Finally got the costumes. Next one might be Abyssal Dofus? :D
  21. Do I have to play this new game in Appstore to get them?
  22. This one is amazing, isn't it?
  23. Salomea's Leeching Service There are prices of each dungeon: Mastogob Dungeon - 160kk, Pingwin Dungeon - 160kk, Buck Anear Dungeon - 160kk, Obsidemon Dungeon - 320kk, Tengu Dungeon - 320kk, Fuji Dungeon - 480kk (you'll get achiv from Tengu dungeon also), Korriander Dungeon - 480kk, Kolosso Dungeon - 480kk, Celestial Bearbarian Dungeon - 480kk, Bworkerer Dungeon - 480kk, Ougaa Dungeon - 480kk, Grohlum Dungeon - 480kk, Peki Peki - 480kk, Skeunk - 320kk, Sphinter Cell Dungeon - 480kk, Shadow's Pyramid - 640kk, Klime's Dungeon - 800kk, Sylargh's Dungeon - 800kk, Missiz Freezz's Dungeon - 800kk, Nileza's Dungeon - 800kk, Merkator's Dungeon - 900kk (with Last and Mystique), Count Harebourg Dungeon - 1,7mk, Dantinea Dungeon - 1,7mk (with Last Achievement), My IGN: Salomea, Kilim, Mirabelka :) Questions & Answers: Are you able to do other dungeons? Everything depends on which one of course, just ask me in game or via IV for info about it. I'm not that good in PvM to do dungeons like Nidas, Vortex etc. :( Is it price per character? Yes, it is. Is it possible to do Achievements? Will you want something extra for it? Yes, of course! Everything depends on which one you need. Probably I'll need some extra kamas, but it depends on dungeon and achievement. What about soul? Everything depends on you. You can soul dungeon, it will be your :) For more info message me in game or IV :)