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Everything posted by Khai

  1. All these character designs are fantastic. I would like to see Sacriers one.
  2. You would probably have to lose range or any other important stats just to get few more damage. Is it that worth?
  3. I think you can use any other dofuses for the start or old trophies :)
  4. My eyes are bleeding...
  5. https://www.dofusplanner.com/cAbk8/ - I think this one should be fine. It's pretty much old gear, but still really powerfull. Triple bonus from sets with 12/6 build. I'm not sure if you can get Abyssal?
  6. You team is already cool. I would add Rogue (Int) or Eni for bonus AP/MP, damage and heals.
  7. I would suggest you team like this: Iop (Str/Agi) Cra (Multi or Cha/Int/Agi) / Eni (Int) sub for Cra, but not necessary Panda (Cha/Tank) Enu (Any element/Mp redu) Rogue or Elio (Int) with healing bow
  8. Enu: https://www.dofusplanner.com/rZ6aF/ - Cha/Mp redu Eni: https://www.dofusplanner.com/2lMuh/ - Int Panda: https://www.dofusplanner.com/5Js4S/ - Cha/Tank Cra: https://www.dofusplanner.com/KoqXg/ - Omni/Power I did focus kamas on Cra, because it will be your damage dealing beast.
  9. My friend has Str/Int/Agi Iop in PvM and it's pretty good. Mainly he's using Str/Agi spells :)
  10. Int iop isn't good anymore since they did delete erosion based damage from SoF, I think that was the only spell that people used in PvP with that class. At the moment I would go Str/Agi Iop with good pushback damage. Str has really high damage on wrath and cool AoE with SoI. Also there is Str erosion spell that is necessary in PvP. Agi is cool on Iop, because you can dodge/lock enemies and apply erosion on enemy target. There is spell called Zenith that deals really huge damage based on your MP. The good thing is to add pushback damage items to your equipment.
  11. Str/Cha/Agi or Cha/Agi will be fine I guess. You might need high vitality since most of spells are % healing based If I'm right.
  12. Hi, I'm selling gear from alts at the moment: Karmeleon - 600kk Major Intellectual - 600kk Major Curer - 680kk Shaker - 900kk Major Vigour - 1mk Nomad - 1,1mk Tash ring - 1,3mk Livitinem hat - 1,4mk Nileza's amulet - 1,1mk Teroid axe - 1,8mk Cpt Amakna shield - 3,9mk Nidas's crown - 3,4mk Vortex belt - 4,8mk Shorpoon - 5,8mk Pathogastrics - 6mk Ancient Ohwymi costume - 5,15mk Treadfast amulet - 6,3mk Koutoulou mask - 7,2mk Turquoise dofus - 8mk Crimson dofus - 9mk Nidas's ring MP - 10mk Belteen - 11,2mk Bearbaric ring MP - 13mk Bearbaric ring AP - 13mk Inky veil - 16,5mk Inky veil Summons - 23,5mk Ice dofus - 24mk All the prices are negotiable. Contact me in game for more info about stats (Salomea). You can also find my merchant somewhere in village.
  13. bump! only 3 items left :)
  14. Ankama will place all those pets/petmounts for ogrines soon. Give them some time :)
  15. Enurado [-53,18] / 128 / 23 hours left
  16. bump! prices lowered.
  17. Special thanks to Tandi :)
  18. Some items sold, also change the prices! Bump
  19. Shield placement is pretty good while you are without mount like seemyool. I like it.
  20. I think u didn't read that there are around 20 people FROM MY COUNTRY.
  21. You were on the wrong server most likely.
  22. I can't agree with you about mono account servers. There are many people that speak english that's for sure. I was playing on Fraktail I think? There was even guild from only my country with 30+ online, where on Echo you can find less than 20 on whole server. The only problem might be p2p which you can't buy for ogrines there right?
  23. Actually most of dungeons are pretty easy. You can use any team of 4 to run them after the update with variants - it's probably the best and easiest way to do them. Making money in Dofus isn't that hard, you can do daily sufokia quests to get kamas for p2p or farm resources like before (sell or craft gear from it). Single accounters might have a problems to do dungeons. If only you manage to get to a good guild, you will do any of them.