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Everything posted by Elyroth

  1. Sometimes you have to survive in game with good resistances. You can always get two sets like this, you are missing just few parts I think ? Mostly every sadi has this amulet in my opinion, it gives 2 range and 2 summon. Also 8% resistances on 4 elements.
  2. As you said your Panda is agi ? Also you don't need special elements in PvM in my opinion. The problem is that you will need seriously this mp raper in few dungeons. You can always add Elio as 5th in agi element. It will make your game easier.
  3. I think str/int is one of the easiest to build with cool amount of summons (use flinty daggers). You will need some mp reduction I think around 80-90 with trophies should be fine. The best way is to poison all enemies and rape them with powerfull doll. Also summon trees next to enemies for bonus reduction.
  4. Sadida doesn't need to be only str. You can always make it int/cha or str/int.
  5. There are many people using wikia to do this quest or any other. It says that you need 1x Aspen Wood and 1x Obsidian. After the update you need 7 of them to do knives (quest item crafted by Smith). I think you can find more quests like this, so people notice this change.
  6. I would choose raping class like Enu / Sadi or Cra for this team. From the classes you said Sram is really cool with all the traps combos. Also it can push enemies far away from your team what can replace mp rapes for some time. Rogue is one of duo classes with Panda - you can do most of dungeons in game with them both. I'm not sure about Osa, but before the nerf it was pretty OP in PvM.
  7. https://www.dofusplanner.com/ey1em/ What about this one?
  8. https://www.dofusplanner.com/TWDfx/ Maybe this one? I think it might be 50mk.
  9. For sure Elio will be really effective here. In dungeon you can place bombs in line at back, place portal on it and pull enemies with invisible Elio using the another portal. It will deal really huge damage. The other portal can be used just for damage with other characters.
  10. [16:07] You are now a level 200 Lumberjack.
  11. If you are good enough, I can ask my brother to play with you. He is really good :)
  12. bump :) added substrates
  13. I'm leveling lumberjack now and I have alot of wood that I don't actually need. The list of wood that I'm selling actually is below. LIST OF WOOD: -Ash Wood -Chestnut Wood -Walnut Wood -Oak Wood -Oliviolet Wood -Bombu Wood <PRICE 3kk - 11kk PER 100 : DEPENDS ON WHICH ONE YOU NEED> LIST OF SUBSTRATE: -Virgin Forest Substrate 130kk / ea (available in my merchant at Village) It might be hard to update price all the time. Contact me via IV or in game.
  14. I think it's not double exp weekend. It says 25% more exp. " Starting on Saturday, April 15th, at 00:01 (Paris Time) and ending on Monday, April 17th, at 23:59 (Paris Time), you'll get to enjoy the following bonuses on all game servers*: 25% bonus experience on your characters 25% bonus experience on your Professions"
  15. I think you might need mp rapes like sadida :)
  16. Prices will go down in my opinion :)
  17. I think any build is good atm of Sac. If u need high damage and nice resists with lifesteal than you should go cha/agi build with ancient hammer. Also high vit is good, so u can do painshared or puni higher and longer in fight.
  18. Yeah, full agi ouginak is pretty well, but I think it's worth going cha/agi with some pushback damage - spell called "Tibia" is really strong, isn't it?
  19. Yes, but I didn't say anything about str build at all - just gobbal form, There is also damage reduction in this form what is amazing. The more str you have the more gobbals hit right? Gobbal with boost hits like 300x2 what is enough to kill enemies. You'll just spam it and lock + damage.
  20. People mostly play int in PvP ( dragon form ), but I found the way with lock/damage using gobbals is really interesting. You can apply gravity like every 3 turns if I remember? Also - dodge from gobbals is really cool. You should try it by yourself on beta.
  21. In my opinion every class is good in PvP, it just depends on what comp do you play and how good are you. After the update with sacs I found kolossium abit more balanced. Also the thing that you can't get double class is really cool. I'm playing actually Feca and I like it, there are alot of nice spells like ap/mp rapes, shields, gravity and more. I'll try Sadi soon maybe as a second character. There might be a tier list for 1 vs 1 kolossium, because it's hard to balance characters in every way (group PvP/solo PvP).
  22. Sold, can be closed :)
  23. I have Tentashoes for sale with 2% earth res over. I would like to sell it for around 11mk. If you are interested, just contact me in game or via IV :)
  24. Alchemist 200 Tailor 200 Costumagus 200 Farmer 200 Smith 200 Smithmagus 52 Handyman 200 Lumberjack 200 Hunter 64 Fisherman 21 Carver 18 I'll update the list soon.