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Everything posted by Salmonella

  1. bought can be closed :)
  2. Hello! I'm looking for Emerald Dofus. I can pay around 9mk, I'm not sure about it's price so we can negotiate :)
  3. bump, lowered prices :)
  4. My merch will be around village at the moment it's on [-2,1]. I'll be updating future positions :) Blokus - 51 LOCK El Scarador - 11% EARTH RES/ 3% WATER RES/ 12% AIR RES Bearbaric Band - MP/5CH RES exo Tentashoes - 2% FIRE RES over Kringlove - AP exo Most of the items are in really good price. Find what you need and just buy it or contact me via Impsvillage.
  5. We all are waiting for your leeching services ^_^
  6. bump 5 items left (prices are negotiable) :)
  7. Actually nearly everyone using dofuses, because those are much better. The only trophies I like are ap/mp res or ap/mp redu :D
  8. bump merch is up, only 8 items left :)
  9. It might be really nice, but in some ways abit overpowered like giving iops or any other characters with vulbis + cloudy + crimson + turq on. Imagine all those boosts combined into one. I'm not sure about the % damage from shield for example for melee attacks, but with all those eggs it will be instakilling :x
  10. Virtuosa already posted it, you were late.
  11. bump! merch is up, some things sold already :)
  12. Rich boy :D
  13. Yes fogg, osa, iop should work properly. There you have a two ways of osa - first one is int as a support and damaging with wyrms/unb or agi which will be good with pushback damage spells. I would choose int one probably, but it's your decision. Also found once that gobbal way, I think it's str? Is abit annoying on high levels, because of all those locks and gravity. On low level kolossium it might be seriously op. Everyone here have low dodge and lock mostly :)
  14. I think the best way to play is multi in endgame(catseye axe), but this is just damage mode where you can deal shitload of damage with ambush and cloudy on. If u want to play on low levels it might be hard to be multi so I can just recommend you pushback damage. Fogger has one of the best pushback damage spells. There are items for low level with it, but probably you will need cha/str build, most of spells that pushback are in those elems. There is iop on Rykke-Errel called Snake, he used iop with fogger and it was pretty cool ( inti + release ). Third char should be positioning/support one. I think sac or panda would be perfect. Panda can be good on 184+ level, because of Archetypal bow(support mode). Sac should be good on lower levels :)
  15. bump, merch is up again
  16. It can be a nice way to make a new guilds (not only english speaking ones). Also selling items/resources or recruting people for dungeons will go faster right?
  17. bump merch is up now, added blokus pet (51lock with a possibility to make the 55lock) and sold inky. Soon I'll update screen! :)
  18. Finally nerf for this shit...
  19. He tried to scam me a day ago. I think he will never stop scamming, it's his life :D
  20. bump merch is up, lowered prices!
  21. Welcome back! I didn't see you for a long time. Whenever you need something feel free to message me in game :D
  22. You can make kamas for your gear by farming kolossium, treasure hunts or percs, but it might be boring abit and long way.
  23. I'm playing int feca and it's really good. You can go damage mode with shoorpoon, plumobile or just healing mode with bruta wand, arche bow. All the shields you got, raping spells are best. In solo queue you will mostly face random team and you might need to play defensive or aggresive and feca is all that u need. There are other chars also, but I would recommend this one.
  24. bump, refreshed screen :)
  25. bump, merchant is now opened one up and left from Village zaap :)