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Everything posted by Machiavelli

  1. Welcome and probably see you in game soon :)
  2. They should add something new for kolossokens. There will be a lot of players with more than 500 spell point scrolls. Is there any info about something like this? I would probably prefer to sell mine for current price (around 220kk/ea) than trying to sell them for really low (probably around 50kk/ea).
  3. You were doing a lot of exo mages. Also we were in the same alliance - probably Legion (LGN)?
  4. If I were you I would choose Agi, because of erosion (really necessary in PvP). It's also easy to lock/dodge enemies like this. Int element has gravity what is pretty cool, but you can use it just occasionaly in fight. Str has high damage, but I have seen this kind of Ougi only once. Cha build is really good with pushback, also your spell range is pretty fine. It's best to get as much as possible vitality and resists on Ougi. Most of them are like 5,4k, around 30%+ resi and high Agility damage. That's all probably I can say about this. Good luck on new server :)
  5. Welcome back old friend. There is a couple of people that are going to start on new 'solo-acc' server. You can find the list on Impsvillage (Juse started the topic). You might not remember me, but probably I was SiC in The Heroes in this time (Elyroth or Calinecka/Mirabelka).
  6. Agro is actually the most annoying thing in this game. They should delete this finally :(
  7. Goodbye Uthman! :(
  8. You should keep Cra and Enu probably. For Enu I can only suggest mp reduction build (Chance element) like nearly every go for that in PvM, but Int one should be good also. Cra has to be with good damage, so Int/Agi/Cha or Int/agi might be fine.
  9. Eca: https://www.dofusplanner.com/t0057/ Panda: https://www.dofusplanner.com/OspMg/
  10. I did talk with him some time ago about this service, but the only things he said were achievement leech and 300mk. I think he is going to avoid the payment :)
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMO5TfuQ8HI
  12. bump, added Tal Kasha and Belly of the Whale Dungeon.
  13. Salomea's Leeching Service There are prices of each dungeon: Mastogob Dungeon - 100kk, Pingwin Dungeon - 100kk, Buck Anear Dungeon - 100kk,, Obsidemon Dungeon - 220kk, Tengu Dungeon - 220kk, Fuji Dungeon - 300kk (you'll get achiv from Tengu dungeon also), Korriander Dungeon - 300kk, Kolosso Dungeon - 300kk, Celestial Bearbarian Dungeon - 300kk, Bworkerer Dungeon - 300kk, Ougaa Dungeon - 300kk, Grohlum Dungeon - 300kk, Peki Peki - 300kk, Skeunk - 220kk, Sphinter Cell Dungeon - 300kk, Shadow's Pyramid - 240kk, Klime's Dungeon - 450kk, Sylargh's Dungeon - 450kk, Missiz Freezz's Dungeon - 450kk, Nileza's Dungeon - 450kk, Merkator's Dungeon - 600kk (with Last and Mystique), Count Harebourg Dungeon - 1mk, Dantinea Dungeon - 1,2mk (with Last Achievement), Belly of the Whale Dungeon - 1,5mk, Tal Kasha Dungeon - 1,1mk (contact with me for details), Nidas Dungeon - COMING SOON, Queen of the Thieves Dungeon - COMING SOON, Vortex Dungeon - COMING SOON, My IGN: Salomea, Kilim, Mirabelka :) Questions & Answers: Are you able to do other dungeons? Everything depends on which one of course, just ask me in game or via IV for info about it. I'm not that good in PvM to do dungeons like Nidas, Vortex etc. :( Is it price per character? Yes, it is. Is it possible to do Achievements? Will you want something extra for it? Yes, of course! Everything depends on which one you need. Probably I'll need some extra kamas, but it depends on dungeon and achievement. What about soul? Everything depends on you. You can soul dungeon, it will be your :) For more info message me in game or IV :)
  14. https://www.dofusplanner.com/BSnQZ/ probably there are better sets, no idea. Just wait till someone else will answer here, so you can choose.
  15. Huppermages are good in PvP that's for sure (probably in PvM also). Most of them are damage dealers, but you have some spells that are support based like shields/heals? In my opinion the best builds are full Agi or full Chance. Any build mix with cool damage and resists should be even fine if only you are good with this class.
  16. Sold everything, can be closed.
  17. I'm willing to sell 20 of Koutoulou Larva Wings for 370kk/ea. Contact me via Impsvillage or in game. My IGN is Salomea.
  18. Many Cras did use them just to blitz enemies.
  19. I did think that he want this set for PvP.
  20. Sometimes it's better to use your offensive spells to heal your allies that are next to you or enemies. Also with the res in your set someone can just one turn KO you. Is it a PvP or PvM set?
  21. You need just a crit damage machine?
  22. https://www.dofusplanner.com/zahVA/
  23. Probably I'll run this questline one day. Thanks for the guide!