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  1. Wrong topic bro first at all. There are much better sets in "What gear should I use" just check it out. Posted here some, but it was before the dofuses update. You can change something in it :)
  2. This teamcomp should be fine, just add mp raper like enu on one of your accounts (set isn't that expensive).
  3. Welcome back Nexus! I remember you from Blank. It's always nice to see old players.
  4. It's really good that they nerfed this 508 cra thing. It was more like botting than playing dofus. You can normal team now instand of this.
  5. I would get level 200 first at all. Secondly every character in this game is good for sure in group pvp like kolossium or tournaments. In my opinion 1v1 pvp is now waste of time since it's unbalanced is some ways. Maybe you should choose fogger or eca on level 200, both that chars weren't nerfed for long time and those one are still good. All those heals, damages and escaping spells just op.
  6. I like this one, Ed Sheeran has really cool songs now. I'm listening to it whole day :)
  7. I think they will add something with all the new tournaments, so you can train on your own map. I would like something like this in future.
  8. It's hard to make a new guilds in dofus nowadays, since most of people go for good guilds that have alot of members or good alliance. What can I do is wish you all the best :)
  9. What can I say... You already have a support class which is Feca just go for healing wand / bow on it. Eca might be a damage dealer instand of iop. What you need is mp reduction Enu is probably best in this, but also sadida might be nice depends on your plays. As 4th character you can add Panda which is really good positioning and tanky. About elems Enu can be cha/mp redu and panda cha or cha/int. Have fun and good luck :)
  10. Agi one: https://www.dofusplanner.com/xwXE2/ I'm not sure if this one is best, but did it just when I was bored. You can get some nice ap/mp bonuses from eggs in game also the shield from emerald will be 500+ and heals from dokolo 500+. It might be good in 1vs1, you can change something for kolossium.
  11. Welcome back! Enjoy the 1.29 version bro :)
  12. This shield is really cute. It's time to p2p :D
  13. Thanks :x
  14. The second item has 1% res exo and summon exo, but yeah those items aren't that good maged.
  15. Really nice! Keep going bro, I might soon try myself something like this :)