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Everything posted by Khai

  1. Can anyone link the new harness for seemyool and new items, please?
  2. They did show already two of Eca variants I guess?
  3. Pushback damage is life.
  4. We did a lot of dungeons today and he paid everything that he said. His Sadi is also geared so there weren't any troubles.
  5. I can do Tengu statue/duo, Count Razof's Camp dung/freedom, Shadow tight/probably first, Fuji dungeon/last/probably duo, kolosso last, Bworker duo/blitz, Also if u have idols we can do some 300 score idol dungeons. Contact me via Impsvillage.
  6. Sadis are pretty good, since you have that op infected state on enemies. Just rape monsters MP using infected state on multiple targets. Also killing enemies isn't that hard for sadi, you can just hit all the targets nearly all the time.
  7. Hello! I don't play dofus touch :(
  8. In PvP best one is agi at the moment. Since it's mono server and you need equipment and level first I can suggest chance build (good amount of pp). On higher level just change yourself to agi or agi + something.
  9. You can always go half wis just to level up faster and then reset to full chance. Panda is pretty cool on high level and helpfull in dungeons. Oh... there is also Eniripsa. There will be probably a lot of players in need for this class at start in dungeons.
  10. Chance Panda can be really cool for drops and dungeons also for solo exp. Sadly most of the AoE Panda spells are on high level so you need to level up till that level first. It's not that hard to change your element since for the first time you can do it via dopple and then you have to do otomai quests + dungeons (depending on your level and list is somewhere on wikia). Spells are actually changeable whenever you want.
  11. This one seems pretty cool :o
  12. I can suggest Panda or Rogue - both are really usefull and fun to play. Panda has a lot of AoE and multi target damage attacks such as flask, pandaattack, melanholy or even schnaps. Rogue can offer you high damage with bombs and positioning monsters. Also it has good amount of escaping spells.
  13. Ahoy! :)
  14. Welcome and probably see you in game soon :)
  15. They should add something new for kolossokens. There will be a lot of players with more than 500 spell point scrolls. Is there any info about something like this? I would probably prefer to sell mine for current price (around 220kk/ea) than trying to sell them for really low (probably around 50kk/ea).
  16. You were doing a lot of exo mages. Also we were in the same alliance - probably Legion (LGN)?
  17. If I were you I would choose Agi, because of erosion (really necessary in PvP). It's also easy to lock/dodge enemies like this. Int element has gravity what is pretty cool, but you can use it just occasionaly in fight. Str has high damage, but I have seen this kind of Ougi only once. Cha build is really good with pushback, also your spell range is pretty fine. It's best to get as much as possible vitality and resists on Ougi. Most of them are like 5,4k, around 30%+ resi and high Agility damage. That's all probably I can say about this. Good luck on new server :)
  18. Welcome back old friend. There is a couple of people that are going to start on new 'solo-acc' server. You can find the list on Impsvillage (Juse started the topic). You might not remember me, but probably I was SiC in The Heroes in this time (Elyroth or Calinecka/Mirabelka).