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  1. https://www.dofusplanner.com/rZgRA/ - full Agi eca (simply one, but really boring). https://www.dofusplanner.com/NdVJe/ - Str/Int/Cha/Power(Agi) really cool set nearly for every character. https://www.dofusplanner.com/5SlST/ - Cha/Agi, there are many options of this set like tread + tal kasha or few other. Koutoulou bow is really nice to heal yourself + there you go with Felintion for bonus heals. https://www.dofusplanner.com/EqUNI/ - Str/Agi, but I'm not really good at making that kind of sets (Str/Agi one) https://www.dofusplanner.com/58t2R/ - Str/Int/Agi, this one is new in my idea collection since they added really op weapon that is hammer. I'm not sure about shield here :( https://www.dofusplanner.com/w8YEh/ - Str/Int/Agi this one is idea of my friend. I like this since it's Cycloid + Kongoku where you get cool bonuses and initiative. Good luck with your Eca, wish that I did help you :)
  2. You are the one of the old dofus players. It is always sad to see someone like you leaving :( Good luck!
  3. For the first time I did QoT in my life.
  4. I might come and help you with that. I need 300 score here as I see :)
  5. 300 score Count + No Idol, No Glory. Time for Ohywaii Costumes now :)
  6. As I see he has more videos - like QoT 508 score. I can't imagine me doing count for over 500 turns and 2 hours with just 58 level. He's a smart guy :)
  7. Probably I don't know you, because we were on different servers before the merge. You are from Shika, am I right? Anyway welcome back and nice to meet you. I'm glad that more people are coming back to game.
  8. 1. Kilim, Iop - 200. 2. Salomea, Mirabelka - the only active one at the moment. 3. Depends on what, but I'm for sure not a player who just started. 4. I'm actually in Sanctum on my characters and I'll stay on them here. The only character that will go is Iop. 5. I wanna give a try to your guild. There are many guilds where the community system is dead. Also your recruiting topic is really interesting. 6. Sorry, but I don't know any nice jokes that I can share with you. See you! :)
  9. On dofusplanner % Power works with Rogue Bombs, also on many youtube videos people do Iop Power on Rogue to deal more damage. I'm not sure about Osa summons, but it should works the same way.
  10. Salomea's Leeching Service There are prices of each dungeon: Mastogob Dungeon - 160kk, Pingwin Dungeon - 160kk, Buck Anear Dungeon - 160kk, Obsidemon Dungeon - 320kk, Tengu Dungeon - 320kk, Fuji Dungeon - 480kk (you'll get achiv from Tengu dungeon also), Korriander Dungeon - 480kk, Kolosso Dungeon - 480kk, Celestial Bearbarian Dungeon - 480kk, Bworkerer Dungeon - 480kk, Ougaa Dungeon - 480kk, Grohlum Dungeon - 480kk, Peki Peki - 480kk, Skeunk - 320kk, Sphinter Cell Dungeon - 480kk, Shadow's Pyramid - 640kk, Klime's Dungeon - 800kk, Sylargh's Dungeon - 800kk, Missiz Freezz's Dungeon - 800kk, Nileza's Dungeon - 800kk, Merkator's Dungeon - 900kk (with Last and Mystique), Count Harebourg Dungeon - 1,7mk, Dantinea Dungeon - 1,7mk (with Last Achievement), Questions & Answers: Are you able to do other dungeons? Everything depends on which one of course, just ask me in game or via IV for info about it. I'm not that good in PvM to do dungeons like Nidas, Vortex etc. :( Is it price per character? Yes, it is. Is it possible to do Achievements? Will you want something extra for it? Yes, of course! Everything depends on which one you need. Probably I'll need some extra kamas, but it depends on dungeon and achievement. What about soul? Everything depends on you. You can soul dungeon, it will be your :) For more info message me in game or IV :)
  11. bump! added few dungeons
  12. https://www.dofusplanner.com/gW492/ I'm not sure if going for 199 level items is worth since all the 200 are cheap. You can use some of the items from this set to PvP with - like cape, rings and few other. Damage and heals are pretty good, res and vit fine. The only item that might cost you is cape.
  13. Missiz 300 score, only Count left for ornament.
  14. In PvM I think it's still agi one even after nerf.
  15. You might go for Osa/Cra/Enu/Iop or Sram. Frigost III is easy, dimension dungeons with Osa/Cra/Enu trio are doable and with Iop/Sram there is a chance to push enemies far away and deal a lot of damage. I think you can handle heals with Osa, but it would be best to have Eniripsa on the same account. Panda might be not a neccesery when you have that many map manipulators. Just remember to learn tactic before you start the dungeon. They did nerfs, so everything seems easy to do when you get used to dungeon.
  16. I only know you by sight sadly, but good luck in real life and have a lot of fun.
  17. 300 score Nileza. Only missing two dungeons for the ornament :(
  18. Why didn't you check the topic below? Hoshy is leeching again.
  19. You can still use Agi element in PvM and even in PvP. There are few Osas like this, but the most important thing is to hide your summons and spam them. The more tofus you have the better damage you deal with them and your spells If I remember. In one turn you are able to blitz your enemies :)
  20. Did you come back to game ? :D
  21. Meno + Limp without elio - not a big deal, but still after comeback. Sylargh 300 score - the second one from 300 score on frigost III. Tomorrow I'm going to try Nileza or Missiz.
  22. https://www.dofusplanner.com/RgUOS/ I think you can get this one for around 30mk. There are no exos or dofuses and heals are really nice. The one you did is cool, but it's more for PvP and It might be too expensive for him if he aims for 30mk.
  23. Actually I don't have Osa, but I'm talking about the one I used to fight versus on kolossium. The best thing is around 30%+ resists and some good Str to deal damage. I might make some sets for you later when I'm not busy.
  24. I'm not even sure when did I fail limp, but ok :(
  25. Just came back to my team and here we go with 300 score Klime dungeon.
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      Sorry for this translation, my language is Spanish.
      I want to congratulate you for the web that you have created developed to create sets for Dofus.
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