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Everything posted by Machiavelli

  1. Huppermages are good in PvP that's for sure (probably in PvM also). Most of them are damage dealers, but you have some spells that are support based like shields/heals? In my opinion the best builds are full Agi or full Chance. Any build mix with cool damage and resists should be even fine if only you are good with this class.
  2. Sold everything, can be closed.
  3. I'm willing to sell 20 of Koutoulou Larva Wings for 370kk/ea. Contact me via Impsvillage or in game. My IGN is Salomea.
  4. Many Cras did use them just to blitz enemies.
  5. I did think that he want this set for PvP.
  6. Sometimes it's better to use your offensive spells to heal your allies that are next to you or enemies. Also with the res in your set someone can just one turn KO you. Is it a PvP or PvM set?
  7. You need just a crit damage machine?
  8. https://www.dofusplanner.com/zahVA/
  9. Probably I'll run this questline one day. Thanks for the guide!
  10. Int/Agi has really cool damage, but with chance build you can do double AoE damage (explo + slowdown). I have actually few friends that are omni on Cra with Catseye bow or tread/bearb/bearb sword, but I'm not sure if it's worth.
  11. He didn't ask for Panda build.
  12. Cra is cool in Int/Agi build or even Int/Agi/Cha. About Eca I can recommend you Agi/Cha.
  13. Level 200 sets: Sadida: https://www.dofusplanner.com/ZkRxC/ - You need over vit here. I did already 250 it's 50 per item, but u can aim for 500. Eniripsa: https://www.dofusplanner.com/iyTdC/ - Just add vitality or int over and you should be fine. Pandawa: https://www.dofusplanner.com/MqtO1/ - I did put fire % over res here to make resists cool. These sets are for 200 and PvP/PvM made, but if you need something cheap just for PvM let me know.
  14. What happend? Did it crush? I wasn't online at the moment, but we had a lag problem when there was a maintenance.
  15. We are not taking kamas for exp, only for dungeon service. Probably my friend will want dropped resources, but we will see about it, exp is totally your. It's still better than doing solo exps and trying to level for ages. He's atm offline and I'm waiting for his message to log in.
  16. Do you have miner on level 200? It's enough to make kamas if I remember. I'm doing daily quest + drops on sufokia and other areas with idols with my friend. We have always two spots ready and open to take someone. It's 130kk+ on each character per fight and really good exp. There are two areas we are mainly dropping. We can take you there for exp today.
  17. You should start with dopples and profession (farmer/hunter or something like this). Collect your kamas and don't waste them on something unnecessary.
  18. Maybe he'll like it in kolossium.
  19. https://www.dofusplanner.com/ywGsO/ Str Osa with 35-45% all res / 6 summons / even nice damage and 3300 vit build. You can just spam enemies with gobbals and tofus to keep them locked/in gravity state. You'll stay really long with all the resists you got here. I think you might get a good % win ratio with this set.
  20. Bump, coming back to game today! Changed prices of every Dungeon, but still can negotiate :)
  21. Salomea's Leeching Service There are prices of each dungeon: Mastogob Dungeon - 100kk, Pingwin Dungeon - 100kk, Buck Anear Dungeon - 100kk,, Obsidemon Dungeon - 220kk, Tengu Dungeon - 220kk, Fuji Dungeon - 300kk (you'll get achiv from Tengu dungeon also), Korriander Dungeon - 300kk, Kolosso Dungeon - 300kk, Celestial Bearbarian Dungeon - 300kk, Bworkerer Dungeon - 300kk, Ougaa Dungeon - 300kk, Grohlum Dungeon - 300kk, Peki Peki - 300kk, Skeunk - 220kk, Sphinter Cell Dungeon - 300kk, Shadow's Pyramid - 240kk, Klime's Dungeon - 450kk, Sylargh's Dungeon - 450kk, Missiz Freezz's Dungeon - 450kk, Nileza's Dungeon - 450kk, Merkator's Dungeon - 600kk (with Last and Mystique), Count Harebourg Dungeon - 1mk, Dantinea Dungeon - 1,2mk (with Last Achievement), My IGN: Salomea, Kilim, Mirabelka :) Questions & Answers: Are you able to do other dungeons? Everything depends on which one of course, just ask me in game or via IV for info about it. I'm not that good in PvM to do dungeons like Nidas, Vortex etc. :( Is it price per character? Yes, it is. Is it possible to do Achievements? Will you want something extra for it? Yes, of course! Everything depends on which one you need. Probably I'll need some extra kamas, but it depends on dungeon and achievement. What about soul? Everything depends on you. You can soul dungeon, it will be your :) For more info message me in game or IV :)
  22. Int/Cha or Int/Agi as Cra to deal as much as possible damage per turn. I don't like Eca at all, but I used to play Str/Agi/Power when I had one geared. If I were you I would take Osa or Xelor instand of Eca. Str or Str/Agi Xelor for sure.
  23. Most of the dungeons are pretty easy to do with any combo. You can add two characters to the team later or just one and start dealing with PvP in kolossium. I'm not sure what are you aiming for at all. Is it PvP or PvM? Both can give you nice kamas. In PvP you can do the daily Sufokia quest to deal with p2p on all your characters (it's around 140kk/ea character per day), kolossium on three characters (triple win a day gives you 240kk/ea character), perceptors (all depends on day, but can even get 1-2mk+) and some other activities. In PvM you might need four characters - it's always easier to do dungeons with your own team or with friends. I would add MP raping class to your combo (Enu/Sadi/Cra) and Rogue? You can do the same daily quest per day in Sufokia, add to this quests, almanax, dungeon achievements and crafting. There are seriously many ways of making kamas.
  24. You should choose classes that you are going to have fun from.
  25. It's better to be multi or just pushback damage fogg in 2k17. There were few Int foggers years back, but it's not worth going that way anymore. Most of players are hitters now with % healing or lifestealing. The only thing you have to do is heavy damage to kill them.