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  1. The following class pairings are forbidden: Sadida/Osamodas Masqueraider/Osamodas Masqueraider/Sacrier Ecaflip/Feca Ouginak/Feca Enutrof/Xelor Enutrof/Sacrier Enutrof/Eliotrope Uthman/Anything You are too strong Uthman. The only way you can play here is solo.
  2. For sure Eni is much better in team in PvM, but in PvP it depends on your team. Osa has alot of things that Eni doesn't which are usefull in percs/kolossium or tournaments. For example unbeawith and gravity on enemies. Eniripsa can only add 2 AP once per turn and Osa I'm not sure but for sure more. Also the MP boost is really cool here. Just take Eni for PvM it's cool.
  3. It is fine, but the cost of items is higher for sure.
  4. https://www.dofusplanner.com/3mHct/ - int/cha https://www.dofusplanner.com/EKxzo/ - agi/cha https://www.dofusplanner.com/7H4Ja/ - int https://www.dofusplanner.com/C5kuf/ -int/agi/crit It wasn't that easy to combine good sets without exos, but you might like some of them. In the int/cha one you can choose resistance overs for sure.
  5. I'm not sure how it is now after the update, but before Klime made a damage based on missing hp. It is best to erosion him and fate/duel spam. I think u are able to deal even 10k+ damage using Elio portals with wrath and fate boosted.
  6. Why would you like to dodge klime? They did nerf on it and not ending on the glyph gives u pacifist state. You need alot of dodge to do it probably - to fully dodge klime. Isn't it better to place portal behind you and cast Odyssey? ( the spell that pulls to into the portal and enemie just one next to it? Probably you are doing it with Iop or any other nice damage dealer so klime will be in cc range with portal. Just wrath/fate it or something and it's dead :)
  7. Good luck in life :)
  8. Baby girl, you're so damn fine though.
  9. I'm not sure If owning, but fighting against this comp without panda or erosion is hard.
  10. https://www.dofusplanner.com/ltDRk/ - 200 level one, but probably you can change something here.
  11. It all depends on your stats at the moment. The best way to level up now solo and making kamas in the same time are kolossium fights, treasure hunts, dopples, professions. If I were you I would choose treasure hunts and daily dopple run. https://dofustreasure.net/ - site that might help you in treasure hunts.
  12. I think any class is good for solo gaming. You can just make quests and dungeon achievements. Also the best option is to level professions (nice way to do kamas). Sac is really op in kolossium, sometimes nearly unbeatable when enemy team has no erosion. Any element is good for it and the cheapest set would be tread + element gear that you want go for.
  13. You could try Ougi/Osa/Feca or Ougi/Osa/Panda. Osa str will lock enemies with gobbals and deals nice damage to them, Ouginak might be agi (mostly for dodge/lock and erosion) and Feca or Panda int with healing weapon. I think there is boogey wand or something like this, but I'm not sure. I didn't play kolossium on that levels, so I can be wrong.
  14. Goodbye Fook, I'll miss you so much ( see you in few months) :((
  15. You still have chance eca team and str sadi team no worries =^.^=