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  1. Daily quests at Sufokia take around 10-15 minutes.
  2. For sure best is to play on 4-5 accounts, so you can make dungeons w/o anyone. Sometimes it's just hard to play with random people and doing dungeons with them ( they mostly leave after few tries ). People mostly think that u need lot of kamas to gear team, pay for p2p. In my opinion you can just do daily quests on all chars like umm... sufokia one. You will get your kamas for p2p that way. What about gear? There is achievement system now, you can get resouces for your items like this. Probably the hardest way will be leveling all the alts to 190+ ( takes really long sometimes ). What can I say about single acc? Probably the only thing u can do is PvP (kolossium, percs). It's not that bad way to make kamas. Also you can try maging, you don't need alts for it. In PvM you will need someone to help you with dungeons and some quests.
  3. Have a nice time Uthman :D
  4. Osa/Xel/Iop is one of the most op comps in kolo at the moment you have probably everything in it. You have to learn xelor abit, but if you do, it will be best.
  5. Most of people at level 150~ are alts or something that are geared really well. It might be hard to fight vs them if u don't have a proper gear and some cancer class. Iop can be hard to play in single kolo at 200, you need team to let you deal full damage to your enemy with for example wrath/fate and other attacks. I used to play panda/eni/iop and it was really cool comp with this class you have always this ap/mp bonus for iop when he has wrath or fate. I think you want a class that heals and deals damage in one right? I think that can be fogger/eca/eni or osa, those 4 classes are really fun to play in solo and in team.
  6. bump, added three seemyool harness sold karmeleons :)
  7. Rukai didn't scam enough equipment for his eca, give him time ok ?
  8. You can always try int/cha - it might be fun. There is this new meno set which gives you mp redu and good stats. Also wat/fire weapons are pretty nice. If i remember there are two wands, bow and hammer.
  9. I didn't even expect limp achie xD
  10. Good luck with guild guys ^_^
  11. I can suggest you to gear iop first with some 12/5 set that deals nice damage. Enu doesn't need op set, just 130mp redu + might be good you can just find out 11/6 set with lethal cloak and barba things. The way you can gear your team is probably frigost 3. When you hit 199 on chars you can try dungeons here and get mats from achievements. Dungeons are not that hard if you have a proper team. What about making money and leveling your chars now ? I didn't level for a while any of alts, but I used to do buck dungeons with souls. It was cool way to make kamas, every souls was like 400-600kk ea. I can see it's 399kk now. It's hard to say if it's still sellable, but probably yes. Wish you best luck bro.
  12. Good luck bro, thanks for your help :D