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  1. bump only need Crimson dofus!
  2. They change your nick when you have a vulgar words in it.
  3. You are right Reapersurm. I would add Iop as third character to Panda and Rogue to deal with dimension dungeons like you said.
  4. Welcome and enjoy :)
  5. bump! Tash ring bought for 1,6mk and Tread amulet for 5,3mk
  6. it's always better to have one more element. Also your Str/Int/Cha set is really cool :)
  7. He didn't say PvP or PvM, but yeah you are right.
  8. It depends on how do you play. As str/agi sram you will keep eroding enemies in close combat I think :D
  9. Sadly it doesn't give you str, but u can get nice resists/range/lock and agi with it. There is also Tash ring that you can use instand of it.
  10. https://www.dofusplanner.com/Cv91x/
  11. I would like to BUY items that are below: Belteen - 9mk Inky Veil - 17mk Tread Boots - 4,3mk Tread Amulet - 5,3mk Koutoulou Mask - 9,6mk Bearbaric Band MP exo - 12mk Tash Ring - 2mk Terroid Axe - 2mk Contact me in game Salomea or via Impsvillage. I don't care about stats on most of items, because I can mage them. let's say that Bearbaric Band MP exo should be cool and Inky Veil :)