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  1. Wait... what? .___.
  2. The signature commission for Rob is EPIC XD
  3. Osa is not for everyone, I understand :) For me, osa will always be my main character :D Which class did you choose in the end?
  4. Yeah... read that already. That's old ;) Anything else?
  5. Does anyone have an advice on how to beat Mutant Itsh? :)
  6. Indeed, there has been a patch and the quest has been fixed :)
  7. It is bugged, it's going to be fixed with next maintenance I think.
  8. About 150 tries... but I FINALLY did it! @___@
  9. Hi Bob! Thanks for your answer :) I will try to do that fight again (and again, and again, and again...). If you are online at the same time as I am, and want to check the fight to give some help and support -or maybe just have fun watching me dying surrounded by flames x)- let me know :D
  10. Ok... so... with the new expansion we will be able to do a series of quests for elemental dofus. In order to start those quests, you need to have already finished the quests that Meriana assigns, Emerald dofus, Turq dofus, etc. I'm still at the very beginning of Turq dofus quest line, struggling with Bolgrot fight. Can anyone give me some suggestions, please? That fight is so frustrating... Someone told me that having flames in diagonal line is great, that is the only thing I know... (I still don't know why, but it's supposed to be very good). Any other idea? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!