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  1. Yes I'm the evil himself, conspiracy believer will believe even if his teamate was also part of the organization and claim the opposite but whatever.
  2. Thank you for your interest Tezar. Even though this is something we have thought about, this sounds more like an idealistic vision because you'll have osa feca eni + 2 class vs osa eni feca + 2 class like perk and prism fights. (based on your criteria). And this is not what we prefer and we are going to do a 3 vs 3 tournay. If we wanted to spice it up we would go 8 vs 8 which has never been seen instead of a tournament version of 5 vs 5 perk and prism. But the main reason is the ease of a 3 vs 3 like I explained before, more teams can be built, it's easier for the players (the time and sets) and the organization. For the restriction, it is already very low. For the spectators, it really depends on the fight, it could be very slow or very fast but basically a 5 vs 5 can be messy and anyone could lose the focus or not have any idea on what is happening which is the opposite of the E sport. Waiting 9 turns before your favourite huppermage can play or not knowing what cooldowns are available since each global turns are mega long, a very large number of boost malus and states on multiple entities (if not all). This is not the organization responsability.
  3. Hello everyone, Fe-cabrun, Defuse and myself were thinking about organising a PvP tournament in Echo and I've been asked by different players whether I'm doing an event soon. All the rules, details and dates are not decided yet but our goal is to allow a lot of team to participate. For now this is only a preview : 3 vs 3 : The less character the teams need the more team we can make but it is also easier for solo players to find a team, need less multi account and it will be easier to have at least 3 sets for the team instead of 4. Also the kolo helps a lot for the practice when it might be harder to find practice for 4 vs 4. Selection phase : Unlimited number of teams, 5 or 6 rounds depending on how many teams are competing. In each round you fight a team that has the same or close to the same score than yours, a ranking will be done. If you lose some fights, it doesn't mean you're disqualified or have no chance to qualify for finals. The map will be randomly drawn for each round and will be the same for everyone. It's not impossible that a map is banned from the entire tournament if judged unplayable. Final phase : 8 or 16 teams are qualified depending on how many teams are competing. A tree is generated and the 1st and 4th teams are placed in one half of the bracket and the 2nd and 3rd in the other half, the rest is placed randomly. And for the direct opponent, in the first round of the final phase the best team fights the last, the second fights the before last etc. Those two characteristics are made to avoid having a bracket too strong and another too easy, strong teams killing each other and having a “ poor “ final. It is also a good reason to be in the top ranking and it gives a motivation to teams that are theoretically qualified during the last rounds of the selection phase. Starting from now a loss is definitive, so to reduce the luck part different things are added. The possibility to ban 3 maps for each teams, then a map is randomly drawn between the left ones. Starting from the 1/4 finals (or 1/2 finals if only a few teams participate) a BO3 system is included. It means you need 2 victories to definitely win the match. 3 Maps will be selected but the 3rd map will be played only if the two first fight result in a draw. Multi account : It will be allowed, I don't believe someone who plays his team alone has more chances to win although it might be easier for him to crush weaker teams, but once the fights get harder this one player will make many more mistakes under pressure (I've seen teams with solo players in other tournament and they never went far, making huge mistakes or passing with AP). Well we never know if some genius will appear and win everything alone but it must be seen to be done. So if someone decides to play alone despite the fact that he might have less fun or less chance of winning - it's his own choice and fully respected. Composition : No change is allowed once the registration is done, the compositions are fixed and are the same from the start until the end of the tournament. The only restriction will be the double pillars, the Sacri, Xelor, Feca, Osa and Eni are pillars and if played together it leaves very few solutions to the opponent and it would force everyone to play double pillars to be able to compete against it. Every other combination is allowed, indeed making duo restriction or a system with point is very long and uncertain, it's very hard to say which compos are the strongest or shouldn't be allowed because of all the updates with shields, cra's erosion, emerald nerf, osa hupper and ougi nerf. It's also impossible to balance everything perfectly because someone who's looking for the best compo will just take the next best compositions. I don't believe there will be any unbeatable composition, for example a typical xel enu iop can win or be beaten by a feca sram panda which can be beaten by another compo like eni hupper + masq/elio/enu/sadi/sram/... as third. The enu elio + dmg dealer will also be allowed, this team is strong but not safe and is vulnerable to rushing strategies since it doesn't have any pillar when an osa/eni/... + elio +rogue/iop/... might be more solid. So I do believe the match up will be more based on the plays and the ability to punish the opponent's mistakes than exploiting an auto win compo (which doesn't exist imo). The last reason is I want to allow ppl to play with their friends and not force anyone to buy class change potion because their compo is not allowed. And the players who think they have more chances to win with different class are free to reroll of course. Although I don't think double classes are cancer because of the global cooldown of OP spells except for double elios and cras I guess that can be ultra cancer, it will be forbidden since it doesn't make a lot of sense and isn't very aesthetic for a tournament. (unless the majority wants it) To conclude, It is enough balanced and adding more restriction might instead result in less balance. Items : Except for the incarnations and multimen, everything is allowed : Class items, shields, dofus, healing weapon, .. Schedule : July : There is a bigger version of dofus cup during that period although Ankama hasn't given any details about it. There are a lot of players who go on holidays too so maybe it isn't the best period. August : We aren't available as organizers so without organization there is no tournament I guess (at least not from us). September : Most of the players come back from holidays or finish their exams so it looks like a good period. Time : We are aware that is an obstacle for Echo so we will look for some solutions. But the main logic remains this : know your priority ! If you don't have time, don't participate. Reward : This is the base of any competition and an additional motivation to the teams and sometimes a proof of the seriousness of the event, whoever claims it is not needed and what matters are the participation and the joy of fighting is invited to decline the reward at the end of the tournament. - Battler shield, it is a linked shield that you can obtain only by winning a tournament. You can choose on which account it will be given if you've been using a character from a different account. - Battler helmet, also linked but one of the rarest item in the game because you can win this only if your character has already the Battler shield, it will also open the access to further Battler items that Ankama will add (official sources) - Kamas from two sources : The registration fees and donations. The amount is not decided yet but efforts will be done to make this part as clear as possible and anyone who is willing to make a donation for the price pool is welcome but must respect some rules. To avoid false promise and any confusion, you're considered as a donor only when the donation has been made, no promise or words are accepted and your kamas will be put in a chest and not be used until the tournament is over. Also, donations are not accepted once the tournament starts (basically in the opening ceremony after the registrations are done), so the total amount will be fixed and everyone know what they can win. But in any case I won't reveal the names of those who want to be anonymous. Streaming : A streaming is needed to officialize the tournament and allow the Battler reward. We've already fixed that part but any independent streamer is free to record the fights. Discord : A server dedicated to the tournament will be open and given further in the time. PS : We are volunteers, we do it for fun so it is not our duty to organize something, to be available for every request or solve every problem you might encounter. We will try to solve issues as long as it is reasonable. Negative players aren't welcome; players who cause trouble, have always a lot of problems, aren't respectful to the other participants or to the organization effort,... Sorry If I've hurt your eyes with my English mistakes.
  4. You just write " cherche 3 vs 3 " in any chat in the tournament server and you'll be spammed " nous "
  5. I didn't receive any official answer but from the feedback of other players who also participated in TDA and 1001G the characters you register MUST all be lvl 150, reaching at least one char 150 on your team or on your account is NOT enough.
  6. - Every player must have his own character lvl 150+ - It's not very clear if you must have at least one character lvl 150 or if the character you register must be lvl 150 because of they way the sentence is build you can understand both meaning (in french), I've sent a msg to Kylls and in some forum and i'm waiting for reply :) - You can still create and lvl up a new character to reach the lvl 150 until 7 march (if the maximum 1500 team is not reached before) but not change class or migrate (apparently it creates problem for them)
  7. Do you really need an advantage over someone who zaap sit ? Or maybe you want an advantage over the good pvper. I agree with the fact that player can't get miraculously better all of a sudden but not with the rest. I think the only advantage you should have over other players is the time you've spend about practising, testing, etc not the time you spent on dung, profession or irl cash you spent for items. Why someone who spent 100h maging should have an advantage over someone who spent 100h doing kolo but having less kamas in a pvp competition ? Also let's say you're of one the pro league team, how are you supposed to practice with your team if you must spent inimaginable hours doing new dungs, trying the impossible exo to be at the top ? How do you avoid player who get all their items with no effort (borrow, steal, luck, ...) ? The only bad part is not having the possibility to personalize your set like exo neutral something that wasn't supposed to but maybe this is what they want like the malus crit res on treadfast that shouldn't be avoided in a competition fight (it makes the set too good).
  8. Don't need this attitude thx Panda is understandable when you think about it, elio has been nerfed and it's harder to blitz with elio enu so comes the panda to secure the combo by carrying the elio while the enu pull out so the elio can place portails or pull someone without any effort while nobody can move. This said it's not as solid as an eni elio enu which can also play very long fight. But panda/elio without enu is more about copying Panda PVM and hope to do as good as they did. Talking about djaul, I agree with you maybe they could do something more or less equal to fsss with a better team D but they just have done the exact same compo than last year, ogdru with his zexi and shallio with panda pvm. Where I don't agree is this : Sram ? SRAAAAAAM ???? Sram counter feca, elio, xel, fog, sacri and counter his eca/iop rival just with one spell called jinx and it's not only about placing a repel trap in the middle of the map that even a chafer could activate by accident, well sometimes it works but bro sram is waaay more than this. Invisibility means getting out of any hard situation, you're never locked by anything, ennemy can't coop you or your ally which reduce his choice by a lot. If you're the type of sram that leaves his team alone for 3 turns while they are suffering in a 3 vs 4 then yes it's noob but if you use the invisi at your team advantage then it's a huge weapon. And for the weakness covered by each other i don't agree, it's more each class exploiting the strenght of the others I mean they can avoid any focus and erosion by just all of a sudden going invisi after eroding someone, sacrifice/evasion, bastion/barricade, natural gift. And for xel when you need exacte position to work and when you know his dial/paradoxe/rollback cooldowns and check if he ever casted flight, it becomes quite predictable especially when you play with a xel in your team or play it yourself you see always the same combos coming while the sram ISNT predictable, you don't even know where he placed his repel and tricky traps it's like gambling with each mp you use. And trap of silence is very cancer for a xel, before starting your turn you know you gotta sacrifice a lot of hp just to make a simple combo assuming you can finish your turn when you have 10 moves to do and are stopped several time by traps hh. The gameplay of the sac is very old but still one of the best in 4 vs 4 and actually works with anything. Not when they have perma 9mp, the powerfull rape in zone and maddol is more efficient when more ennemies are infected. But mastering a sadi team need quite some skill and the tactics are quite infinite since every turn you must make choice about placement and which summon to use and when + take the IA into consideration. Playing sadi no brain in 1 vs 1 and playing tactical in a 4 vs 4 is waaaay different. Maybe go look how Niiska plays And for the mobility they have groot and the new earthquake activates during sadi's turn so they can unlock from anything unless there is a gravita glyph which is not bad and every class cannot be like xels.
  9. plot twist, you cannot trade or throw any items in goult server or we wouldn't have player with -32 crit res last year. In french forum when someone propose a system or a shared bank where players can lend/offer items for goult players and make the communauty even more involved for their server, they just get mocked and insulted ... they prefer those incident coming I guess and it doesn't happen with timeless only.
  10. I really like this set, The autor of this set is Hanguns the rogue winner of 1001G and he is still pretty active, you're right about the rogue being free in elements since he has enough protection but I don't see why he is wrong playing a 162 dmg/1000 chance. Mono and bi element rogue have both their advantage and disadvantage but mono water is still one of the best for rogue in group pvp
  11. Here you say opponents are on disadvantage cauz they put res trophy and have less spot for normal trophy Here I understand you say opponents have an advantage cauz they " only" have to put res trophy to " face " this team So who is on advantage finaly ? Cauz you say 2 opposite things
  12. Because some have spent a lot of time on it while Ankama didn't mention at all it was useless. Ok the selection change and they have their reason wich is still questionnable but tell it before players spend days and weeks for nothing !! On the other hand someone who have top speed doesn't mean he is the most skilled ok, but someone who have made 0 effort, who have 0 skill ( who might even be lvl 150) have more chance than before. All this said, now let's see what happens. They said the majority would vote randomly but the ones who know pvp should make the difference (or not ?) Gl all
  13. Nope it's El-bestiaux not me, he was first in speed test last year without my help and still is this year. He is still playing on different server but still log in rushu and he is ready for goult dw :)
  14. Was top luck or just bad memory x)
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