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  1. Hairsh Bracelet 1/0 AP 297/300 Vit 48/50 Pow 8/10 Earth Damage 8/10 Neutral Damage 8/10 Water Damage 10/10 % Neutral Resist 4/4 Critical Hits 2/2 Range 25m is the price in my mind of course price is always negotiable... Nekochief 1/0 %Earth Res 293/300 Vit 30/40 Wis 46/50 Pow 1/1 AP 0/-1 MP 359/400 Ini 10/10 Fire Resistance 10/10 % Fire Resistance 5/6 AP Loss Resistance 8/10 Lock 10/10 Critical Resistance 30m is the price again its negotiable Feel free to pm me on imps or in game Rushu IGN 'Parats' Solar IGN 'Jarixus or Sheridans'
  2. Hello there buddy,I have these items with the stats you have given,I was wondering have you bought them or not? If not I would ask you to wait as I'll be on rushu next tuesday,much cheers ^^
  3. Hello buddy I got one on solar for you but idk what do you mean by perfect as you havent inserted stats you expect here.So I can offer you to meet in rushu if you like what I have 1/0 AP 297/300 vit 48/50 pow 4/4 cri 2/2 range 8/10 all damages 10/10 neut res so its basically only lacking 6 damage,hit me back !! ^^
  4. First gratz on the exomage I can see your hype,but what my other friends are trying to tell is that you need to improve the other stats as well before you try the big ones in,any exomage without good stats is mostly seen junk by people,so maging them without the other stats would highly decrease its value,by this said I hope your luck continues while you got better stats on the others,cheers!
  5. Dang bro I was looking at this topic to see some good mages an learn stuff and I found out the perfect cape I bought from malt was maged almost a year ago Edit: Just wondering how much he paid for you on this I got it from him for 30 mk a month ago Edit might make you sad: It was inky veil mimied (inkys are 20-25 mk recently alone) SO YES IT WAS A BARGAIN
  6. Hi guys here are the stats below Tash Ring 1/0 Ap 10/0 ini 194/200 vit 49/50 str 21/25 wis 4/4 cri 5/5 dam 17/20 pros 10/10 on all linear and % resses 34mk is my price(prolly one of the best ap tashs in the server) Gein Belt %4/0 earth res 316/350 vit 59/60 str 54/60 int 30/40 wis 1/1 range 9/10 neu dam 9/10 earth dam 10/10 fire dam 5/15 pros 8/10 dod 23/25 cri dam %15/15 fire res 19mk Prices only negotiable if your lacking 500-600kk or stuff else these are cheap already Feel free to pm me on imps
  7. Looking to buy 80 pow vit 40 pow cha 40 pow int 40 pow agi 40 pow wis scrolls. Im paying 40kk each,if you have them pm me on imps,happy imps'ing ^^
  8. Got em all can close this topic,ty
  9. May I learn your in game name please? @Elyroth
  10. Im looking to buy these resources listed below: Dantinea's Dentures x11 285kk ea Meno's Hair x6 290kk ea Silyrus Moustache x21 55 kk ea Verminoculate Eye x9 25kk ea Viring Shell x6 25 kk ea Protoz Nucleus x21 700kk ea Whale Salt x8 100 kk ea Bacterrible Antenna x20 20kk ea Merkator's Beard x14 190kk ea Count Scapula x12 350kk ea Sinistrofu Wing x50 30kk ea Nidas Jewel x11 180kk ea Rose of Sands x6000 110 kamas ea Im not buying 1 by one unless they are for a hell of a cheaper price,I only buy in bulks I have written upwards. Pm me in game after tuesday 3rd of August or hit me a pm on Imps if you have the items I listed,happy imps'ing everyone ^^
  11. Interested in your kideebonnet as it seems like a chick magnet! My offer is 17mk though if you still have it,will be on rushu on next tuesday,hit me on imps if you are good to go,gl for the future magings ^^
  12. Inky and Ochre prebooked! You can still make offers to pass theirs
  13. Hello guys,I'll be transfering my acc to rushu in less than a week so starting this topic from now on would make my job easier to sell my stuff,so imagine this like a pre-booking,if we can have a deal I'll treat like the item is sold.You can contact me by sending a message to my imps profile,so lets check on the stuff I got! Looking for around 40mk Looking for around 8mk(%4 Earth Res exo) Looking for around 23 mk (%4 Earth Res exo) Looking for around 28mk Looking for around 28mk Looking for around 18mk ALSO SELLING: Ochre Dofus:30mk Turq Dofus: 8mk Like I said on the top of the page,to pre-order or negotiate about the price for the item you are interested in,hit me a pm on imps,happy impsing ^^
  14. Prices decreased!