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  1. Heyo, it's a me, Deejay! I am a level 200 Feca and am looking for someone to leech/help me through Ilyzaelle's dungeon. I don't know about the prices so not to break the rules of this village I can promise a payment of 2 million kamas, negotiable. Leave a message here or catch me in game, I go by the name Deejay. EDIT: Got it done, thread can be closed/deleted
  2. I nominate myself to play the whole Goultarminator with 16 computers.
  3. Woops my bad
  4. No one ever mentioned that
  5. I would volunteer for the Rogue spot but not 200 and not the gear :D
  6. Alright, I know you're good with Masque so how about looking for someone interested and teaching them a few tricks?
  7. Posting on topic again, I saw Persona's list, could it be possible to find a new Feca and Persona goes back to Masqueraider for the tournament? I believe he has enough experience on that class.
  8. That doesn't really happen in a game where you actually need to think, unlike soccer
  9. Why does our shitty English community even bother to try? The French win anyways, either by having a great advantage with their bigger community (more items and better strategies which they plan together) or if that seems to fail they DDOS the opponents x)
  10. Am I allowed to refuse to join perceptor fights if my character is orange?
  11. I'm selling a 440 vitality Peki Peki with a Platypus mimisymbic! I'm looking for 6mk but I can go bit lower (note: bit lower doesn't mean 4mk) Contact me here or in game, Deejay's the name :D
  12. Hello everyone! I am Deejay the Rogue from Rosal, some of you may have seen me in game or the official Dofus forums, but I decided that it's time to join this community too! I started playing Dofus back in 2006 if I recall correctly, but never made it past level 30 back then... I gave up but found the game again in 2008 and actually worked my way through the first 40 levels as a young Osamodas, but found out that the class wasn't for me. I proceeded to play every class for a bit until I sticked to Sacrier for 70 levels, this took me over 2 years! Then something magnificent happened, the release of Rogues! I saw that they had guns and bombs and decided to dump the Sacrier to play Rogue - this was my greatest decision during all the time in Dofus! The new class offered me a challenge but after 4 years I got to say I love it! I'm currently playing an Agility Rogue and mainly focusing on Kolossium and having fun, I have no rush to hit 200, I've played for ages to get 194 so I might as well take another year x) Anyways, I'm currently part of Veldin's guild Fantastic Five and having a great time as a part of the (unfortunately slowly dying) community of Rosal. I'm always happy to meet new people and have a laugh with them so if you feel so, don't hesitate to message me! Anyways, I'm bad at introductions so feel free to ask any questions! :)7 -Deejay