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  1. thanks :( will need it. still looking for a good one.
  2. Sorry i need better stats. thanks for trying though
  3. bump cmon is there seriously no serious exomager?
  4. [22:41] (Guild) Qedi: if he comes online , his exo is rdy shaz

  5. qedi wants you to log

  6. got it maged. can close. thanks
  7. bump still for sale
  8. bump still looking
  9. Bump still up for sale, and for 45m now!
  10. Looking for the stats as follows: 340-390 /300 vit 55-60 agi 34-40 wis 1 range 15 air damage 6mp resistance 10% earth resistance 15 pb resistance 1 summon Am paying 45m for the ring having 340 vit and will pay more if it has higher vitality over along with the summon among the stats listed above. Please note that i WILL NOT take anything if below the listed stats.
  11. 44x/400 vit 75+/80 agi 36+/ 40 wis 15 air damage 11-12 dodge 10% water resist 10 ap dodge 30 crit resist Will pay somewhere in the range of 35m for this stats. Otherwise, if anyone's feeling lucky, u could try range exo on the following set of stats 395+/400 vit 75+/80 agi 36+/ 40 wis 15 air damage 11+/12 dodge ( will pay 3m more if 12) 10% water resist 9+/10 ap dodge (will pay 3m more if 10) 25+/30 crit res (will pay 3m more for every crit res on top of 25) 1 Range Base price for this starts at 60m and will add up the better it is.
  12. Ty :)
  13. Stats being as follows: 1 AP 488/ 500 vita 84 / 90 agi 53/ 60 wis 2 range 19/20 air dmg 10%/10% fire resist 13/15 crit dmg Looking for 48mk. There is some room for negociation but practically not too much. Msg me if you're interested and want to make me a close offer. IG. Maltese
  14. Title says it all, Will be paying in the range of 32-34mil for one. Msg me.