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  1. Which school did you go to to learn sufokia dunjon pls?
  2. I will only add 1 bit to help clean up some of the childish comments i have read in this topic. Ever since this topic was opened, everyone in platinum ignored me, I contacted urmom, he told me to msg rising. Then i msg rising, and he ignored me. Then we are told that i didn't return the hat. Good logic. Ciao again. :) enjoy the bashing on me, y'all
  3. Yh sven Izmar is bae
  4. Too bad MP failed ;/
  5. Saw it too, but i don't think there's a valid explanation for that. He raged, np. He didn't break his pc ? oh well life sucks
  6. no sry only 190+
  7. ok 300 kamas each max
  8. i buy all item lvl 190 + with any stats for 40% off original mats price pm if you want fast kamas
  9. No longer interested in this hat. Can close. thanks
  10. Id have been interested but looking for 95+ agi, would defo not pay 20m for the one u showed me , sorry.
  11. just saw this post. id offer u a tissue but then again u can be selling this hat elsewhere men :o its nice.
  12. Msg me when u log
  13. WAWAWAWAWAWAWAW mens i knew sac got buff but hell your sac is on fkin roids men look at dat physique! god bless ankama and their revamps :D
  14. 390/400 vit 95/100 agi 34/40 wis 1/1 range 2/2 summons 20/20 damages 13/10 air resists 8/8 mp dodge 8/8 lock Paying in the range of 20 to 25mk for the mentioned hat and stats not lower than that. msg me
  15. Very fast service, would definately recommend as i'll be using it agian in the near future. Le bump for chrollo