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  1. yo!

    :) Try adding some dancing to the list.
  2. Gave it a shot after having my attention brought to it again during open beta. Definitely worth checking out for anyone who has enjoyed the Diablo series and/or other similar games. It's completely free to play while development is being funded by selling mostly cosmetic stuff and some other goods/services (not a pay2win crapper). The game will be fully released on the 23-rd October (not sure about timezone, but roughly 2 weeks to go from the time of posting). If anyone is planning to try it out here's some starter tips: http://pathofexileguides.net/things-i-wish-i-knew-when-i-started-playing-path-of-exile/. You can always check the official site (http://www.pathofexile.com/) or Google for more information. There will be a passive skill tree reset on release so you can fix up the mess you have created during beta as well.
  3. Sidimote Moor. Grew up grinding Ouginak mobs there long ago (2 x Ouginaks per mob mostly). Some time after hitting level 100 Pandala was added and everything changed =p Since I used to play with sound always on this brings back a lot of memories:
  4. Nice to see that you haven't forgotten about Imps =P Hope the move and upgrade went smooth.
  5. The skin is still available for use (bottom left to change). Be warned though that at least on Firefox I couldn't switch back normally since the select was broken with the April fools skin (had to use Firebug to change the selected value and submit the form).
  6. Some people seem to claim that Ankama is breaking the game and things were much better in the past. I'll tell you a bit what the pvm and pvp world would look like now if Ankama would have never worked on game balancing since 2005 (when I started playing): 1) PVP: eniripsas would be unbeatable in 1 vs 1 matches, because they could have massive vit/resists sets with their exceptional healing ability. Erosion didn't exist and enis also had invisibility, which back then was not cancelled by any attacks. Most dominant combo in group pvp would likely be eni + sac. Sacs had exceptional map manipulation spells, permanent +stat buffs and would probably deal ~2000 damage 4 AP punishments every second round (lower when hp goes down, but coupled with eni you'd likely die before it gets too low). 2) PVM: the ultimate team would consist of 3 classes only: sac + enis + pandas. Everything else would mostly be a waste of space and just slow the fight down. Sacs would be heavily buffed at the beginning of the fight (permanent +stat buffs). The entire team would be sacrificed for the whole fight while enis keep preventing word on sac reducing the damage taken immensely. Stacked AP from stim and pandas positioning + stacked weaknesses would result in the sacrier very quickly finishing off everything. I am oversimplyfying things a bit, but both of these things have been a reality (or close to it). In my opinion Ankama has improved the game immensely throughout the years. I'd agree that they often take too long with important game balancing and maybe some changes are too drastic or could just be better, but overall they are moving in the right direction. This particular update doesn't seem to be an exception when looking at the grand scheme of things.
  7. Thanks for all the tips so far! Still have Pingwin and Buck mats left - anyone know what the more popular crafts from those are?
  8. A large amount of items will be more difficult to craft after the upcoming nerf hits so I'm looking to use up various materials now. I have a bunch of Frigost 1 and Sakai mats for which I haven't found a purpose yet. Seems like Mastogob resources are best used on the 2 amulets for AP runes? What else is good/popular to either use myself, sell or make runes out of? I've largely used up my Frigost 2 mats on items which I may want to use or what I thought were popular enough to sell in case I don't need them, but any suggestions with these and all kinds of other materials/crafts are also welcome.
  9. I don't know what kind of permissions moderators have here, but an administrator should be able to help you out. Just try pm-ing one of them (your best bet might be Fosjam as most of the admins seem fairly inactive these days).
  10. Anyone know of some quick achievements that give good xp? :P I've hardly done any of them so there might be something I could make use of with my limited time/motivation.
  11. What was the gift for this one (if anyone rememebers)?
  12. From a outsiders point of view: 1) Your dad/family should be shamed for what your dad does. 2) Your dad/family should be shamed for trying to look good from the outside despite what's happening inside. Essentially your family's good outside reputation is fake and worthless. I know these are probably not simple matters, but hopefully you can figure something out to make things better. What I would personally try: 1) Talk, try to get to a mutual understanding, find a better solution than violence to the problems. 2) Try to hold him back, just enough to not let him beat you up too badly.
  13. Guild id-s are probably auto-incremental values on the database level. Rushu being the second oldest server (to my knowledge) could have very well meant that they copied the database structure over from Jiva which may have had already a solid number of guilds and there could have been plenty of them inserted for testing purposes originally. Databases store (among other things) also the next value for auto-increment fields and the devs probably forgot to reset them. This means that even though the guild table was empty for Rushu the stored auto-increment value remained at 5000 meaning that the first guild got an id of 5000. Now they probably make sure these get reset as well so it isn't happening anymore.
  14. Power doesn't get anywhere near the oldest ones as I'm not a beta player myself and I created the guild some time after I had hit level 60. In case you wanna keep it in the list, the creation date is 17/12/2005 17:40. Before Power I was in Misfits (til the original leader ditched it) so that guild is fairly old as well. Revolution is relatively new to my knowledge since Luci was in Interference for quite a while before leaving and creating Revo.