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  1. ilyazaelle will always have the most active EN community purely because it was the first mono server.
  2. I think it bothers Ankama that Cras are useless in close combat apart from maybe 1 or 2 spells which aren't all that threatening cause they can't be spammed every turn. I think it makes them pretty balanced but some people and Ankama thinks its the worst thing in the world and needs to be fixed.
  3. Mine is pretty self explanatory, my name is anthony clark, my nickname is anthonyclark. Now that I think about it when I first made my account I think my nickname was catonfire but I think they changed it to my name for obvious reasons.
  4. I think they should add a few moments of invulnerability after an aggro and when loggin in at a hostile area, that would fix so much.
  5. It looks interesting but i too don't like the mobile vibe I'm getting cause with a strategy/tactics game like Dofus it can be so hit or miss.
  6. For those trying to log Ilyzelle, it really depends on the time you try, if you live in the states and can get on when its night time in france, you should be fine, I can only get on around 7~ cst and I'm free2play and manage to get on without waiting 4/5 times.
  7. Shouldn't have a problem getting on Ilyaelle, I manage to and I'm free2play. Subscribed players should have a much easier time than me and I've only had to wait for a spot once although it also depends on when you try, I think I'm able to get on cause its night time in France when I do.
  8. This is probably gonna sound weird but I'm not a big fan of the December update, it took me years (literally started playing in 09 and just got to max on my main a year or two ago) to get to 200 and now there telling me I have to do the thing I hate, leveling, to unlock the MAX potential of my class... I like the idea of spell variations, just don't care for the idea of leveling to get it... I hate the grind more than anything in the world. Granted, its easier with idols but still a chore that I don't associate with the casual way I approach the game. Once I got to level 200 (mind you this was before they halved the experience from 199-200) I felt like I had finally finished the game, I could do whatever I wanted and didn't have to worry about not being high enough to do X and Y. Now... I just don't know. I feel like people are going to be running around now with these neat tricks they can do and all I'll be able to say is "gee, I haven't leveled enough to get that", post 199 all over again. long story short, I don't wuna level anymore. I spent 8 years leveling and I don't wuna spend another hour doing it again, I have other accounts that are pretty much stuck in time cause there at the same levels they were when I reached the max level for my main. I dunno, it might just be my time to leave the game.
  9. Thanks! I managed to make a couple characters on the server, if the EN community ever gets organized let me know, I won't be able to play till the weekend. IGN: Bryant; Tex
  10. Ilyzaelle if I could ever get on, lol, full =P
  11. Pretty excited about the mad dash to get the names people want when the mono-server opens up. I have 4 names I want to lock down.

  12. To be fair, why would anyone continue to walk to dungeons when you could save time and teleport, that just made sense to implement, where as with this suggestion, it doesn't really accomplish anything that can't or isn't already being done which is paying attention to the achievement your doing. When I'm committed to accomplishing an achievement I just made a point to do it like everything else in life. I know this is guna sound like a "duh" answer but I feel like it needs to be said, 'just don't forget', hell, people fail challenges and they have a reminder, what does that tell you?
  13. How about that single account server?

  14. Holler at me in game. I've completed the quest dungeon before with two others. It's not too difficult once you get the hang of things.
  15. @Bob-skittle Well... I have to admit there is a lot of truth to what you just said, casual gamers like myself just need to commit more time to gearing our players to run end game content. Until the next update that is.