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  1. It's going great! I basically finished the searchable page where you can see how clues look like ( very similar to https://dofustreasure.net ). Already done the multi language support: ALL the clues will be available in Eng,Fre,Ger,Ita,Esp,Por,Rus. I'm at about 24,000 clue positions done :D I still need to tweak a bit some stuffs, depending on how much irl work will keep me busy i might be able to release the searchable page and the clue map by the end of the week or next one i hope :D
  2. Did any hunt lead you into Trool Fair ever?
  3. Do they count as Cross headstone / Grave ?
  4. if hunts can lead you in those two areas then i should map them and remove the cross! Edit: At the moment i'm gathering all the clues' images. Then I will make a page (like the one that already exist) with the name under them so that you can review my names. I still need to go trough more than 24'000 images ;v Then I will make it multilanguage and I'll map all of them into my map ! Finnaly you will be able to report your own findings because i will not be able to map 100% of them but a very good amount of them I believe.
  5. I've read about dimension's hunts on wiki too, but they probably removed them because I never had one there. I had some hunts in Canopy Village what about you? Sakai island? Yep they didn't say about any limits but I noticed I never get hunts in some places that's why i'm asking here for confirmation.
  6. Hey there after the Resource Map http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/149594-dofus-map/ ( which i will move @ www.dofusgo.com ) I'm plannig on doing a Treasure Hunting Clues Map. To start it I need your help: https://gist.github.com/balciseri/a399a2442174ff5f29a717812b9d9d3d I made a list of all the Subareas in the mainworld of Dofus, then i've marked them as follow - x I should remove it from the list because there are no hunts there - k I should keep it because there are hunts there tldr: Can you guys double check it and spot any wrong subarea?
  7. Update 06/12/16: Map updated to 2.39 ! Ohwymi last part: I'm having some problems with the updater so some of the monsters' icons are still missing, i'll fix them when i find a solution to it :p
  8. Have a look at our video : https://www.twitch.tv/mavvox/v/43830269 It was made with your team plus a Sadi, that's how we did it the first time, now we have way more gear and damage and it's more simple to beat it.
  9. Update 18/10/16: Map updated to 2.37 ! Ohwymi : on the Update 13/10/16 i also updated the map engine and the pans should be smooth again.
  10. It's nice to learn while also doing something that you like. Have fun and keep us posted on your progress. If you need help just ask
  11. Horxy I like your idea and Fyorl's old work. I've talked to him and he now fixed his web app and it's now working again ( YURRA! ) but it's not updated since he would had to rerun the caching part, but wiki itself is missing quite a lot of the latest items. I really enjoy doing this stuff ( you can tell by the interactive dofus map up on my website :p ) and since i already have my own databases i started to code something similar.. atm i'm showing just all the ingredients needed for a particular item ( not an entire set ) ecc :D not done.
  12. I'd like to see that site in action but i can't seem to make it work, is it working for you?
  13. If you need any help or just need to share your ideas I'd like to partecipate Horxy, I like to see other people works.. they are a good source for inspiration and knowledge.
  14. Update 20/09/16: Map updated to 2.36 :D Enjoy! mavvo.altervista.org
  15. Hello :D The new map version is almost done! I already got all the new resources' positions ! When the new dofus big update comes live you will also get the resource map updated. Stay tuned. Edit: some screenshots: :p Edit 10-9-16: Finally we get Phoenixes' positions tooooo!!! They will be released with the interface update patch.