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  1. I'm really proud to annunce you version 3! https://dofusgo.com You can finnaly see all the resources on the same map if you click on the ones having a white circle on them indicating how many different types of resources are there! And you also have beautiful tooltips while moving your mouse around! Enjoy!
  2. - I believe it's a Dofus bug if that hatchet @ [23,-39] didn't count as Tool. - For the Tool @ [24,-39] it is same clue as the map before but this time Dofus didn't bug. - There you go the broom @ [24,-41] - Thank you! Finally :D I knew that clue was missing but i coudn't remember his name :D I tried with apple but it's "Stuffed Api" in english. Fixed ! I appreciate that u're using your time to help !
  3. Yes it does help ! thanks for your contribution. After work i'll sort this out Edit: 1) Hidden behind a tree there is the right dt skeleton :p It took a while for me to see it. 2) Added the new clue Yai! Sailboat 3) I went to check and Dofus does this: EN: Tall stone totem pole = PT: Coluna de pedra I can remember that in the latest treasure huntings the little stone totem pole counts indeed also as a Tall stone totem pole. I guess I have to add the images of the little ones too! Even if in english ankama call them TALL....
  4. Did you ever wonder what you need to craft those loooooong recipes? Wonder no more :D https://dofusgo.com/app/lookup Two of the longest i've found so far: https://dofusgo.com/app/lookup/9395 https://dofusgo.com/app/lookup/8993
  5. I will soon start working on moving the map from the old server to the new one so that i can import it into my current site dofusgo.com
  6. OK it should work better now and multilanguage support is on :D have a look @ https://dofusgo.com/app/lookup/8993 Report to me if anything is wrong :D
  7. Try now, tell me what is breaking it
  8. ahah funny :D when i have some time to debug i'll look into it
  9. There is a secret path on my site which is doing what you ask, totally in beta, totally broken :DDD But you can actually beta test it and tell me if the results are correct :D http://dofusgo.com/app/lookup/17850
  10. Help I can't find a map with a Wooden wheel. Many new clues: Windmill building , Conic shell , Sea creature , Skeletal poultry , Bell , Broken cart , Two-wheeled cart , Lhambadda statue , Lighthouse , Barge , Outhouse , Crane , Clothes line, Iop shield , Snowplough , Totem with antlers , Statue without a head , Kanigrula emblem , Dripping sap , Lantern , Used paintbrush and Thanks to The_Golden_One Crate of red fruit , Spherical astrolabe and Spiral shell
  11. Thanks, i'm working on a nice update. I will add a bit of clues. The Spiral shell you linked I am going to add it as Conic Shell, but if you had it as Spiral shell i will add that too. By the way Spherical astrolable O.O awesome never had it!
  12. Added new clues: Dead Gobball:, Egg: Tap: Boat poster: Human skeleton lying down: Saw:
  13. http://dofusgo.com/app/clues/420643 isn't the 7th? Edit: maybe the it's tricking us?
  14. Thank you! Added: Beach towel :Destroyed boat : Are you sure that fiserhma's crate is not already on the site? :D Question: Did you ever get Tap clue in sufokia? Edit: Lol nvm i just did! Gonna add it.
  15. Added new clues: Tap : Open jar: Bamboo Slices:A frigost Lamp-lit minecart: Bench: Removed: it' doesn't count as Liqueur dispenser. Question: Do you guys know if Open jar and Closed jar ( still need to find it ) also do count as Urn? And do Urns count as Open/closed jars ?