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  1. Hello man


    Im trying to use your site, on dofusgo, but it appears to be offline!

    How can I solve this?


    Thank you in advance

    Raphael Souza

  2. Update 04/04/17: https://dofusgo.com/app/map 2.41 map update :D
  3. Added: - Cabin boy skeleton Thanks to Gareld : - Half-buried chest Thanks to Gareld: - Baker's sack Thanks to Joff: - Bow Meow post Thanks to peter: https://dofusgo.com/imgs/clues/32624.png - new Helmet Thanks to ShaRkX:
  4. Another color picker : http://www.superlativeexemplar.com/intelligence/colorpicker
  5. Added something like this to the recipe page. Soon will add this also to the DPset page. Basically you can toggle the resources you don't twant to show in the summary :D
  6. Added: - Bucket Thanks to Alex: - Snowplough Thanks to Lucas: - Urn Thanks to Lucas: - Wooden cabin Thanks to Joff: - Leather emblem Thanks to Joff: - Fish skeleton Thanks to Leonardo: Removed: from Spiral shell, they now count only as Stripey shell
  7. Added: - Wooden wheel Thanks to Joff - Gobball yoke Thanks to Joff - Bony lance Thanks to Pedro
  8. Added: - Frozen Pingwin with a fish and a Cawwot Thanks to Kuksia - now also counts as Scorched corpse Thanks to Kuksia - The Steam machine previously added now counts also as Steam tripod Thanks to Sylka - Crate of tools Thanks to hydrogen1tv - Hermit crab Thanks to Sylka - Sneaky Drheller, Drooling Drheller, Cheating Drheller, Cunning Drheller, Wily Drheller, Wary Drheller, Crafty Drheller, Mischievous Drheller, Skilful Drheller, Smart Drheller, Casual Drheller, Frisky Drheller
  9. Yes i'd like to do something like that, coudn't work on it because i was/am releasing the idols page ! Another idea it's also to make a page where you can compare different sets and see the differences!
  10. Added: - Carried barrel Thanks to Joff - Steam machine Thanks to Fravanlan - Armed Koalak drawing, Koalak drawing, Drawing Thanks to Lucas:
  11. Added Totems thanks to Lucas: Added Soldier crab thanks to Noraxi <3
  12. Added 2 new clues, Thanks to Kaevic from discord: - Trap - Broken branch
  13. Yes i'm alwais looking for ideas, there is still a lot to be done and new tool to be created :D
  14. I'm really proud to annunce you version 3! https://dofusgo.com You can finnaly see all the resources on the same map if you click on the ones having a white circle on them indicating how many different types of resources are there! And you also have beautiful tooltips while moving your mouse around! Enjoy!
  15. - I believe it's a Dofus bug if that hatchet @ [23,-39] didn't count as Tool. - For the Tool @ [24,-39] it is same clue as the map before but this time Dofus didn't bug. - There you go the broom @ [24,-41] - Thank you! Finally :D I knew that clue was missing but i coudn't remember his name :D I tried with apple but it's "Stuffed Api" in english. Fixed ! I appreciate that u're using your time to help !