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Everything posted by Coochie

  1. Class: EcaBuild: OmniKamas/time available: 60-80mk. Have Ochre/Dolmanax/crimson. Exo's welcome. Current team: ElioLvl range: 150-160Extra comments: Looking to do mid level PVP now that interkolo is a thing.PvP or PvM oriented: PVP
  2. I like the idea of starting solo and finding friends. But on that, I spent a good 15 mins running around Astrub/Crackrocks ect trying to give some kamas to noobies, and literally didn't find a single person.
  3. This made me laugh really hard, then sad.
  4. Depends where you want to PVM, but you've got a good set-up for mp rape, as well as the positioning and ability to take out kill targets with panda/rogue combo. I'd throw in an enu/cra/sram for even more immobility. Overall, I like your team. Let us know what you decide!
  5. yo!

    Hiroe! It's been too long. Welcome back!
  6. LOL! Darlene, lay off the wine!
  7. Kathy, you are out of control
  8. Which one comes with a free bottle of wine?
  9. Kathleen has lost it
  10. Imagine Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
  11. Aunt Bessie back at it
  12. WINE VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. This is awesome. Good job
  14. Great place to put this. Ogivol in INT confirmed
  15. hi
  16. I wouldn't have been a str osa spamming tofu
  17. Riperino
  18. Crush your shield
  19. How many pet bee's do you own? Names?
  20. uwotm8
  21. This should be the first thing mentioned in this post
  22. Enu
  23. I thought this title was 'breathing strips'