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  1. Modifiable range on Transposition is alright but 5 fixed range on Teleport is too much huh? "People don't want to spend time learning how this class works? Guess we'll just nerf it.".
  2. I'm looking for somebody who can leech 3 of my alts from lv60 to lv199 in a timely manner(like 10 days or so). Each of them has 450wis with x1 modifiers. If you're a well known player with previous clients I can pay upfront. Otherwise paying after the leeching is done. Paying 40mk in total. Pm here if interested. Thanks.
  3. Class: Xelor/Panda/Rogue/FogBuild: Str/Int/Agi/TriKamas/time available: Cheaper the better, I got time thoughCurrent team: Xelor/Panda/Rogue/FogLvl range: 199 PvM all 4 Extra comments: So um I've got an 200 xelor and about to get other 3 to 199. Since I don't have an eni I thought I'd go int panda instead of seemingly more common build, cha. I went ahead and made some builds on dofusplanner which I'll link below. My xelor is currently agi so rogue build is a clone of what I have on xelor right now. I'd like to know if these are alright for PvM or if there is better ones with similar item prices. Thanks :) Xelor Panda Rogue Foggernaut
  4. You could take a look at this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2734117/simulating-mouse-input-programmatically-in-os-x You could combine that with CGEventPostToPSN to send mouse clicks to another process. Everything is documented on apple's website. It might take some time to read through the reference but should be fairly possible. It'd probably be easier finding some sort of a python module which are built on top of these though.
  5. Did anybody level any magus using this method recently? Wondering how much it'd cost.
  6. @Professor With your logic every single MOBA tournament out there would be considered unequal :) I don't think 'equal chance of winning' means what you think it means. It means everybody is given the same tools and it's up to you and your team to make most of it.
  7. Found somebody. Can be closed.
  8. Sylargh: 1.5mk Klime: 1.5mk Missiz: 1.5mk Count: 2.5mk Need to do some questing between Missiz and Count. Paying after the dungeon. Please don't waste my time if you don't have time yourself. /w Hellburn or pm here.
  9. So we set up a time 3 days in advance. The guy can't make it so his teammate comes instead. We do the dungeon until boss room. Teammate doesn't have much time so we stop there till tomorrow. Tomorrow we complete one dungeon barely, move onto Sylargh. Fail there 10 times, teammate says we'll continue few hours later. Nobody shows up so I wait for hours like an idiot. Great service 10/10 would cut my dick of instead of attempting to use it again. You can keep the kamas but I'm done.
  10. Sure that works for me :)
  11. That sounds great. I'll hold of until then, not like I have much of a choice anyways :P If you could send me a pm here when you get back it'd great :)
  12. I need to drop 12 quest items, 2 from stalaks, 4 from dumples and 6 from pingwinchs. Base rates being 5%, 10% and 15%. At this rate it'll take me at least a few weeks to drop these solo. So I'm looking for someone with a team who can help me out. I'm willing to pay 100kk/200kk/300kk per drop based on their drop rates.
  13. Thanks it's definitely better than the stuff I was putting together.
  14. Class: XelorBuild: AgiKamas/time available: 25-35mk (Trophies and the mount excluded)Current team: SoloLvl range: 199Extra comments: This is what I'm using at the moment. It does pretty whatever in pvm but lacking some damage, resistance(both elemental and ap/mp) and hp in kolo. I know that 25mk isn't much but maybe you guys can come up with something nice ^^' I mainly kolo and do dofus quest lines (solo as much as I can).