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  1. @Professor With your logic every single MOBA tournament out there would be considered unequal :) I don't think 'equal chance of winning' means what you think it means. It means everybody is given the same tools and it's up to you and your team to make most of it.
  2. Found somebody. Can be closed.
  3. Sylargh: 1.5mk Klime: 1.5mk Missiz: 1.5mk Count: 2.5mk Need to do some questing between Missiz and Count. Paying after the dungeon. Please don't waste my time if you don't have time yourself. /w Hellburn or pm here.
  4. So we set up a time 3 days in advance. The guy can't make it so his teammate comes instead. We do the dungeon until boss room. Teammate doesn't have much time so we stop there till tomorrow. Tomorrow we complete one dungeon barely, move onto Sylargh. Fail there 10 times, teammate says we'll continue few hours later. Nobody shows up so I wait for hours like an idiot. Great service 10/10 would cut my dick of instead of attempting to use it again. You can keep the kamas but I'm done.
  5. Sure that works for me :)
  6. That sounds great. I'll hold of until then, not like I have much of a choice anyways :P If you could send me a pm here when you get back it'd great :)
  7. I need to drop 12 quest items, 2 from stalaks, 4 from dumples and 6 from pingwinchs. Base rates being 5%, 10% and 15%. At this rate it'll take me at least a few weeks to drop these solo. So I'm looking for someone with a team who can help me out. I'm willing to pay 100kk/200kk/300kk per drop based on their drop rates.
  8. Thanks it's definitely better than the stuff I was putting together.
  9. Class: XelorBuild: AgiKamas/time available: 25-35mk (Trophies and the mount excluded)Current team: SoloLvl range: 199Extra comments: This is what I'm using at the moment. It does pretty whatever in pvm but lacking some damage, resistance(both elemental and ap/mp) and hp in kolo. I know that 25mk isn't much but maybe you guys can come up with something nice ^^' I mainly kolo and do dofus quest lines (solo as much as I can).
  10. Great service. Ran through buck-celestial in a few hours without a single retry.
  11. Air damage is fairly higher compared to the build I had in mind. Extra mp is also pretty nice. A quick look at markets say that it'd cost about 8-10mk(without the trophies and the gelano) which I don't mind spending. Either way it's a pretty nice set so thank you :)
  12. Class: Xelor Build: Agi Kamas/time: Hoping to not spend too much Current team: Play solo Level range:150-180 Extra comments: So I wanna have a build between 150-180 level range to use it until lv190-199. This is the build I have in mind. Could I make any small/big changes to it to make it better? I usually play solo and do kolo. I couldn't come up with any build which gave enough AP so I ended up using 2 items(and a trophy) to compensate. Though as a xelor I feel like the 6th mp would be quite nice. Anyways, any suggestion will be appreciated.
  13. This guy is trying to scam people by using stat points on strength while trading people. He asks people for help with something then makes them put more pods than his pod capacity and telling them to confirm. Since some people(i'm not a smart man) don't know it's possible to increase pods while in trade mode they fall for it. His accounts are: Ox-lily / Nekrox / Posko . [11:37] Hephep (Posko) is not online. Guild Wariatoski [11:38] yohohoyohohoho (Ox-lily) is not online. Guild Wariatoski [11:38] dimamaroc2014a (Nekrox) is in unknown area. Guild Parallel, alliance [Close]