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  1. I will try as feca on Rosal this year.
  2. Welcome back . On what server are u playing ?
  3. Because i lost my cloudy dofus on gambling games (gz to Chems ) i need buy new one . My offer is around 60-65mk. Pm me in game or send me msg /post here. Alz
  4. xD
  5. Thank you . Awesome
  6. Xelorium [-2,-2] 82 uses
  7. I dont think someone give u his secrets for making kamas;P Try xp proffesions :3
  8. I put them in market for 9mk . Price is rly good but we still can negotiate;3 I will be selling much more cheap items for good prices soon. Here are stats: Any questions are welcome here or pm me in game Alz or go buy it from market :)
  9. Ecaflipus Portal [-17,30] 64uses left .
  10. Lovely <3 Thank you so much
  11. It's worth few kk and no one buy it so he use old overpriced avg to trick u
  12. He tried sell me usless items overpriced af, When i refused he spam my chat af.