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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.

Alz94 aka Iwasawa-Loves

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  1. I like this idea!
  2. I think price 17-18mk would be better offer that looking for someone stupid or newbie that sell you it for 3mk ;3
  3. Isnt offering that price is a legit scamm 0.0?
  4. Hello ! Im want to start do whupper duegon leeching service . Service is totaly free ! If you are low lvl , singe accounter and dont have much friends that can help you just message me Iwasawa-loves or Alz. So far i can do duegon + chrono in one run but soon i should add imp too ... Or just leave me message on forum with your name ! So if you really want finish that duegon and dont have anyone to help you or you are just too low lvl msg me in game ! Merry Christmas Everyone (I can also help for free with all achivs in 50, 110 lvl duegons )
  5. meesage me in game Iwasawa-loves or Alz or Kwiat i can help you do those for free :)
  6. Looking for one 38mk is my offer . Message Iwasawa-Loves , Alz or Kwiat ! thx
  7. I dont think support can do much . I been scammed for a lot lot kamas ad they not help me . Sad to hear that ...
  8. Sram is already 200 :3 and geared but thx :)
  9. Class: CraBuild:MultiKamas/time available: 200mkCurrent team:-Lvl range:200Extra comments: can someone craft me a good set that I be able do korri souls easy to XP my other chars? Just send me or link any dofusplanner ideas. Thanks to any pro who can help me. PvP or PvM oriented: pvm
  10. He pretend to be my leader but he fail xD
  11. Hello I'm very curious how did your nicknames come from? Is there any history behind them? Someone you admire? Could it be your nickname idea? Where did he come from? Maybe I will start, my nickname Iwasawa comes from the anime Angel Beats .... Iwasawa's history identifies with my person. Is there anyone else who would like to boast of where he got his nickname idea ?
  12. Bump.. On markets only ones without stats...
  13. Bump! Anyone? I'm pay good and we sure get price agreement... Other ppls that Help me so far can confirm it... I really need you help guys!
  14. Hello I'm Paid someone to XP character for me but it's going too slow... Because I'm single a counter and don't know much people's that XP I'm looking for someone that XP and can take me... Of course not for free... I'm pay and I can pay GOOD If you intressted help me we will sure get price agreement... My sram is 185lvl. I would like to get 200 beafore kwismas and new updates... My sram is XP x1. .. I'm play EVERY Day 22:30 - 2am on Europe timezone. Thanks for anyone that can help me 😘. Wait for any messages echo Iwasawa-loves or message me by forum