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  1. bump we still looking for new players currently of level 180+, for end levels - we often do perc hunts and stuff , so if u wanna have fun /w Goku also we renamed to Jiyuu
  2. weak team, no dmg vs sac h
  3. bump, feel free to post your guilds there
  4. can be closed
  5. Yo! Welcome to the topic of the best english speaking guild on Eratz. You might question now why are we the best? Simple, we have professional banner and a Saiyan as a leader. No more reasons needed to make u think we are the best, right? ;) Who are we? We're a new guild created in February 2017. Guild formed by Zeus(Goku) and few players returning,starting 1.29. We're an english speaking guild What are we looking for? Loyalty Active players Useful players English speaking players Currently no level requirement Why should you join us? Cause we're the top1 niggas Guild staff: Zeus-Bloods/Zeus-dolls - Leader Diniandhishields - Leader Tryin - Second in Command If you are interested in joining you can contact some1 from guild staff or you can try to contact a guild member if he has invite rights
  6. Yo tezz join Aether <3
  7. looks like the livi hat 2.0 works in 1.29, idk if bug but who cares
  8. meh them names better join A e t h e r
  9. bump zeus's trash guild is back hi
  10. if anyone needs an active czechoslovakian guild pm me for invite :-)
  11. yo guys what r ur nicks returning once again
  12. i sell adv set not 190+ tho =(
  13. waw only nice guy from iron retiring gg