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  1. taking offers as well but only kamas not items as i have too many e.e /w Rikoss ingame or pm me on imps
  2. [0,-1] Blyat looking for something around these prices willing to negotiate probably contact me on imps or ingame /w Madara
  3. Yo guys got like 400 gb of vids in my video but lazy af to upload it gonna upload it by bit Gonna record: Dofus 1.29 Videos: Tutorials Dungeons PvP Random vids & stuff Dofus 2.0 Videos: PvP (5v5) KoTH Kolo PvM? Tutorials Random vids & stuff Rest: Gonna record other games - anime games? but not that often Channel link : https://www.youtube.com/basedgoku
  4. Yo guys, does game work for u? Whenever I pick a char I get disconnected, no matter what account I go on
  5. Yo guys, going to open an exp leeching service for July 600kk/100m xp, depending on current level /w Madara
  6. posting for friend
  7. I got my name back, top update
  8. he was kicked ;)
  9. bump, i changed name to Eye-of-Tiger so pm me there if ur interested in my leech services ;)
  10. Yo! Leeching ppl who are lvl 150+ for kamas (can possibly do level lower levels as well but the price might be higher - we can discuss it ) 1mk/100m xp ( 900kk if I have logs - is preferred tbh) leeching in arena so u don't need access to any frigost place ;) If you are interested please message me on imps or in-game Sip-Cze/Eye-of-Tiger
  11. b> buck souls 280kk/ea /w Goku or pm me on imps
  12. why do you think I wanted to insult him with the word? im just pointing ankama is censoring pointless words, i just found out they censored word "week" as well