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  1. posting for friend
  2. I got my name back, top update
  3. he was kicked ;)
  4. bump, i changed name to Eye-of-Tiger so pm me there if ur interested in my leech services ;)
  5. Yo! Leeching ppl who are lvl 150+ for kamas (can possibly do level lower levels as well but the price might be higher - we can discuss it ) 1mk/100m xp ( 900kk if I have logs - is preferred tbh) leeching in arena so u don't need access to any frigost place ;) If you are interested please message me on imps or in-game Sip-Cze/Eye-of-Tiger
  6. b> buck souls 280kk/ea /w Goku or pm me on imps
  7. why do you think I wanted to insult him with the word? im just pointing ankama is censoring pointless words, i just found out they censored word "week" as well
  8. np, at least Imps dont censore words
  9. Ok guys, so I wanted to call someone a gay ingame. once i wrote the word gay or either homosexual, it got censored. We should do some LGBT protest like they do irl. Anyways beside this ankama decided to censore themselves as well. Looks like ankama realized they do bad job all the time and people use the word "Ankama" to insult someone. So once you write the word Ankama in chat it gets censored as well.
  10. I hope they add french channel as well so all these dumb kids wont spam french in /r
  11. yo are u quitting again
  12. bump moved the merch to [-2,-1]
  13. he is our secret weapon