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  1. Im supprised nobody here rage about achtam sabre nerf, unlike at french forum :D
  2. thanks! you actually did it as i requested before :D
  3. just read in french forum. this is official date. server merge on 18 April :) still happy even tho i quit the game almost 2 month now http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1081-actualite/2217930-fusion-serveurs
  4. is there any limit of panda can cary other panda's while another panda carry another panda? and is there any limit to your creativity?? :D please find out solotage/duo technique to solo proto dung other than agi osa if u have time for it
  5. is ouginak another gimmik class? what this class capable to do in end game dung? any exploit so far?
  6. 1) you cant kolo with just 2 char. by default, 1 player need to have 3 char to kolo. unless you control 2 char of yours + 1 your friend. 2) i cant suggest you what char you should play. but lets talk about the meta of the game itself. currently there are 3 class that really ace in solo kolo. people at french forum agreed that OSA, SAC, ENI works well in solo kolo. 3) if i were you, i would buy Dhossil parts (2 item) + those Power thropies + crimson dofus 80% power and rock with iop at kolo. You still do good damage with this %power build. proceeed if you have tons of sp scroll. of if lack on kamas, just go with classic 12ap /5@6 mp moowolf and play at 150+ level. Escaping wrath is easy but hey, it give your teammates chances to plan tactics on 4th turn. 4) lemme tell you my story. i've start inter kolo from 1st day of interkolo arrive at rosal. i start with my 50 char. i equip that ectope hammer and pawning all sort of bots n player with +air dam throphies. my piwi hit quite hard. that cheated way help me to gain like 30+ sp scrolls in mere 2 months of on and off gaming. now im just using osa@eni for kolo 150+. if you go with osa route, just focus on %resisst and maximize your vit on gear. while having decent intel stats. that ruskie hat got +5 summon which is brutal. that for weapon, use purple bow for cheating 400-500 hit x 2 = 6ap + whip spell rofl player will pass their turn and give up fight when they see your osa heal 1000+ per turn + 3-4 drago and summons rofl i always cry when my opponent giveup the match... 5) it may sound really evil... but you have to take advantage of this class.. farm sp scroll and later on u can trade back the sp scroll at kolo tower (the NPC). 6) tips: my osa when it reach 160+, i delete it and power level it again to level 150+. just for enjoying pvp kolo at that level without need to vs higher level. thats how i live with those stupid end game update. if you know solo gaming wont bring you far in game due to elistist content, just take advantage of other aspect of the game. 7) i wrote really long here. rate my essay plz :)
  7. solo kolo is more fun that pre-made team... trust me once you go multi acc kolo.. you'll just wasting your time and kamas. since most OP player with exos, overmage vit, etc already dominating at multi acc kolo.. the wise thing to do now is either u mage your gear very well, or just change class IF u plan to kolo around 150+ ... i own an alt that that level. eni 151. doing really well coz healer + damage dealer :)
  8. what they gain from farming these??
  9. imo.. they should solely focus on making high level content that is not way too elitist. casual mono accounter impossible to group up beating vortex and any dimensional boss. Everyday i read at french forum, tons of those french players keep bringing up this elitist problem in every dev post. On page 5, finally TOT take not upon this problem and he (promise??) to make something about this elitism issue. Lets hope one day on 2017, will be the year where random and casual players (like me) can recruit on chat to " Need find 2-3 hitter (any class) for vortex pm me!" every weekend.
  10. bump.. no more update :(
  11. rosal currently got 4000+ subscriber. those who you see in video literally bunch of people with multi acc. truth hurts. well hope dofus on steam can fix our International server. pray
  12. my galaxy ntoe 3 catn suppor this game.. if not, i shall play with you guys ;(
  13. omg.. ankama.. they sure got a lot of time and resource to release new content. very good