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  1. Hey everyone! As the title says I'll be selling all of my runes & resources, I'll sell everything a bit below market prices. Below the screenshots of my runes, won't be adding screens of rest of the resources as I'm simply too lazy to do so. Leave a (private) message here of what you want to buy/what you're willing to pay.
  2. They think I'm one of them!
  3. Service closed until further notice, don't really have time to do leeches anymore now that college has started.
  4. Thanks Bob! After a little searching around & asking around someone linked me this from the French OF, which seems to have a more detailed description of the fight & what you're supposed to do. I haven't tried it yet due to a lack of motivation, but I'll leave the link here for those who need it. https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1003-divers/2249194-combat-alignement-100-erazal
  5. Anyone has any details on the Erzal fight? Last fight for alignment quest 100
  6. Heya! I do not leech this dung indeed. I do always use iop/elio tactic, when I do it yes.
  7. @Xelorsrule Prices in main post are current prices.
  8. Bump! Service opened again! Could a mod move this to the Echo section again?
  9. Protoz'orror statue, not really worth screening but another achievement came with it! [20:39] Achievement unlocked: [You talking to me?]
  10. Hi I'm dumb. Official Forums exist. Saturday 17:00 Dofus Time instead. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1121-echo/330356-echo-opening-g-g-2017-new-try-saturday?page=1
  11. Decided to gear my main char again and pick achieves back up By far the most fun duo out of the 5
  12. @scrollbusiness Congratulations on your wedding & firstborn child! http://dofp.la/6Xbyw/ This set doesn't quite heal 800 on puzzling but still a solid 700-760, if you overmage intelligence you could reach the 800 heal on puzzling.
  13. I thought it was 25% too, I remember doing doing the maths for it when I used a Foggernaut Hammer. But when I did it yesterday for the Sunshade staff it was only 10%. Maybe it differs per weapon category?
  14. @Iku Not sure for what purpose you need a set, so I made 2 int-based pvm sets. http://dofp.la/n6IYm/ If you like using a weapon to hit, I would to either change the shield to Cycloid or swap the weapon to a Shorpoon or Plumobile. http://dofp.la/LQbM3/
  15. First off, congratulations on your achievement! Koutoulou does indeed go invulnerable if he starts his turn within 3 cells of his summon, but this is something you won't have to worry about any longer as tomorrow's update will remove the summons from the fight.