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  1. I'm down to open it saturday morning/noon. I got 6 chars to stand on tiles with
  2. This set might work: http://dofp.la/HSMqP/ Eca: http://dofp.la/XciKp/ Xelor: http://dofp.la/qwiLI/ Not sure if the Xelor set is any good though, since it's more or less brainless damage stack
  3. Class: Rogue Build: Intelligence Kamas/time available: Anything but Vulbis Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: Looking for best possible damage set
  4. But like Quadro said, he had it on his sac. I have had it on all 4 of my chars aswell so there must be a different trigger for it, since I don't ever use precip on another char.
  5. So I was just trying Wurmlord (First) and came across an annoying problem where I would go into a sort of frozen state where I would have like 8 ap left and I am not able to cast any spells/can't use my weapon. Does someone happen to know the trigger to this occurence? As you can see here I can only use the 2 ap spells on my Iop while I have 8 ap left, after I used Brokle on Wurmlord I wasn't able to use any other spells with 6 ap left. This happened after -4 ap from Precipitation, so I guess this is a possible trigger??
  6. http://dofp.la/At08T/ This might be an interesting set and should fit within your price range
  7. It doesn't fail the Blitzkrieg challenge, so I assume it doesn't fail the achievement either.
  8. Personally loving this set: http://dofp.la/Jj3zs/ You might want to swap out the emerald dofus for something else I guess
  9. You can obtain this item by doing a Scampihorse Legendary Treasure hunt, for which you need a Scampihorse's map. The map can be crafted at [-25,-36] if you have all 8 map fragments.
  10. I've been good this year Santa!
  11. Invulnerability can be unbewitched by applying pushback damage to the invulnerable mob
  12. If you're using a custom theme, go back to the original one. It fixed this issue for me.
  13. Ankama has opened a survey regarding the spells of the sacrier, if you have tested the sacrier on beta please fill in this survery to help them balance the sacrier's spells. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/97LZC62 Source:
  14. I'll happily donate the f3 boss mats + some of the f3 monster drops. Hit me up in-game when you're free
  15. Enu (approx. 40mk): http://dofp.la/W4BKF/ Eni (approx. 30-35mk): http://dofp.la/plPht/ Cra (approx. 25-30mk): http://dofp.la/tAimM/