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  1. [23:04] Achievement unlocked: [King Nidas (Trio)] [23:04] Achievement unlocked: [Your Oldship] Forgot to screen but panda/rogue/panda
  2. Celebrating a new life with some achieves! Tfw you're still bad and forget to screen danti duo
  3. http://dofp.la/pudMi/ @Iamthenumberonenub
  4. Heya! I was wondering if there are any plans to add ranged & melee damage preview on axes, shovels, staffs and hammers, if affected by shields, since it is possible to hit both with those weapons?
  5. Bump!
  6. Bump, raised price
  7. Bump
  8. As the title says, I'm looking to buy an Indigo/Orchid camo Seemyool, Paying around 8-9mk but the price is negotiable. Leave me a (private) message here on imps as I don't log on Rushu often, thanks!
  9. This effect is stacked max 9 times indeed
  10. Incarnam quests are not a pre-req for the dofus questlines (anymore). You need the ""But Where Are The Dofus?" achievement for which the pre-reqs start at your class statue. If you're looking for an updated version for the parts of the emerald dofus questline on Incarnam, I cannot help you with that.
  11. It is more efficient, but I chose an Ogivol's helmet over Barba for the 1700+ init he had requested
  12. http://dofp.la/bE7ur/ If you add some mp red overmages & a wis candy 240 mp red should be achieveable in this set
  13. I'm down to open it saturday morning/noon. I got 6 chars to stand on tiles with
  14. This set might work: http://dofp.la/HSMqP/ Eca: http://dofp.la/XciKp/ Xelor: http://dofp.la/qwiLI/ Not sure if the Xelor set is any good though, since it's more or less brainless damage stack
  15. Class: Rogue Build: Intelligence Kamas/time available: Anything but Vulbis Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: Looking for best possible damage set