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  1. Shika's kralove thread

    Cancelled to allow few more people to catch up with EH and cause I like having my kneecaps..
  2. Shika's kralove thread

    Another smooth opening last time :) Short notice but we will be opening it again this Sunday 8PM Dofus / 7PM UK time
  3. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    Srambad [10,24] Enuardo [-7, -51]
  4. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    [-16,29] enuardo [-19,-9] xelorium
  5. Shika's kralove thread

    I think you keep posting in the wrong thread..Kralove wasn't opened on Shika tonight. It will open Friday.
  6. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    [-17,-38] xelorium
  7. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    ecaflipus [-8,-51]
  8. Shika's kralove thread

    Opening Kralove next Friday (4th) - 7PM UK time / 8PM Dofus time
  9. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    [-49,18] srambad [-49,18] enuardo
  10. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    ecaflipus [-13,-25] xelorium [11,8]
  11. Disassociating mimis

    Had revived it multiple times before using this same method and always got the petsmount back with the mimi.
  12. Disassociating mimis

    Lost a Razorbuck this way so sent a bug report about a week ago. ''Our agents have started working on your ticket, but we're going to need a little more time before we can send you a response. Your request needs to be studied by more than one department. Once we have all the information we need, your ticket will be dealt with as a priority.''
  13. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    [-31,-55] srambad [-19,0] ecaflipus
  14. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    [-17,30] Enuardo
  15. Shika Dimensional Portal Positions

    [-4,-38] ecaflipus