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  1. Cancelled to allow few more people to catch up with EH and cause I like having my kneecaps..
  2. Another smooth opening last time :) Short notice but we will be opening it again this Sunday 8PM Dofus / 7PM UK time
  3. Srambad [10,24] Enuardo [-7, -51]
  4. [-16,29] enuardo [-19,-9] xelorium
  5. I think you keep posting in the wrong thread..Kralove wasn't opened on Shika tonight. It will open Friday.
  6. [-17,-38] xelorium
  7. ecaflipus [-8,-51]
  8. Opening Kralove next Friday (4th) - 7PM UK time / 8PM Dofus time
  9. [-49,18] srambad [-49,18] enuardo
  10. ecaflipus [-13,-25] xelorium [11,8]
  11. Had revived it multiple times before using this same method and always got the petsmount back with the mimi.
  12. Lost a Razorbuck this way so sent a bug report about a week ago. ''Our agents have started working on your ticket, but we're going to need a little more time before we can send you a response. Your request needs to be studied by more than one department. Once we have all the information we need, your ticket will be dealt with as a priority.''
  13. [-31,-55] srambad [-19,0] ecaflipus
  14. [-17,30] Enuardo
  15. [-4,-38] ecaflipus
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    • stannyboy

      You know nothing
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    • Antranix  »  Coopers

      Sorry for this translation, my language is Spanish.
      I want to congratulate you for the web that you have created developed to create sets for Dofus.
      I am an application developer for Android and I want to make an application of your website, it will be an application of the mobile version of your site, in the tests I have done, it fits very well to this platform. If you give me the authorization to do this, I would send the application to you first and if I get the okay, I could post it on the Plat Store because I have a space there. Here you can see the applications that I have done so far.
      I await an answer to the email anlid@live.com
      Désolé pour cette traduction, ma langue est l'espagnol.
      Je vous félicite sur le web que vous avez créé développé pour créer des ensembles pour Dofus.
      Je suis développeur d'applications Android et je veux faire une application sur votre site, sera une application de la version mobile de votre site, dans les tests que je l'ai fait, est bien adapté à cette plate-forme. Si vous me donnez la permission de le faire, vous envoyer la demande à vous d'abord et si je reçois le feu vert, le pourrait publier dans Plat magasin parce que j'ai un espace là. ici vous pouvez voir les applications que je l'ai fait jusqu'à présent.
      Je me attends une réponse au courrier électronique anlid@live.com
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    • Hyun-Ae  »  Urmom

      let me join ur guild pls boss
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