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  1. I'm assuming it maxes at 90.
  2. I was talking about this update with my teammate, who is one of the top pvmers in the game, and we both agreed that it is a godsend. We CAN beat every dungeon, but that doesn't mean we want to because it's such a pain, and it is very taxing mentally. People are saying "This is going to be terrible for the markets because the mats are going to be accessible by everyone..." But it is so so nice to those of us that farm these dungeons to make our own equips. It is extremely selfish to see this update as a hit to your bank account when its intention is to make the whole game more accessible to the majority of the players.
  3. Be in denial all you want, there are times when, as a solo accounter, you will need to rely on others to do things, because you simply can't do them alone. That's by design, not because Ankama hates solo accounters. On topic: I'm super stoked for this change, am already changing my sets in anticipation ^^
  4. You make it sound like it's a bad thing to receive help, or to have money. A lot of things in this game promote socializing, and are hard to achieve on your own. Some people like to speed up that process by making multiple characters, or by joining helpful guilds. Just because you're not doing it doesn't mean you have to hate on others for doing it. Also, making money isn't difficult, you just have to find a unique way of doing it.
  5. Can anyone else log in? Because I can't and my friends can't either...
  6. Been an Osa main since the beginning. Kinda nervous about the rework... They should just make summons smarter.
  7. This sickens me. This poor man… My sympathies for his family.