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  1. Wow, so many good changes! It looks like Ankama hired 2nd developer. But honestly, yeah. This looks really cool. Can't wait for server merge.
  2. After all these years: Achievement unlocked: Get into Rosalt
  3. We opened it in around 90 mins. Thanks.
  4. bump, we're opening it right now, missing around a half
  5. I've filled the list but we still miss 17 classes out of 48. Beta is live so it should be upgraded 14th or 21st February. I guess there is no point for fridays opening. I prefer to do it with random 48 chars in 30 mins than look for these 17 for 4 hours. Your call.
  6. Dofawa: one day, this Dofus will be changed, and it will change your character's words so that every "Dofus" becomes "Trophus".
  7. The Lair of the Giant Kralove's opening has also been changed in version 2.40: the 48 slabs to be activated will no longer have class or gender criteria. So you "just" have to bring together 48 different characters who have access to Otomai Island and get them onto the 48 slabs. We will try to open it anway next friday. Fireklin needs this asap and he will bring 7 chars.
  8. bump, please help me to announce opening because I don't have much time this/next week and I barely log we still miss the harder half of classes
  9. You can't use elio to stand on that one tile at kralove entrance? If so - it is a help. Go back to Rushu bois and spam there.
  10. bump
  11. Hey, we will try to open Kralove soon. I hope 3 weeks is enough to get missing arches. Friday 3rd Feb 9PM dofus time I will try to gather people during this time to make this a fast one. Pm me in game or leave a message here which tiles you can cover. ([-55,11] Dark Jungle) female Sadida = female Enutrof = Gio-XX alt female Pandawa = Fireklin (Tauriel-cro) female Osamodas = female Xelor = Zanzior (Xe-gnar) female Cra = Horxy (Noke) male Sram = Fireklin (Balkan-Pride) male Iop = Archaniol and Canay and Gio-XX (Gio) male Ecaflip = Watz male Sacrier = Mystic-Water male Eniripsa = Zanzior (Rasmus) male Feca = Zanzior ([-52,15] Tree Keeholo) female Sadida = Nasyna female Enutrof = female Pandawa = female Osamodas = female Xelor = female Cra = male Sram = Wis-Khalifa male Iop = Horxy and Fireklin male Ecaflip = male Sacrier = male Eniripsa = Fireklin (Fireklin-eni) and Wis-Khalifa alt male Feca = Jeri ([-56,4] Grass Plains) male Sadida = Sir-Awesome alt male Enutrof = Horxy (Horksy) male Pandawa = Horxy (Seemyool) and Wis-Khalifa alt male Osamodas = Nevim male Xelor = male Cra = Gio-XX female Sram = Gio-XX (Gionescence) female Iop = Mystic-Water alt female Ecaflip = female Sacrier = female Eniripsa = Archaniol (Fenomenalna-Eni) female Feca = Eowyn ([-49,9] Coral Beach) male Sadida = male Enutrof = Mystic-Water alt male Pandawa = Archaniol (Kasani) and Gio-XX (Gio-pooh) male Osamodas = Bloodhound male Xelor = male Cra = Fireklin (Demotrick) female Sram = Jeri female Iop = kaptivette female Ecaflip = female Sacrier = female Eniripsa = Horxy (Abela) female Feca =
  12. thanks
  13. bump, I made 13 sets if somebody needs, lets go (now)
  14. yay edit: looks like it adds top resist in pvm [21:26] (Fight) Mecanofoux casts Backfire. [21:26] (Fight) Horxy: -0 HP. [21:26] (Fight) Horxy has dodged the loss of 4 MP.
  15. Are you on Rosal?