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  1. No idea for what price i need to be looking at, i was thinking about 30-40mk. 8-10mk 25-30mk 18-20mk It would be best to message me on imps, seeing as i'm not online that much anymore. All prices are negociable so feel free to make me an offer.
  2. Hi, I'm Braam-ownz and i've maged a lot over the past few years and now i am open for orders. If you want an exo or overmage or whatever leave me a message on here and i'll get back to you asap. Prices vary depending on the item/mage.
  3. Close thread please, everything is sold :) tyvm
  4. Bump, sold the runes and added some orbs for nice prices :)
  5. No i'm afraid not, maybe i should keep them in pa's next time :p
  6. Hello I'm looking to sell around 2000 ra vit runes 550 ra pow runes 300 pa cri res runes 1500 ra cha runes 500 ra str runes 1000 cri dam runes 900 lvl 120 orbs (4kk each) 300 lvl 180 orbs (35kk each)
  7. Can be closed, ring was sold
  8. bump price lowered to 30m
  9. Selling AP exo bear band, post or pm me your offer. IGN; Mr-galaxy. Looking for 35-40m (might be able to go lower, not really sure on the price atm.
  10. I can't wait to see the sadida changes :D
  11. I kinda like the idea with bush fire and trees, would be very usefull to remove trees. The sticky tree thing would be way to overpowered i think(there would be practically no way out for certain classes/builds).
  12. True story about the kolo bots, however you underestimate our server. I know at least 4 teams who have beaten Nidas and there has been at least 1 team who beat Qot. I don't care if you transfer or how you make your kamas, but please get your facts straight :)