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  1. ikr same
  2. omg amber big fan , this is great and awesome
  3. It can be any level, price will vary depending on what lvl it is, starting price from 13-20mk, pm me in game if you have.
  4. Pm me here or in game if you have it , looking to pay up to 6.5mk
  5. looking to pay 175-300kk each, pm me in game, Rukai
  6. Selling both 35mk each , open to negociations, pls pm me here or in game, here are the stats:
  7. Buying all Orchid and Ginger Dragoturkeys, willing to pay 50-100kk each , pm me in game, Rukai
  8. Sellling 2% res exo fogg hammer and also has Jelakad Hammer mimi on it, looking for 8m, here are the stats, pm me in game : Rukai
  9. - Willing to pay 200kk each for the Wild Gold Dragoturkeys, - Selling Wild Golden Seemyools 8,6m each, price is negotiable , pm me in game , Rukai
  10. close
  11. Buying turq for 5-6m, pm in game : Rukai
  12. Pm me on imps or in game , ready to pay 30-40m for one depending on the stats IGN : Rukai
  13. GG We will win goult this year
  14. Peg I will lock your mother in a cage