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  1. I think it's more Vegan Land than noahs arc
  2. I didn't really do pvp yet, but as far as I've seen you can really find both
  3. Have you been on henual? Cause these people that pvp with 10mp or 14ap and those 200 pvm teams seem like a good thing to compare yourself to, no?
  4. You don't see things like this in 2.0 anymore :3
  5. Stop incest
  6. Thats a pocketpussy D:
  7. Even better :D
  8. Looks really good! Maybe a link from map back to the site would be good idea
  9. You won't be able to do a lot of things solo until you reach level 70 with an enutrof because of the lack in damage, unless you can get yourself some crazy +damage set, same for ecaflip your main damage will be head or tails until level 70 I think it's a better solo option than enutrof but might still be difficult, and as far as I know intel ecaflip is expensive because you'll need a pretty expensive set to make it work. Maybe xelor is a good idea, int or agility :)
  10. I understand, all the items are there anyway so most part is doable, plus if there is anyone that wants set advice feel free to pm me or just ask in the right topic, there are enough people passionate about their old 1.29 chars and will help out to get that set you need :) And as mentioned above I think Dofusplanner is probably the best and/or most used Dofus tools and it's very much appreciated ps. good luck with the new job Jon
  11. I already bribed him to join guild, I'll pm for stuff
  12. Hi hi Can anyone tell me if Eniripsa classboots give 15 extra heals base or just +15heals like other sets (1.29) thankies
  13. ^ this is endgame 1.29 planner 100% complete xD
  14. Great advice Dan, thanks! On 1.29 you just buy the most sparkly and best looking thing, it's not like you have to design a set to get 1k str 1/2 and 40% in all resis, because you just can't :D