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  1. Okay thanks
  2. Hello, i would like to know how new osas are meant to be played, do they work as omnis or just one element? And is it like this if your example full int your only going to use dragon summons or do like gobbals do dmg also? Or do i need to have str also for them to do dmg?
  3. Yea i have been thinking about cha rogue also going to try him as cha
  4. Hello, so my team consists of osa, masq and rogue and i would like to get some suggestions what element should i be on rogue/masq im probably going to be int on osa for heals i think, but unsure about rogues or masqs element, im planning to do kolo with my team but it would be nice to also be able to do some pvm.
  5. Hello! Ïm buying Rose of the Sands 130 kamas each. Total amount of Rose of the Sands i need atm is 36 000. Also buying Totankama's Tablet Fragments for 400kk each. (Still need 3x 2/5, 2x 2/5, 4x 3/5 Totankama's Tablet Fragments) Send message here, or contact me in game Stev or Perseennuolija.