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  1. there will be not a november devblog the 2.38 is already on since the 2 of november with no change, just minor fixed bug all of this is the 2.39 live the 8th of december
  2. 23 june.... yeah "soon"...
  3. no changelog, is just a test i'm randomly doing if i put the 3 arpooners in a way that, linked to they iniziative, they see 6 different mob in a range medium ( guess 1-6-8..) they didn't break if a mob (already attacked by another arpooner) puts in a way that the arpoon don't see 2 mob (los) they break every time. maybe i just disperately see things XD but, with this metod, usually on t3 i have max 1 arpooner broke
  4. new info tested by me XD the arpoons disable every time they didn't hit 2 mob in the same turn, plus if an arpoon has hit a mob the other arpoons can't hit it. so you need to place the 3 arpoons in a way they hit 2 mob every time and at the same time leave enough mob to the others 2 right now I still don't understand what breaks the tattics or the guardians...
  5. Yep tested today, kill ebony muldo in t3, cast spell, and i ended the fight on t5 The ebony muldo was successful captured
  6. I think it will be a submarine like cawwot drill for the alliance that have the conquest village with the zaap and the "simplified access merkator"
  7. 24 hours lol.. thanks so much ^^
  8. how do i spawn the mob that gives token in eca dimension? never see one of them... and if i do the fight with 8 pg i drop 8 token?
  9. in eca dimension i can't find any chest or place where i can obtain mob resources like other dimensions..
  10. what it is today puzzle? the goblin?
  11. all I'm saying is that I'm currently playing a kolo team (xel feu/earth + sadi cha/feu + osa feu) and i do kolo pretty easy.. because no one knows how to contrast a xel neither the preparation before that turn... but i have a friend on my server and he do kolo with is team.. very similar to yours... (osa + sacri + yop), he puts 40-50% res earth + 70-80 res pa.. so i have to go full damage since i'm a multi-xel i have not find yet a set that allows me a lot rape pa. all this for? his sacri. he knows xelor tattics because i explain to him how xelor works and how to contrast one... so when i face him in kolo the whole fight ends with the iniziative. both of us change iniziative and if i can start my xel before his sacri i can play, otherwise is the end for me... i can barely play..he swich sacri with the last player of mine..and the yop istant kill him... and i usually win 90% of my kolo... so yeah.. there are a lots of methods to kill a xelor gameplay... (such stabilization of panda usually destroy xelor tattics..) of course we can do a lot of thing and we are very versatile.. like all new classes..but the solution is not this.. nerf only destroy the fun of playing because as xelor i can play with a tattics only for few months... and nerf... it's been 5 years and all oh this is still going on..
  12. so you "prefer" lose lots of ap every turn instead of losing damage? plus if i may... his xelor starts exacly after your sacrid right?
  13. may i just ask how much res pa do you have?
  14. the average cry... ehm "i want the xelor elimitate from the game" player says "xelor are too op they shoot people in 1 turn putting ray on 5 ap is a huge nerf on a linear spell with po limited to 6... and the other player need to be in telefrag to take full damage.. plus if i want to use sincro = -1pa every turn... (and dial give me 2pa only if I'm in telefrag and I can be in telefrag only if i use mummy...for 2 turn..) with 50% earth resistance you can easily nullified a full earth xelor... and if ankama put 1 limit for player instead of 5 pa the spell will be still good in pvm and for kolo there is a nerf for mono-earth-xelor... (plus in 1 year I only see yesterday a panda do stabilization on a xelor....+ enutrof complaing on xelor nerf when you can easily nullifing my turn putting me on 0mp...) (again... sorry for my bad english XD)
  15. Une solution temporaire a été mise en place sur les serveurs et les emotes ont été désactivées. Une nouvelle maintenance sera appliquée demain matin afin de déployer un correctif plus complet. Bon jeu à tous.