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  1. those variants look epic, finally after almost 2 year break i'm excited!
  2. all those thing should be done in dofus not in a new game... i mean... right now! let's hope something similar might be in the dicember spell update..
  3. ehm... you didn't log at all in the past 2 years? because if i remember right ankama deleted all the account that hadn't log for the past 2 year when they merge all the servers..
  4. there will be not a november devblog the 2.38 is already on since the 2 of november with no change, just minor fixed bug all of this is the 2.39 live the 8th of december
  5. 23 june.... yeah "soon"...
  6. no changelog, is just a test i'm randomly doing if i put the 3 arpooners in a way that, linked to they iniziative, they see 6 different mob in a range medium ( guess 1-6-8..) they didn't break if a mob (already attacked by another arpooner) puts in a way that the arpoon don't see 2 mob (los) they break every time. maybe i just disperately see things XD but, with this metod, usually on t3 i have max 1 arpooner broke
  7. new info tested by me XD the arpoons disable every time they didn't hit 2 mob in the same turn, plus if an arpoon has hit a mob the other arpoons can't hit it. so you need to place the 3 arpoons in a way they hit 2 mob every time and at the same time leave enough mob to the others 2 right now I still don't understand what breaks the tattics or the guardians...
  8. Yep tested today, kill ebony muldo in t3, cast spell, and i ended the fight on t5 The ebony muldo was successful captured
  9. I think it will be a submarine like cawwot drill for the alliance that have the conquest village with the zaap and the "simplified access merkator"
  10. 24 hours lol.. thanks so much ^^
  11. how do i spawn the mob that gives token in eca dimension? never see one of them... and if i do the fight with 8 pg i drop 8 token?
  12. in eca dimension i can't find any chest or place where i can obtain mob resources like other dimensions..
  13. what it is today puzzle? the goblin?
  14. all I'm saying is that I'm currently playing a kolo team (xel feu/earth + sadi cha/feu + osa feu) and i do kolo pretty easy.. because no one knows how to contrast a xel neither the preparation before that turn... but i have a friend on my server and he do kolo with is team.. very similar to yours... (osa + sacri + yop), he puts 40-50% res earth + 70-80 res pa.. so i have to go full damage since i'm a multi-xel i have not find yet a set that allows me a lot rape pa. all this for? his sacri. he knows xelor tattics because i explain to him how xelor works and how to contrast one... so when i face him in kolo the whole fight ends with the iniziative. both of us change iniziative and if i can start my xel before his sacri i can play, otherwise is the end for me... i can barely play..he swich sacri with the last player of mine..and the yop istant kill him... and i usually win 90% of my kolo... so yeah.. there are a lots of methods to kill a xelor gameplay... (such stabilization of panda usually destroy xelor tattics..) of course we can do a lot of thing and we are very versatile.. like all new classes..but the solution is not this.. nerf only destroy the fun of playing because as xelor i can play with a tattics only for few months... and nerf... it's been 5 years and all oh this is still going on..
  15. so you "prefer" lose lots of ap every turn instead of losing damage? plus if i may... his xelor starts exacly after your sacrid right?