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  1. I had to request a new password in order to leave you a message here, but it's worth it. Say hello to Liah from me, Dan!
  2. Great paddocks can vouch for this guy, buy his!
  3. Tell Liah we are doing N versatile tomorrow! :D
  4. Don't use this service before rollback free bump
  5. Best achievement unlock: Get numero uno spot for feca in achievement points Rip Tsarni (pls stay enu so i can quit doing achieves)
  6. Goals as of now: Get 1 more achieve point then Tsarni, noobest feca on rushu
  7. A+
  8. Nice account name Broq, top photoshop
  9. Nah i'm forever #3 in nichy's mind fluffy ripperino tsarni Bump
  10. /w Nicholas for all proffs he the pro (u still nub nichy)
  11. Cmon guys let's open this dungeon!
  12. I buy 1kamas more then fluffy
  13. Atleast you didn't get leech through Echo like Nichy's panda! Gratz m8 jk i love you Nichy, take me through Merk with Jason pls