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  1. They wiped out inactive accounts to reduce player count in Echo. If I remember right, they even send emails warnings
  2. You have a solid team already but if you want the cookie cutter team then I'd change rogue to eni and sram to enu. I used to wear this on my enu: http://dofp.la/y8SrY/ till' I finally managed to get captain meno and queen of fate gear.
  3. http://dofp.la/lus32/
  4. Just when I had new kolo set figured out. Glad I didn't buy anything yet :)
  5. Int/tank/healer feca for support, cha/str/wis cra for map manipulation and dmg, agi/cha eca for heals and extra erosion.
  6. I had those ads on dofusplanner aswell.
  7. with throphies: http://dofp.la/PNJvU/ or the classic set up: http://dofp.la/rUGCK/ or http://dofp.la/g612b/ ... There are plenty of options avaible.
  8. Achievements lost their point when they introduced class change service.
  9. 12/5 without dofuses & exos: http://dofp.la/EiyJn/
  10. Forgot to specify it in OP but I already tried this, thanks though.
  11. Hello I am unable to play this game because I can't get past the log-in screen. When I type my details and click play button, everything goes slightly darker (like normally when the game is connecting) but nothing happens. I already tried clearing cache, reinstalled etc etc, but so far nothing has fixed it for me. Everything was working fine on Friday when I left my house to have a great weekend. Now I come back and I am unable to play dofus.
  12. Belt and boots are years old and cost ~3mk each depending of the stats :D
  13. Maybe something like this? http://dofp.la/4T1Dx/
  14. When you don't specify your budget people tend to go for the high-end items and exos. Helps a lot when you know the budget so you can limit the endless possibilities this game offer in terms of items.
  15. If you just want to do a lot of dmg: http://dofp.la/7i7G1/ (hairs bracelet might be cheaper than kringlove also eventually upgrade shield to four-leaf)