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  1. Ah didn't see that drop-down menu on right side. Well Thanks anyway
  2. Hello peeps So I recently bought a starter pack and sold the additional orgines for kamas, but now I am unable to send them to the desired server. My main is in Rushu, but I want to send the kamas for my alt in Zato. However, when I go to 'send to game' tab, I can only choose Rushu. Does my alt need to be a certain level to accept these kamas or what's going on?
  3. Thanks for this.
  4. Class: Enutrof Build: cha/int Kamas/time available: Orche, dolmanax, cawwot, emerald, plenty of kamas (can afford whale gear) new throphies etc etc. Current team: solo Lvl range: 200 PvP or PvM oriented: PVM support character. Extra comments: Looking for a cheap set up with good heals and over all damage in both elements. Going to use heal weapon (most likely archtypal bow) and aiming for high mp reduction. 11/5 or 11/6 is enough but No exos other than ap/mp gelano. Enu is going to be my duo partner in most dungeons. My iop covers str and agi dmg.
  5. spam reflex all day every day through portals. :rolleyes:
  6. Eventually he will since the rating system is so broken and there are way more shit 200s than players with equal rating and lvl of his.
  7. that wont effect the fact you will still face medium to shit >150s.
  8. it's time for that again. for anyone who does not know what Gamescom is: it is the World's largest computer and video game event. btw, Does anyone know if Ankama will be there selling swag items?
  9. How else would anyone know you have massive e-penis.
  10. I totally forgot the industry standard alienware laptops, silly me. But I guess macbook pro would look better along side my golden apple watch that I bought with my mom's credit card.
  11. is it tradeable? My guild didn't join GoG and I really want one :(
  12. Hello. After few years of working random jobs and stuff I am starting studying again. Since almost everything is done virtually these days I am required to buy a laptop, but I have no idea about laptops. My current one is almost 10 years old so that is no way going to meet the hardware criteria. I will be studying ITC stuff, including working with photoshop and various other demanding programs. So what I am looking for is a better than average laptops, all I know it must have enough memory / good graphic card and a CPU powerful enough to run multiple programs without turning into jet engine. Budget is around +/-500 euros, trying to keep it as low as possible so I will have more money to buy booze. PS. no macbooks or other apple products.
  13. Or just use this: http://www.dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/535715-iop/1.html Allows more flexibility with pets and petmounts.
  14. You must be #1 ebola fanboi since almost every post you post on Imps contains word ''ebola''.