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  1. Bump! Dropped the prices on resources and Spell Point scrolls.
  2. Merchant updated and moved location to [-1,0].
  3. Tomorrow they will be unlinked, so if you like you can reserve them. Price will be 95mk for each. Not negotiable. My IGN:
  4. After dropping MP on both NIdas's rings in hope to get 3% overmage... O'well. At least multiplier is nice.
  5. High stats like these assuming you'll get all the good rolls before summon drops just by using some heals and then hoping to get 3% in 4-5 attempts... barely possible... Stats you want are really high so landing those 3% won't be so easy and will require way more attempts. This ring requires MP drop at least so you can get the wanted stats. I assume this ring is gonna cost you 25M+ at least. Just letting you know so you might think about changing your price later if no one pm's you for this order. P.S. I've some MP Nidas ring I don't know what to do with and I'd destroy it in hope to get the stats you're looking for if you're willing to pay 25M. So let me know if you're interested.
  6. Just a belt being cancerous + AP not falling easily.
  7. Been doing the same. Landed AP 3 times. I didn't even get close to what I wanted.
  8. Location moved to [-1,-1].
  9. Location: [-1,0]; Merchant picture:
  10. I landed 3x AP Treadfast belt recently, since I've been trying myself to get these stats. Hardly gonna reach it, specially with 6+ Heals. I'd say it's gonna cost you 200M+ to get it, if you ever find one.
  11. Thanks for Enuardo's portal position. I actually needed that!
  12. Yeah, sucks... I had like 68 sink left or so. At the beginning I thought this is gonna be epic mage since many crit res runes landed, but after... Like one out of 5-6 tries.
  13. Really hoped to get it to -2, but o'well...