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  1. Yep, they have. Your set has 20% crits more than one I sent, that's why. I used to kick something for Turq Dofus for extra 10% crits too, but this is just on DofusPlanner what I had long time ago. Also, your set has a shield on it, mine doesn't since it was created way before this shield revamp, so with a proper shield + Turq Dofus you can easily have 60's % crit on Catseye Axe.
  2. Not sure what do you think of Catseye Axe since it got nerfed from +25% crit base down to +15% crit base, but set that used to be really good for single PvP on Eca was https://www.dofusplanner.com/06qIl/edit/ . I used this set myself when Ecaflipus dimension came out and I can tell you that this set was really powerful in 1v1.
  3. I should've around 20 for sale. Message me when you catch me online. IGN: Euphoria
  4. Welcome back, Mostafa! Nice to see you around again, now on Rushu (?). ~ Marko
  5. Cheap setup for high Chance damage/ high MP reduction Enutrof: https://www.dofusplanner.com/K18JQ Setup also is 6 ranged and has really nice resistance, so ''small'' vitality shouldn't bother you that much.
  6. Team PvP, I assume? This is one of the sets I used to use on my Eca when I was doing team PvP with Elio on my side: https://www.dofusplanner.com/ojDOq/edit/ Setup is quite good for blitzing an enemy, it's good for Perces/Prisms, so for Kolosseum. Why this set? - Because of incredibly high damage. High critical hits make your spells have really high %ch rate, and critical damage in this set is insanely high which makes your spells do way too much damage.
  7. Bump! Bought one Ice Dofus. Need one more and 2x Crimson Dofus.
  8. Nidas 416 score. No better stats are needed. Saves bit of kamas buying this and rather use this over a normal mage (55-57 cha/agi, 11dmg). Not to mention wisdom (32-35).
  9. Bump! Need 2x Ice and 2x Crimson Dofus more.
  10. No, it counts as ranged damage. You need to be ''face to face'' with your opponent so it becomes Malee Damage.
  11. Bump! Big merchant update. Check it out.