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  1. Bump! Moved merchant to [-1,1].
  2. Bump! Moved merchant to [0,0].
  3. Bump! Moved merchant back to [-1,1] and dropped the prices on all equipment.
  4. Bump! Moved merchant to [0,0].
  5. Awesome decoration! Only thing I'd suggest you to change is to remove the woods that are next to the bed. It's needless and will make more sense. I mean imagine you have woods next to your bed where you're sleeping... Stupid, right? XD So yeah... Awesome decoration, but I'd suggest you to make it more realistic with removing superfluous wood.
  6. Bump! Moved merchant to [-1,1].
  7. Welcome back! If you're going for team of 6 characters I'd suggest you Panda/Rogue/Elio/Iop/Eni/Enu. I've seen people doing everything with this team. Some also have an Eca in their team, but I don't think that's necessary at all. It's usually Panda/Rogue doing everything now.
  8. Selling Spell Point scrolls, Dofuses and equipment that includes from average to top mages and also includes exos:
  9. Bump! Dropped the prices on resources and Spell Point scrolls.