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  1. Selling perfect stats Captain Ankama shield with 2% Earth resistance overmage. Looking for 375mk. If you're interested you can leave a comment below this post or message me in-game when you catch me online. IGN: Маяко
  2. A tip in case you care: I'd recommend you selling an Ivory for 160-165, since I see people in /b and /c chat selling them for that much. Also, I see they're going for 170M around village, in merchants.
  3. So far I've seen people lately selling their Vulbises between 240-270mk so I'm offering around 250mk for one. Message me here, privately, or in-game when you catch me online if you've one for sale and willing to sell for my price. Thank you. IGN: Маяко
  4. Bump! Dropped the prices.
  5. It is down. Eratz as well.
  6. Will do. See you after maintenance! Can close this thread now, all Ivories are reserved.
  7. Paying 10mk for leech. Can close this thread, thanks. IGN: Маяко
  8. 1st try once AP crit landed. On 4th AP drop.
  9. Bump! Sold Sinistrofu amulet.
  10. [12:41] Mirkac (Kolnilex) is in unknown area on the server Echo. He name changed, so nothing to worry about anymore. From what I can see on his character page he's using Xelor to play on him, so whoever still has him in friendlist will realize it's not me since I cba playing.