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  1. Hehe I won't! Thank you guys! You are the type of people I'll miss! Rip in peace
  2. Hello Imps, I am quitting dofus for good. Thank you to all those people who made this game a really good time for me. I ain't got no time to be making a shout out list but you know who are! Peace out.
  3. Welcome back lol you got finessed by a ghost
  4. Peace out Tyzii!
  5. I think this should be pinned. Was waiting for an update on server population, didn't remember this site existed.
  6. Hi
  7. I've known Dluffy for a while and can confirm that he's trustworthy and not Emil in disguise!
  8. I've been good this year, Santa!
  9. Kolo means nothing much really unless I can hold it for a while and get it even higher, anywho this video was hilarious so I wanted to share the laugh!
  10. Sorry Quad no 508 idols allowed in perc fights
  11. An event on Rushu in 2016??? Sweet :D
  12. Rip nr 16 In all seriousness, you were a really cool dude for aslong as I've known you and although you won't recognize me as nr 1 eni (5012 kolo rating), I'll still miss yah! Best of luck irl m8.
  13. Peace Out Darwinian. Good luck with real life! As long as I've known you I've never seen you as a mean person. Keep that up.