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  1. Vital is recruiting 180+ Looking for some pvpers hit me up!


  2. Vital is recruiting 180+. We do multiple activity's such as perc hunts and koth fights daily. pm me to join!
  3. So basically Rushu Solar Rosal shika zato ereziah padgref aermine nehra merged togather to form Echo yesturday right now would be a good time to come back. Welcome back if you decide to return to a fresh start
  4. I heard there was a pvp tournament happening once all servers were merged
  5. Lovely leader, Lovely guild! <3
  6. Looking for buddies to kolo with! please let me know via imps private messages on when you're available. Cheers.
  7. Hey, Posting on behalf of a friend below is a link to a beta tournament hosted by Sufod. / W Sufod for more information on Beta 1 http://blackcup.forumactif.com/t1-black-cup-beta#2
  8. Congrsts!
  9. great Post! I want to quit but everytime i try i come back #hooked but I may just get myself to stop playing soon. Anyways cheers
  10. Hi can i have a refund
  11. You forgot this one !!! Also congrats you can mutlilog 5 and attack on dead hours !
  12. 1 day ill buy them all and make them all go abandoned so there is only one permanently
  13. We actually posted it at the same time but ye mod plz lock this thread before i get arrested by the imps police