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  1. Hey imps! I am looking for other players trying the Dofus Cup! Please contact me via inbox or pm in game. I can also connect you to other players when we have enough players intrested!
  2. Im up to team up as well
  3. looking forward to partcipating!
  4. Whats up imps! VIctory Paradise is remade every beta and is looking for members any level to join. only requirement is to be active. /w Humility to join.
  5. Welcome back! Glad to have Jagguernat /flogger/Foggernaut? Back!
  6. I want one but I can't get a screen of my eni.
  7. Keep up the good work boys.
  8. Hey lovely Rushians. Selling my entire set! The location of merch as stated in title is one below astrub zaap! Go make Uthman great again .
  9. I can finally carry my 1000bill on one char thanks ankama :^)
  10. Beta is online
  11. Hehe I won't! Thank you guys! You are the type of people I'll miss! Rip in peace
  12. Hello Imps, I am quitting dofus for good. Thank you to all those people who made this game a really good time for me. I ain't got no time to be making a shout out list but you know who are! Peace out.