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  1. great Post! I want to quit but everytime i try i come back #hooked but I may just get myself to stop playing soon. Anyways cheers
  2. Hi can i have a refund
  3. You forgot this one !!! Also congrats you can mutlilog 5 and attack on dead hours !
  4. 1 day ill buy them all and make them all go abandoned so there is only one permanently
  5. We actually posted it at the same time but ye mod plz lock this thread before i get arrested by the imps police
  6. Thanks for the useful discords @Gravestorm
  7. Moved to [-2,1] Cheap gear/exos
  8. This is cool, once the server merges we kind of become like Agride so we should be newb friendly and spread the game to friends and stuff.
  9. Hey everyone so I read the thread about why you should have a team and I have decided to make a team again. However I want to know a few things. What comp + builds should my team have and what exactly should i do with my team when I got it?
  10. 2K17 IS Goult man's year!
  11. Welcome back Tya! Well Rushu is still active just fresh players from server transfers besides theres a server merger coming up. Besides that the people you use to play with ( the Vicerinos) most have quit playing but here and there you see players such as Milano , Euclid still plays. Anyways good luck coming back! Good to see good pvpers such as yourself coming back!
  12. added cats eye to merch at [-3,0] blood-vl and lowered prices