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  1. Need a sub??? 🐝🐝🐝🐝
  2. Finally! I was wondering if this was ever going to happen. Great job Alb and the team. I hope this goes well.
  3. Wb Poopers
  4. Hi

    Wb boi
  5. I've always looked up to you as one of the Veterans on Dofus. Good luck with real life and adios. It was nice meeting you! :)
  6. Add me to top wanted list pls
  7. Lmaooo
  8. Aye i need a team asap sign me up best nini out there fawk yuh mean
  9. That was a great read. Good to know we're quitting together. :D I hope you enjoy yourself with the rest of your life and I hope we meet each other in person one day! :) Good Luck!
  10. Still useful!
  11. This looks promising and I am excited to partcipate in this tournament. Thank you Steam, Defuse, and Fe-Cabrun for iniating this event. See you in September.
  12. haha I left the fight because he was running around the map and koth was over so cba but all good. Congrats on the dub. Lmao
  13. Vital is recruiting 180+ Looking for some pvpers hit me up!


  14. Vital is recruiting 180+. We do multiple activity's such as perc hunts and koth fights daily. pm me to join!
  15. So basically Rushu Solar Rosal shika zato ereziah padgref aermine nehra merged togather to form Echo yesturday right now would be a good time to come back. Welcome back if you decide to return to a fresh start