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  1. If you still need this service in future i can help you :D /w Lu-Damages
  2. 6 x abyssal *_*
  3. If someone want to take a command on it, pm me your price :)
  4. Apparently new runes sink is 30. Good luck maging shields with 20+ heals and % damage XD
  5. As the title said, pm me in game : Lu-Damages , or there on imps!
  6. I'm looking for one of this 2 item AP Exo for 15mk/u Ring 236+ vitality cha 50, agi 55+, wisd 30+, perfect res, 5 lock PM me there or /w Lu-Damages
  7. http://forums.jeuxonline.info/attachment.php?attachmentid=273002&d=1475666395 Pm me in game for the 5mk thanks :D
  8. If you had to choose, witch one? N1 http://dofp.la/23a4n/ N2 http://dofp.la/FJ4dP/
  9. Good in terms of balance, but dofus is not a game when all the player have the exact same gear, and player invested a lot of kamas for exomage and over, even the difference beetween 4% res over and 5% res over it's of milions of kamas. So why let the player invest kamas into better gear when they can't use them in tournaments? I like the concept of this "balanced" tournament only if in dofus all the player had the same equipment.
  10. I need Kongoku 6 100kk/u Sacmpihorse 3 75kk/u Pm in game: Lu-damages
  11. What's the point on even trying to exomaging an item with 1% crit of 4 and other crappy stats xD And % res exo are not even worth to be posted imho, only if they are 4 or 5 % they are good exo
  12. This seems a good forum without him =(
  13. Price lowered to 39,999,999k just for this week!
  14. I did this like 2-3 weeks ago, first exo :D :D This is for my enu, tried ap wisd and NOPE ! =/
  15. I don't think you will be able to do it with FULL WISD ENU