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  1. Fun fact is how many times the range dropped on the maging lol
  2. I trade for one mp exo with 6mp reduction and 37+ wisd 11 damage 48+ elemental stats 236+ vitality
  3. up ,breeders where are you
  4. Ok, it's only a 3% , but sexy stats :D Can it have any value?
  5. Pm me in game ( Lu-Trovo ) or there!
  6. ^ Pm me in game Lu-Trovo or there !
  7. Thanks for the stings :D
  8. I'm selling 9x Emerald dofus. Price is 12mk, no negotiation. You can find my merchant near -2,0, or just pm me there!
  9. If you still need this service in future i can help you :D /w Lu-Damages
  10. 6 x abyssal *_*
  11. If someone want to take a command on it, pm me your price :)
  12. Apparently new runes sink is 30. Good luck maging shields with 20+ heals and % damage XD
  13. As the title said, pm me in game : Lu-Damages , or there on imps!
  14. I'm looking for one of this 2 item AP Exo for 15mk/u Ring 236+ vitality cha 50, agi 55+, wisd 30+, perfect res, 5 lock PM me there or /w Lu-Damages
  15. http://forums.jeuxonline.info/attachment.php?attachmentid=273002&d=1475666395 Pm me in game for the 5mk thanks :D