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  1. thank you guys :) you can close tread now haha.
  2. omg im asking about the 1.29 server XD i just wanna know it, there's nothing wrong with it.. please somebody help me if anybody still remembers it? ^^
  3. i know ^^ i was just asking...
  4. i just need a straightforward answer, where can i change diamonds to SP scrolls again? thank you so much! :D
  5. up up pls
  6. is it playable already in beta version?? i wanna try it! :) thanks. if yes, would u mind giving me link? TIA
  7. omni iop + int rogue <3 ^^
  8. UP ! still looking ! omfg. XD i want a fantasy + cutie + mmorpg with real time gaming ( chats / hunts ) XD looking forward to Tree of Savior but i can't just wait! HAHA
  9. a little negotiable. :) thanks
  10. Ok :) i think im gonna switch masq for an enu :) or maybe just keep the masq and make an enu :D thank you so much sir ^^ im sorry if i repeated the question. hehe :P
  11. UP NEED HELP :D thanks
  12. So hello! I'm actually from Solar way back 4~6years ago... i've made a team of 9... everything was so good back then, i transferred to Rushu before i quit.. my OLD OLD OLD laptop made me quit. it can't handle all my accounts at once,maybe full memory / just old.. I quited a year ago.. i gave an account or two to my good old friend, i sold everything and now i'm left with 4.. these 4 are decently geared without exos, and OP dofuses. im looking back to play the game again :D since i've got a new pc... HELLO AGAIN RUSHU ! So, im here, looking for an active guild who help and run with guildmates :) i dont care if the alliance is good, or bad.. i just want a guild that i can call "family" who chats and have fun together.. and a guild who could help me do some dungeons... doesn't need to be super active nor super noisy :) just a fair one will do .
  13. Thanks sir! ok good thing i was on Rushu before i left. xD :D nice
  14. Which is the best "regular/normal" server do you think it's best to play with a coming back player? i have a lvl200 masq / iop / eni / cra / panda in my team,, all are geared decently.. i need an honest opinion :D i need a server that works and helps peeps + a server where it is not so impossible to make kamas for a team of 4~5 p2p per week. (since im only subbing via kamas) THANKS !