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  1. Panda,Iop,Eni,Elio and enu is the best base atm. If u have those you can add any class and do any dung ezpz :))
  2. New cra animations are cool af :))
  3. Believe it or not, some ppl play without new trophies^^
  4. Can still use it to get 5 mp without mount/voy/nomad/vulbis
  5. Why would you not? o.o
  6. For xp you could try some oto mobs either beach or dark jungle, the new boar mobs in cania moors might be nice too.
  7. Did you de-level the spells before talking to him?
  8. Ah ok, ty for info.
  9. If you get the bug when one monster dissappears before activating the glyph for vuln you can never vuln the boss. .-. Does any1 know what triggers the bug?
  10. I've been good this year Santa!
  11. No other reason to keep playing ranked after 20 other than playing to reach legend for a cardback/to feel good about yourself, or simply because you enjoy it.
  12. Have been able to get my two chars to 47 in Astrub and leveled a farmer to 80 so making some decent kamas from that. Both chars are equipped with full gob sets, but won't dare go outside astrub before getting a third acc as scout. :)
  13. Yea I talked some more to Maxed-Out and was invited into a guild so things are looking better now hehe, still haven't dared stepping out of Astrub tho.. :unsure:
  14. Would have to calculate the amount of each ore needed to give you a price on that. Can give you an answer tomorrow since I'm going to bed soon. Looked at some other miners miner packages and they sell it at around 17mk, so will probably be around that price.