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  1. Ah ok, ty for info.
  2. If you get the bug when one monster dissappears before activating the glyph for vuln you can never vuln the boss. .-. Does any1 know what triggers the bug?
  3. I've been good this year Santa!
  4. No other reason to keep playing ranked after 20 other than playing to reach legend for a cardback/to feel good about yourself, or simply because you enjoy it.
  5. Have been able to get my two chars to 47 in Astrub and leveled a farmer to 80 so making some decent kamas from that. Both chars are equipped with full gob sets, but won't dare go outside astrub before getting a third acc as scout. :)
  6. Yea I talked some more to Maxed-Out and was invited into a guild so things are looking better now hehe, still haven't dared stepping out of Astrub tho.. :unsure:
  7. Would have to calculate the amount of each ore needed to give you a price on that. Can give you an answer tomorrow since I'm going to bed soon. Looked at some other miners miner packages and they sell it at around 17mk, so will probably be around that price.
  8. Sounds like playing on this server will be a nice time ._.
  9. So I've decided to try out this heroic server stuff. I play 2 accs so I made an iop and an eni. Now I've heard u'll get killed as soon as you leave Astrub, is this true? Also if you have any other tips you are very welcome to give them :)
  10. Hello, I am going to start selling ores/alloys in bulk. If there is anything you want feel free to pm me here or on my ingame character "Nurbz". Prices of ore at the time I am writing this are: Iron 50k Copper 100k Bronze 90k Cobalt 100k Manganeze 180k Tin 90k Silver 90k Bauxite 50k Gold 100k Obsidian 750k Silicate 120k Dolimite 500k Remember that prices will depend on current market prices so these prices may not be 100% accurate. If someone wants a lot of a ore that is heavily harvested by bots it might take some time for me to finish it. Yours sincerely, Nurbz.
  11. I have gotten my hands on a Mp maged Lethaline's belt that I do not need so I'm gonna try to sell it, but i don't know the price. Stats are : 1 MP 382 Vitality 50 Wisdom 8 Critical hits 1 Range 6 Heals 20 Prospecting 397 Initiative 9 Dodge 1 Ap reduction If u have any idea of the price I would be grateful if u commented it here or sent me a pm in-game, my characters name is "Nurbz". I am usually online around 15:00-20:00 Dofus time.