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      Server Merge and Changes to Imps Village   04/30/17

      The old server sections will still be viewable at the bottom of the forum list under Legacy Servers, but read only. If you wish for any thread to be moved to the new sections, please report your own thread to bring it to our attention and tell us where you need it to go.


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  1. Nice profile photo

  2. Bump - Updated the list.
  3. It pains me to see another top lad quitting Dofus, much love Adams. I hope to see you online again one day my friend
  4. Please close.
  5. Hello. I'm looking to buy a Cloudy Dofus, I'm offering 71M but I'm open to negotiation.
  6. blame uthman
  7. Fast and efficient fights, also super cheap for the standards he's providing. I highly recommend this service. :^)
  8. .
  9. Hello, I am looking to buy 158 of these potions. I will be paying 50kk each. /w Zatopeshwariaan - Senks
  10. What type of fool does that..? :^)
  11. You must use it on a summon and then it'll heal you if you're in the AoE
  12. Global CD is a bitch
  13. Completely random match-up, King-Diaz died 2nd turn, 2v3 Osa hype. from Astrology: xD triple osa is toppest meta
  14. Top display name Pran  (͡• ̯ ͡• )!