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  1. this is the end
  2. So I would advise anyone who cares about competitive integrity to avoid joining this tournament as it has been proven in the past that this tournament organizer is unreliable, shady, flat out lies to you about the prize pool( of his last tournament promised over 300m and ended up giving out 0) among other things like changing times of fights against him without telling the other team and then giving them a forfeit for not showing up the fight they didnt know was rescheduled ^____^. Also his main character is now on french servers where he will never have the hope of winning a tournament, so he is literally only hosting this tournament so he can get the battler shield won on a seperate character then have it traded over to the fog for the helmet, have fun
  3. xdddd you roast yourself in your own post, 1st u point out you defended with 5 but in the same sentence say i am atking at 3am but obv thats fine if you have 5 on to defend, lol and u claim i dont want pvp yet im just trying to get a 5 man defense and u guys would rather kill yourselves than fight me??? and lol hope the 0 pod nidas perc i put down after i killed the 3m one to let noobs know who killed them was enough to satiate your anal anguish
  4. hate to burst the bubble of the fantasy world within which you live, but your "pvpers" are so terrified at the thought of the humiliation they would receive if they dare to fight against me that they would rather kill themselves and lose on purpose to avoid fighting me [03:06] Urmom: Rather u have mats than thesus [:[03:06] Devox: .[03:06] Urmom: Ciao was fun[03:06] Urmom is dead[03:07] Leonar Do'Wemi: -105 HP (dead).
  5. 62 online 0 able to defend the 20+ percs cleared by 1 person in a day
  6. shouldnt they at least aspire to be the best pvmers then? it looks like Int has them beat there too, even
  7. just a taste
  8. remember zobal have many tricks
  9. mirror mirror on the wall which of the retards on rushu is the dumbest of them all!?
  10. sick beta luck dude 2/11 range attempts...
  11. umm you have 30 sink left?
  12. inky 100, bband 50, dc boots 45 poutine -1,0
  13. if only it had pb res than it would be max all ^^ sick ring though
  14. Alright guys, everyone get your class change potions ready. Tezar has just announced his new never before seen composition!!! This unorthodox and completely revolutionary comp will surely shake up the meta of the game and force other players to follow in his footsteps and class change their eni's to hupper!! I feel bad for anyone who doesn't follow this man's words closely, as they will just perpetually fall behind on the current meta of the game.