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  1. I felt like the English community needed a sort of voice channel to bring everyone together. So I made a Discord server. What is Discord? Discord is a dedicated gaming replacement to Skype, TS and other voice chatting alternatives. It combines both the aspects of Skype and TS and is relatively easy to use and to join.You don't even have to download it, it can be used straight from the browser so there's no reason not to join! How do I join? Simply click this link Click here to join the chat. When you click this, it will prompt you to create a nickname (You don't need to create an account) and then connect you to the General chat. If you want to voice chat, you can click on any of the chat channels to speak with other users. The server Currently we only have a few users to test out the server but now it is open, we also have 2 Moderators who also stream to keep the chat controlled (WindowDV + Hektik_Fuzion). We're hoping to get a few users in while Dofus is spiking in viewership during the Goultarminator! There's also a chat channel for those of you who want to talk about Goultarminator and the outcome of each match. Feel free to join! I'm Wabacus on the server!
  2. Srambad [10,-15] 90 Uses
  3. Hooded-order...
  4. Indika come to Chingford and I will give you my kamas but make sure you don't get stabbed. It's worse than Hackney
  5. Im looking for someone to run me through Toxoliath's Cave (Only if you've beat it before). I need to complete a challenge while in the dungeon for the necrotick achievement so I can get dethornit stingers. I will pay 1MK to the person who takes me through. Contact me in game: Hooded-order
  6. I need these badly. I will pay extremelly well. Contact me ingame: Hooded-order