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  1. BOUGHT Looking to buy the following: AP allister hat, max dmg, 97+agi, 380+vit - starting at 10m Jammy jack set/pieces overmaged at least 15agi. / will say 17.5m+ a piece purely cus i need a price for imps but yeah hit me up and we'll talk. ty thanks faded-nerco for the awesome mages .
  2. looking for someone offering a service to get my main alts lvl 200 proff for a reasonable price pm me ig or leave message here. ---- Not-taktical
  3. Bump-desu (sorry idk weaboo)
  4. Selling cloudy dofus 95million of those gold kama things will do i guess. inb4 those weird stingy imps village lurking nerds comment bout price, this is the 3rd one im trying to sell and others were sold at 100m. leave message or comment on thread, or pm me ig ----- eve-riot
  5. bump (where dem max mpred pieces at)
  6. literally wait til update 2.42 comes about. do the harder dungeons made easier (mechanics wise) and craft sets that way. not exactly for profit as everyone is anticipating prices and mats to drop in price but craft them more for your own use. ps welcome back, nice to see another aussie pushing around
  7. -----
  8. purely half the dmg done. disregard +heals unless the spell HEALS not steals and/or is an affect of certain spells.
  9. Looking to buy the following: Crustic ring x 2 (ap, mp or str overmaged) perfect dmg's preferably ==== price will be upwards of 14m depending on stats then obviously more for exo. Crabturn amy (mp overmaged or normal perfect mage) =============^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ best bet is leave me an inbox or pm me in game @ dylan
  10. just the way i like it.. sunbathe
  11. i wanna succ
  12. call new server 'bob' pls
  13. predator g3 series aren't bad