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  1. thank you <3 and you see the shit im dealing with lol...
  2. Yo guys, it's yo boi Sunbae from Echo. Just wanted to reintroduce myself. I also wanted to prove that I'm not a Hyun-Ae because some dude with in-game popularity (if you achieve this, you need a life lmao) is witch hunting me. He's telling all the leaders and SiC to kick me since he thinks I'm Hyun-Ae. He's making my dofus experience worst :( Anyway just looking for a nice chill guild to join, holler at me by pming me in game. -Sunbae
  3. alright im free this week and next week. time to do it up!
  4. life kept me busy, time to play dofus all day :D
  5. Day 2: lvl 65 finish panda main quests started emerald dofus questline (i need lvl 50 profession lmao) thats all for today
  6. Progress Report Day 1: 4.2mk on p2p lvl 1-46 finish incarnam + astrub main quests 121 achievement points
  7. Hi, I'm starting anew again with 5mk and a brand new character named Ahjumma. Nice meeting you guys^^ Edit: forgot to include im in Rushu
  8. Topic is self explanatory. pm : Sunbae Time when I'm on : Weekend : 9:00am-5:00pm EST Weekday : 1:30pm - 5:00pm EST
  9. asking price: 20mk-25mk (can negotiate) 1/0 mp 293/300 vitality 46/50 intelligence 44/50 chance 25/30 wisdom 9/10 % power 2/2 critical hits 1/1 range 4/5 damage 0/5 heals 0/20 prospecting 10/10 % neutral resistance 10/10 neutral resistance holla at me via impsvillage inbox or pm me in rushu : Annyeonghaseyo (can't do server transfer)