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  1. inb4 the next op class
  2. update sic list pls! (bump)
  3. Cross me off
  4. Cra: asterix, Kedii Sadi: Melope, Waluigi Eca: Junnsim, Rukai, Real, Light-dreamer Iop: Thesus, Euclid, Stefan, Bulgari Feca: Astrology, Bootiful, Secsi, Elseria Masq: El-Whisky, Teign, Personas Sac: Mystic-water, Phexi, Elyroth Hupper: Quatro Enu: Brutt-os Eni: Carebear27, Tamamo, Mirabelka Sram: Darkk-otis, Sezamek-Pl, Extort Elio: Nychancer, Its-Net, Taktical Panda: Marwen, Xenu, Brewberry, Silveio Fogger: Steam-alb, Cyez, Traxex, Noo-no, Safe Xel: Timeless, Power-Clutch, Jihad Rogue: Defuse Osa: Herosdumaroc, Zipso
  5. ENFP-T
  6. Didn't know you that well, guess we weren't the best friends (didn't even know we're from the same city hhh), but thanks for being around hehe, wish you gl
  7. Really excited not to give a shit about it
  8. Mr. Hexagon, Please do not misspell my character's name. Yours sincerely, Goufuqrself.
  9. What a sad video
  10. What's gonna turn out of rosal :l
  11. Rarely on, but Goulache 201 enu Any ally
  12. Looks good on paper, good luck with the guild!
  13. Days when ppl look for alliances not guilds hh
  14. Then they should get outta imps and use their own forums
  15. So why does everyone have to know about this shit