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  1. Announcing a tournament a few weeks before the major class screw-up. :thinking:
  2. Why would they make so class-specific dofus... they're supposed to be universal and not just for those crappy 3v3 kolossium fights...
  3. Cra + Eca looks op as f.. note this is turn 1 lol https://gfycat.com/EthicalDeterminedHagfish
  4. Me seeing cra buffs
  5. Invest in rose of sands now so you can buy the lakeside palace
  6. Lowered prices from 12m to 10.5m -- if you see market price lower, I'll be down to negotiate the price. Currently I'm in merchant mode at [0,0]
  7. So probably in 2 weeks
  8. ty for making people buy my catseye keys :^)
  9. hi sell 8x brak harness 10.5m each ((negotiable if market has a lower price)) /w seko (currently in merch mode at Village Dojo) or discord Snek#8355 showcase of the harness*: *model and bm not included
  10. ^ waw, I'll join you with 4 chars as well
  11. sauce pls all i know is that nerodos said 'soon'
  12. end of what? gonna bring 40 alts of yours to koths instead?
  13. A lot of the variants weren't even showed, and, the ones that were, had the ankama dev's webcam covered over half of the spell's tooltip.
  14. dont worry we still got cras
  15. How do you get this 'Playing with Randoms' achievement?