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  1. nice to see people doing XD's in 2017 instead of those annoying HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH's
  2. A failed cash grab? Got it.
  3. The game isn't even available in my region lmao. Guess they don't care about other parts of EU. Also gj on the p2w thing, becoming just like rs3 with it's spins.
  4. Is he latvian? lmao... ____ @Timeless tipisks latvietis ;)
  5. Finally decided to buy the game, I'm completely bad and I hate every champion excluding soldier 76. The Ziggs guy seemed ok but the game itself is pretty good EU - richiks#21984 A proud lvl 5 scrub
  6. New design looks amazing. Could we have the 'View New Content' button back? 5lEcngJ.png

    1. Rob


      This theme is only a temporary measure, we will be returning to the previous velvet or similar theme in due course. 


    2. Goatee
  7. critical failure critical failure critical failure critical failure critical failure good memories
  8. Well it's 2016 time for us to be able to control the summons, amirite?
  9. EU > NA
  10. Do you think OW would be a decent shooter for someone like me who has around 1.8k hours on csgo? I tried out tf2 once but it didn't really suit me, I was garbage as well.
  11. The experience required between 199 and 200 is halved One day I might log in this game again to see that I've went from 199 to 200 simply by afking. Why was this change needed tho?
  12. Y'all need to step your fashion game up If it wasn't for the 6 characters with the same color palette, I'd give it a 1/10. Nothin makes sense in the dull colors you've chosen!! I'll show you a very successful picture, take it as an inspiration, follow your dreams and buy a couple thousand more ogrines Live inspired
  13. The new maging UI looks so sexy