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  1. nice flip
  2. Instead of continuing to fuck up the shield placements for the next 6 months, why don't they just reverse the part of the patch and leave everything, regarding to it, as it is? The new CM wouldn't have to cry about there being 27000 combinations that the devs have to manually go through as well. Win-win situation... unless this is one of the features that will make the game more noob-friendly?
  3. @Xelorsrule because the first days will have the biggest demand and the pvp plebs will want the item so the price will be higher than ever before. I dont see why would you want to keep these ivories for pvm as they dont really help much in 8 man teams. Also raw kamas > items
  4. amulet 4% hat 2% shield 3% rings ap mp belt 3% boots 4% cape 3% 19% together, shouldnt be that impossible. those items have a lot of sink to play with
  5. I will when they step in the right direction. My changes? Sure.. Make the game actually e-sports ready. Shit netcode that hasn't been fixed for years affects literally every single player. How many times a day do you write '.' just so your turn unfreezes? Imagine your teammate getting a DC in a grand final of some goult-krosmaster-vote-for-me tournament - you'd probably go nuts. Improve the anti-cheat - it's possible to multilog in koths and perc fights with ease, why not do something about it? E-sports ready btw. Trying to make the game more noob-friendly? How about they start setting up custom filters that catch bots who spam you in Astrub every single day? They won't magically disappear with a texture overhaul. Let's merge alchemist and farmer shops together instead. Noob friendly btw. Get rid of the community chat as a whole. I don't know about the other /c chats, but the english one is daily cancer (like #general-en ;)). People spamming their korri soul and item offers nonstop 24/7, what's the point? No normal soul has that channel on. Mods keep warning and warning, but the same people keep writing the same shit over and over. It would also decrease the amount of potential phishes, which is only a good thing, right? I'd also love an uplauncher fix that solves crashing 2 out of 8 clients when you press ctrl+8, but that's too much to ask. Must wait for a frenchie to report it.
  6. Yes I did ^___^ But what's the point if they don't give a single damn about our community. Gonna Google Frenglish and post it on the FR forum, good suggestion.
  7. Hopefully they won't screw up multi-logging with the new launcher/platform. The calendar is a buzzkill too - what's the point of revamping Astrub? If you're trying to attract the players, expand the F2P area - it's been over 10 years already and newbies are limited to Astrub & its outskirts. 'Accessibility of professions' - boo hoo, I cannot find the correct marketplace for Pandkin seeds, there goes my 20 Kamas. Definitely something that needs a revamp <_< 'Ebony Dofus' - what will be the point of playing after finishing the questline? You collected all 6 primordial Dofus - you win, you are a god, the end. 'Dungeon MM' - a recycled feature definitely deserves a place in the calendar, will be as dead as it was before, atleast on normal servers.
  8. Can't be IP based, got it on all 8 chars when I first heard about the code today. The code is probably temporarily disabled as it may have been one of the reasons why dofus.com and authentication servers were down.
  9. wHy iS eVeRy sEcoNd (2nD) wOrD bOlDeD oUt? btw if you gather the 12 Fatal Blows before midnight on December 31st, 2017, you will receive the Rushu Fatal Blow for free!
  10. what are the odds that his friendos check villa every day just to see if his bought accounts havent been recovered tho h
  11. Lol this reminds me of the old days, but xp/hr wise Trump still wins
  12. I 4bsolutely did n0t see th4t one coming ;)
  13. I wonder how you exo'd that :D
  14. Keep that til 200, it doesn't matter. Invest in 508/517/521 idols instead of wasting kamas on worthless pets & gear. You'll gain 260k more experience from a 15m base fight at best being geared out.