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  1. For example being the inky veil that has tripled in price since the last time I played :D
  2. I used these on agi/cha Eca (super low range) to achieve 300+ score. Mainly used them to get to 200 super quick but they work in dungeons too. Idols: http://dofusidols.info/#page=displayCombination&idolNames=Dakid+Proxima+Aroumb+Ougaa+Muta+Oaf These give 377 score but you can either remove Proxima or Oaf if it's necessary. XP from killing stuff isn't bad either -
  3. Update (if anyone even cares :D) - apparently banks and other stuff will be restored on the next maintenance next week. You shouldn't really worry about it. It's not like these server merges will happen again any time soon. I also found one of my real old, unused characters from 2009 which I also hadn't logged in for ages. The surprising part was that their banks were there and all of the account's characters were automatically transferred to the Echo server. Guess RNG played big time during server merge.
  4. They restored the accounts but me and other people still have empty banks. So weird.
  5. *crosses fingers that this maintenance fixes the nasty bug*
  6. My memory is short but last time I remember logging on was the last summer. Guess I got wipe-out'd. Time to contact the support I guess. Hopefully I won't be required to go through the same process four times as it has happened on every single account. Let's see how fast they respond --- remember them being worse than Steam support back in the day.
  7. Long story short, I logged in my account which had all characters in Rushu but I was prompted to select a different server due to some merging and such. Ok.. I chose a new server (forgot the name but it was the only one I could choose) and a brief moment later, I was greeted with a new character creation page. What the hell? I made a sadida really quick to see if it wasnt a bug, but when I tried to change the character, the newborn was all I had. Are my 4+ years of progress gone? Is there an update I haven't heard about? I logged through ankama thing too and it showed this: - all chars gone. I'm trying to use my wizardry to remember the other 3 alt account names, along with passwords, to see if the same thing hasn't happened to them. If anyone else has been hit with this thing, let me know. edit: logged on 2nd, 3rd alt, same thing --- edit2: more people seem to have this issue over at Dofus subreddit >> https://www.reddit.com/r/Dofus/comments/6iemrj/cant_find_character_after_server_merge/
  8. nice to see people doing XD's in 2017 instead of those annoying HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH's
  9. A failed cash grab? Got it.
  10. The game isn't even available in my region lmao. Guess they don't care about other parts of EU. Also gj on the p2w thing, becoming just like rs3 with it's spins.
  11. Is he latvian? lmao... ____ @Timeless tipisks latvietis ;)
  12. Finally decided to buy the game, I'm completely bad and I hate every champion excluding soldier 76. The Ziggs guy seemed ok but the game itself is pretty good EU - richiks#21984 A proud lvl 5 scrub
  13. New design looks amazing. Could we have the 'View New Content' button back? 5lEcngJ.png

    1. Rob


      This theme is only a temporary measure, we will be returning to the previous velvet or similar theme in due course. 


    2. Goatee
  14. critical failure critical failure critical failure critical failure critical failure good memories
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      Sorry for this translation, my language is Spanish.
      I want to congratulate you for the web that you have created developed to create sets for Dofus.
      I am an application developer for Android and I want to make an application of your website, it will be an application of the mobile version of your site, in the tests I have done, it fits very well to this platform. If you give me the authorization to do this, I would send the application to you first and if I get the okay, I could post it on the Plat Store because I have a space there. Here you can see the applications that I have done so far.
      I await an answer to the email anlid@live.com
      Désolé pour cette traduction, ma langue est l'espagnol.
      Je vous félicite sur le web que vous avez créé développé pour créer des ensembles pour Dofus.
      Je suis développeur d'applications Android et je veux faire une application sur votre site, sera une application de la version mobile de votre site, dans les tests que je l'ai fait, est bien adapté à cette plate-forme. Si vous me donnez la permission de le faire, vous envoyer la demande à vous d'abord et si je reçois le feu vert, le pourrait publier dans Plat magasin parce que j'ai un espace là. ici vous pouvez voir les applications que je l'ai fait jusqu'à présent.
      Je me attends une réponse au courrier électronique anlid@live.com
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