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  1. Thinking about coming back to dofus but i'd love to get a stockpile of Kamas behind me for Subs, soo I'm possibly reopening commissions soon. I may offer a sketchy style a bit cheaper but I'll also reopen the chibis. here's a little example of sketches.. Please gauge with me your interest! Thanks guys.
  2. You should totally come back! it has changed a lot and I believe rushu would be a nice place for you to start (just try avoid toxicity) I'm sure there's many people who will help you. I personally don't solo-account as I have 4 noobs right now but having a single account can defintely work now there's side-kicks etc. I'm sure you'll have fun whatever you do!! Ps.. quad lies. #savethekids #dontdiksoutquad #helies #nothumble
  3. yeah, it let me log in once but then it logged me out, now whenever I try it just says "Connecting to server."
  4. How do you even get it to work, I can't get past the login screen.
  5. That's completely true, and I wouldn't mind waiting another day (or few) to walk through the Louvre, as long as I could see it :P. The hype for 1.29 must be unreal over all of the communities so I hope that everyone can have their turn in their own time. I'm so happy you guys have decided to release it again. I miss hunting for Dofuses through dungeons! :P
  6. That seems quite discouraging if we can't even log in :[
  7. Is it actually playable as of now? it seems to not like me.
  8. I love that 1.29 is back, but it would be nice if the client worked and we could play :P I can understand it takes time though; so I shall wait.
  9. And the timelapse for the two girls!
  10. thanks ur hat cool too
  11. a new style, a new drawing! waddya think? Timelapse video of these two will be released soon.
  12. Definitely need to clean this up a bit..
  13. Finally finished the crimson dofus line on both my ecaflip and foggernaut. quite proud!
  14. hey that is u
  15. nope i did this after i got into alcooliques ;) and yes ur art is my best this century pls