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  1. Rumolerouge has put up more images, including "developments" or evolutions of these character designs, This stuff is looking promising. http://www.rumolerouge.fr/index.php/2018/02/17/chara-design-classes-dofus/ Including a chart of Iops. This stuff looks great.
  2. I'm pretty sure he's the Art Director of Amakna. that's probably why he can claim it?
  3. Changed my Ilyz Feca into a Xel and now i'm using these colours. (no camo mounts but crim/ebon works nicely imo) ^had to sit otherwise horn in xel face... now i must redraw again... hnng
  4. I have a friend on my server who uses mostly Str/Agi and it is amazing to see, Zenith(agi) is an amazing spell, it looks like a huge amount of fun! If I were to make an iop it would be str/agi. (this is pvm btw, I never *ever* pvp) :') Good luck with your choices!
  5. So I decided to draw my new main on Ilyzaelle, my Feca; Soz! I really enjoyed this and I would be so up for doing some ilyzaelle commissions (mainly accepting Ilyz kamas, although can discuss echo kamas) I'll figure out some prices a bit later on, but if you're interested let me know :)
  6. Hi im back Have some arts of my ilyzaelle sacrier. may do some commissions if I'm up to it, but its nice to be back!~
  7. I'm going to be patient and play on Ilyzaelle since that what all the hype has been for. Plus communities and alliances have been planned for that server. :]
  8. I'd like to be a part of this. Arisoune (may have variations of my screen-name example: Aurise/Auries/Arisou idk yet, ill edit this once i've decided.) probably either fog or ecaflip, I haven't decided. (fog would be str, eca would be str until later game then cha/agi)
  9. Thinking about coming back to dofus but i'd love to get a stockpile of Kamas behind me for Subs, soo I'm possibly reopening commissions soon. I may offer a sketchy style a bit cheaper but I'll also reopen the chibis. here's a little example of sketches.. Please gauge with me your interest! Thanks guys.
  10. You should totally come back! it has changed a lot and I believe rushu would be a nice place for you to start (just try avoid toxicity) I'm sure there's many people who will help you. I personally don't solo-account as I have 4 noobs right now but having a single account can defintely work now there's side-kicks etc. I'm sure you'll have fun whatever you do!! Ps.. quad lies. #savethekids #dontdiksoutquad #helies #nothumble
  11. yeah, it let me log in once but then it logged me out, now whenever I try it just says "Connecting to server."
  12. How do you even get it to work, I can't get past the login screen.
  13. That's completely true, and I wouldn't mind waiting another day (or few) to walk through the Louvre, as long as I could see it :P. The hype for 1.29 must be unreal over all of the communities so I hope that everyone can have their turn in their own time. I'm so happy you guys have decided to release it again. I miss hunting for Dofuses through dungeons! :P
  14. That seems quite discouraging if we can't even log in :[
  15. Is it actually playable as of now? it seems to not like me.