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  1. Not really a huge achievement in 2017 but still it took over 50 turns, 35 of which were me trying to solo 2 fire elemental bworks and a mama bwork with my Eca. The others had never done Bworker before so it was a mess.
  2. Source - https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1003-divers/2254410-ankama-faut-reagir?akoffset=2#ak-ankama-speech Several types of items will have their recipe reworked : Those that have drop percentages that do not correspond to the number required in a recipe. (example moskito eyebrows, pieces of blop etc...) Lower the quantity of ressources demanded to correspond to new values Those that have too high a level required to craft compared to the level of the item (example Carnivorous staff, Crobak items etc...) Replacement of the ressource by another of the correct level Those that for their level require too high a ressource gathering level (example pyrutes, rutiles etc...) Replacement of the highlevel gathering profession ressource by one closer to the level of the item. Those whose method to obtain them have been modified (example diamond stone, crystal etc..) Case by case : reduction of the quantity demanded or replacement of the ressource by another Those that demande ressources that come exclusively from dungeon mobs (example macians or black gobball) Case by case : reduction of the quantities demanded or replacement of the ressource by another Those whose recipes don't make any sense (example des beaztinga wings in wa wabbit set crafts) Replacement of the ressource by one that comes from the correct family of monsters Finally some items which had "oldschool" recipes (example O-Ring Ami, Crocodyl Chief set, Crobak Set, etc...) Case by case, not really a rule that we can give you on these. We think that by doing this, the low lvl recipes (<100 roughly) will be much more coherent and easier to manage for the characters they concern. However, take note that it does not corespond to the rebalancing work of low level items that we have talked to you about in the past : This work is far more vast and will consist of also reviewing mobs, bonus of equipments, droprates, achievement and quest rewards, etc... It is then likely that a modifcation of all these recipes happens again if we decide to work on these in the future (Clearly not in 2017) For your information, here is a list of the items whose recipe will be reworked (341 in total) : This list is not completed and could change from now through to Tuesday Dark Treestaff Aerdala Wedding Ring Akwadala Wedding Ring Soothing Ring Farle's Wedding Ring Silimelle's Wedding Ring Ostarr Ring Feudala Wedding Ring Terrdala Wedding Ring Amrothiline Coco Amublop Royal Coco Amublop Morello Cherry Amublop Royal Morello Cherry Amublop Indigo Amublop Royal Indigo Amublop Pippin Amublop Royal Pippin Amublop Fire Kwakamulet Ice Kwakamulet Earth Kwakamulet Wind Kwakamulet Wabbit-tooth Amulet Aerdala Amulet Akwadala Amulet Kaa Amulet Amulet of Double Luck Amulet of Luck Xelor Amulet Deulegarnoulle Amulet Crocodyl Chief Amulet Crackler Amulet Legendary Crackler Amulet Kam Assutra Amulet Scurvion Amulet Feudala Amulet Terrdala Amulet Ab'ho Ring Country Ring Loopine's Ring Dragon Pig Ring Young Vald's Ring Gogorified Miner Ring Minotoror Ring Green Piwi Ring Prespic Ring Black Rat Ring Sponge Ring Conno Ring Trav' Ring Nonsenz Ring Ignoah Ring Okaringa Ugle Ring Ano Neemous Ring Pota Ring O-Ring Ami Ring o'Stradamus Tribal Ring Nozokomial Ring Arch Bow Crystal Bow Opaque Crystal Bow Pure Crystal Bow Translucent Crystal Bow Sram Archer Bow Web Bow Axel Inacleft Stick Elya Wood's Wand Sky Wand Larval Wand Iron Wand Limp Wand Ni'Ninnin Wand Hairy Wand Bambulet Militiaman Bardiche Akwadala Staff Carnivorous Staff Aga Dou's Staff Marie Aigue's Staff Feca Staff Gobball Master Staff Tofu Master Staff Nidanwa Staff Wa Wabbit's Staff Wobot Staff Coco Blop Ring Royal Coco Blop Ring Morello Cherry Blop Ring Royal Morello Cherry Blop Ring Indigo Blop Ring Royal Indigo Blop Ring Pippin Blop Ring Royal Pippin Blop Ring Coco Bloopts Royal Coco Bloopts Morello Cherry Bloopts Royal Morello Cherry Bloopts Indigo Bloopts Royal Indigo Bloopts Pippin Bloopts Royal Pippin Bloopts Coco Blop Belt Royal Coco Blop Belt Morello Cherry Blop Belt Royal Morello Cherry Blop Belt Indigo Blop Belt Royal Indigo Blop Belt Pippin Blop Belt Royal Pippin Blop Belt Chesty Boots Animal Boots Dark Animal Boots Wild Boots Concentration Boots Akornaddikt Boots Gobball Breeder Boots Lymph a Tik Boots Ragalde's Boots Legendary Crackler Boots Orino Boots Winged Boots Gobbamu Gobboots Royal Gobboots Royal Gobball Headgear Crocodyl Chief Bracelet Farle's Magic Bracelet Shika's Magic Bracelet Granny Candy's Stick Aerdala Cape Akwadala Cape Gobball Cape Royal Gobball's Cape Mushd Cloak Bowisse's Cloak Farle's Cloak Bearman's Cloak Shika's Cloak Crobak Cloak Prespic Cloak White Rat Cape Scurvion Cloak Feudala Cape Ouginak Cloak Cape Rice Hallelujah Cloak Terrdala Cape Caraboots Caracape Caracap Chesty Hat Helmet Master Nabur Helmet Legendary Crackler Helmet Nut Helmet Aerdala Belt Akwadala Belt Anaesthetising Belt Celerity Belt Chestity Belt Aman Date Belt Adventurer Belt Nelween's Belt Power Belt Event Belt Drasmuty Belt Crocodyl Chief Belt Legendary Crackler Belt Prespic Belt Feudala Belt Kokokette Belt Ouginiakal Belt Royal Gobball Belt Terrdala Belt Blue Turtle Belt Yellow Turtle Belt Red Turtle Belt Green Turtle Belt Liche Chain Champo Aerdala Hat Akwadala Hat Feudala Hat Terrdala Hat Wa Wabbit's Warren Key Bearman's Headgear Flying Dreggon Headgear Prespwig Minotot Necklace Black Rat Necklace Crobacape Crobak Helmet Croblade Croboots Wa Wabbit's Crown Legendary Cracklering Legendary Crackler Cloak Lutination Daggers Daguiero's Daggers Aerdala Daggers Smithy Daggers Black Rat Daggers Eurfolles Daggers Hischantes Daggers Captain Chafer's Small Daggers Yench Cutting Sword Black Dreggheadgear Sapphire Dreggheadgear Twiggy Sword Farle's Ears Shika's Ears Slicing Fan Excellent Iron Wand Fake Claw of Ceangal Ancestral Treechnid Splitter Pole Axe Gelamu Jelliboots Jellicape Jelleadgear Jellibelt Aerdala Geta Akwadala Geta Feudala Geta Terrdala Geta God Rod Goultard Great Inacleft Stick Great Iron Wand Great Concentration Boots Pink Claw Dame Zel Axe Nidanwa Axe Sandanwa Axe Yondanwa Axe Terrdala Axe Clever Axe Bards' Hall Himune Hook Essential Inacleft Stick Daudgee Wheritz Hat Kaiser Fire Kwakring Ice Kwakring Earth Kwakring Wind Kwakring Fire Kwakblade Ice Kwakblade Earth Kwakblade Wind Kwakblade Fire Kwakoboots Ice Kwakoboots Earth Kwakoboots Wind Kwakoboots Fire Kwak Headdress Ice Kwak Headdress Earth Kwak Headdress Wind Kwak Headdress Fire Kwakelt Ice Kwakelt Earth Kwakelt Wind Kwakelt Fire Kwape Ice Kwape Earth Kwape Wind Kwape Limbo Wand The Bibelaw The Bidjiz The Celestial Brooch Slob Headgear Badoul's Mane Autumn Leaf Spring Leaf Winter Leaf The Sharp Claw The Warf Axe The Migraine Helabete Shovel Lil' Resin Dagger O'Hair Crocodyl Chief Blade Ortimus Contrari's Bloody Blades Larvaboots Larvhat Larvamulet Larvabag Bloody Craft Knife The Stars Custard Tart Great Craft Knife Bow Liwood Eni Kere Miracle Boots The Enutrofion Hammer of Wrongs Zoth Girl Hammer Terps Hammer Fantal Hammer Toy Hammer Pog Hammer Pinambour Hammer Oly Medal Mos Kitano Moskabuto Minor Payo Hebuse Shovel Hikule Shovel Ikan Shovel Mairhe Shovel Shovel Ijah Travel Shovel Vaidaire Shovel Curative Pendant Chesty Pendant Small Inacleft Stick Small Iron Wand Small Concentration Boots Mothat Crocoburio's Power Powerful Concentration Boots Disast Root Froot Root Lady Root Ragnarok Raziel Ruskie Hat Feudala Sabre Nidanwa Sabre Shodanwa Sabre Yondanwa Sabre Cawwot-Bag Minotot Sceptre GM Wabbit Y-fwonts Bow'hee Talisman Pesc Axe Xaver
  3. I'm not sure what they intend to do with the scurvion set. I reported it as bugged a while back because it weighed 0 pods. They also modified items which weren't listed, such as the Pointed Hat.
  4. Yeah it took almost 2 hours lol...
  5. Source in French - https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1081-actualite/2253294-serveurs-monocomptes-j-1?page=1 Translation (by me, sorry for mistakes) We know that the launch of the monoaccount server was highly anticipated, and you proved it to us. Little recap for the first day Birth of Ilyzaelle, Fraktal, Dramak and Lacrima ! It was not one but four servers that were created yesterday. In fact, minutes after the launch of the first server Ilyzaelle the server was rapidly full of new souls freshly incarnated, to the point where it was no longer possible to join the server. Infront of the rising number of players who wished to take part in this new experience, other servers progressively opened throughout the course of the day. Realistically, we can not welcome the entirety of our players on a single server, you are way too many! Our servers have a limited capacity to guarentee optimal game performance. We did not have any other choice than to increase the number of servers to spread out the number of players. We dare not imagine the wait time before the Famished Sunflower if this was technically possible. But fear not, we now have proper knowledge of how to do server fusions. You are currently too many to play on one single server, but if we consider that in the next days/weeks/months that the population of several of these servers can be reunited, we will not hesitate to do a server fusion. For the friends who have been seperated when choosing servers, we would like to give you the possibility to join up with each other on these new servers. A solution of free migration will be suggested to you soon. The dreamers of medals Whilst the audiences on Twitch propulsed Dofus to the 19th place on all the world's games, with more than 12 000 viewers simultaneously watching Dofus streams, you were more or less all waiting patiently in the queue to join a server. Our team was mobilised to fix the surcharge problems that our connection servers suffered. The queue to connect to monoaccount servers was so important that it also blocked connection to classic servers. We kept you informed throughout the day on this subject. We are of course very sorry for this situation and we are preparing a compensation. However, we would like to assure ourselves that the situation does not happen again in the next days before delivering said compensation. For those who have been unable to certify their phone numbers, the problem impacting our SMS sending service has been detected anf fixed. We invite you to reiterate your demands via the support.
  6. I started on Fraktal, Ilyzaelle is too full. Got a nice thing going on Fraktal and I've seen a lot of English speaking players.
  7. will be easier to stay grouped on this server as you dont have to be worried about having your character rolled back to lvl 1 when you make a mistake.
  8. Reading through the Gamkna, they announce a new server with an October launch date. Impossible to multi-account (1 account per IP) and you'll need a verified phone number as well.
  9. There's a new server coming out on the 17th of October which will be called Ilyzaelle. It will only allow 1 account per IP address and you need a phone number linked to the account to log in. The server will be international and P2P. It's the same as a normal server (you can die) but you can't multi-account. The use of VPN will result in perma-ban. What level are you guys on the Shadow server?
  10. Someone on a French server is selling but hasn't set any stone prices. How much would the belt and the +ap gob hat be valued at? The belt is from a 2005 event on Jiva and the gobb stuff is pre 2.0 magus.
  11. Thanks to both of you!
  12. Saw this on the official french forums. Lvl 58 eliotrope solos Count Harebourg with score 300 idols on.
  13. Asks to buy Turquoise Dofus for 8 890 000k and a Chief Bwork Bracelet. Tells me to meet him at the bank. Puts in the kamas, adds the item and removes a 0 from the kamas whilst spamming some bullshit. Old scam but I figured I'd out him.
  14. Thread can be locked, all sold
  15. Only saved it because the fight took exactly 20 minutes.
  16. Ankama has blocked linking to dofusfashionista on their forums (labeled it a phishing site). Probably due to all the gold buying links spammed all over the website.
  17. Hey all, A few members of my guild and myself have made a Google Docs that lists the recycle price for pretty much every ressource in the game, with the bonus % and zones to recycle ressources in (using the 50/50 lvl 160 recycler). We have a tile to update the average price of nuggets on a bi-daily basis which updates the value of all ressources in Nuggets. All the ressources & zones are in French but I could translate them if there's any interest. Unfortunately I can only access English servers, Aermine, Nehra and Dark Vlad so I will not be able to update nugget value numbers for the Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or Russian communities. Would this be something people on ImpsVillage would like or does it already exist in some form? edit: New link is up : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HfW0EC95rDwC3H_Kfxb23i5bpJHQ2mFhCHl2_B436tQ/
  18. In patch 2.41 it seems Ankama has changed the recycle value of almost every single ressource in the game. Ressources have gone from having random % bonuses (ranging from 1%-100%) to being either 0%, 25%, 50% or 100%. Every single ressource whose value has been changed has been negatively affected (IE losing value). Due to sabotage issues on my main server Maimane I am struggling to get the up-to-date values for all ressources. I have removed the Google Sheet link so that people don't get screwed over and lose big. An example of the change is that a crackler dungeon key now only yields 0.79 nuggets (down from 24.5) These changes were not on the patch notes. I will bring the sheet back up to coincide with the server merge of all servers into Echo as it's miles easier to manage one server's nugget price. Thanks for your understanding and sorry if my incorrect values caused anyone else to lose money.
  19. My creativity knows no bounds!
  20. Had sink for 3% but eh, I think I got the stats pretty perfect (AP shatter mage)
  21. Sorry for taking a while to translate, after a while it gets tedious to look through the beastiary on two clients and compare/translate lol. I've changed the nugget price to reflect Rushu prices, but I'll add a clone sheet for each server with their nugget prices.
  22. The number of prisms that your alliance owns does not change the amount of nuggets that you get, but the 50% that go to the alliance are spread across all the prisms (higher level territories get priority) so you will struggle to get everything back via sabotage. You will get more nuggets if you recycle in the zone that the ressource drops in, which is why I have split the ressources into zones (the % column in the spreadsheet is the bonus you receive). All numbers in the spreadsheet show the nuggets you (the individual player) will receive when recycling in a specific territory. The base drop %, level of the ressource and craft of the key/essence changes the number of nuggets you receive. Generally, a 1.4% drop rate item is worth 10.1x more than a 14% drop rate item.
  23. I'm in a 3100 member strong alliance on a French server and I have done some high level content as a solo player (F3, Captain Meno) by just asking players if they wanted to do a run. I agree that they need to rework the dungeon finder feature, sort of how WoW does it, by teleporting people to the first room. The downside is that this will cut into the handyman profession something fierce unless keys are required for another run that same week. @Super-Beast, those numbers include multiple random servers sadly. My French server (Maimane) was lumped in with Rushu and others in that figure but I'd wager that Rushu, Maimane & Helioboros made up a significant amount of those 6000 players. If you subtract Maimane & Helioboros from the equation you have the upcoming English/International server so it should be around 4000-4500 players?